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A: Acoustic root (seed or mantra) of creation, controller of seven musical notes (saragam or sur saptaka)  but mainly of s’adaja(sa’)  equivalent to western note (do or C) and peacock sound,

Grammatically prefix indicating negation or absence,


ANKHIYA’N: (h) eyes,


AUNKA: (s,b,h) lap, mark or sign, line, spot, blemish, draw, sketch, number, figure, counting, delineation, imprint, paint,

AUNKITA: (s,b,h) marked,

AUNKUR: (s,b,h) sprout, shoot, sapling, germination,

AUNKUSHA: (s,b,h) a goading hook,

AUNGA: (s,b,h) limb, body, appearance, shape, part, component, item, element,

AUNGAN/ A’UNGAN: courtyard, compound of house,



AUNGABHU'MI: an area in north Biha’r, India in which Jama’lpur is located.

AUNGANE: into the backyard or compound of house,

AUNGA’R: charcoal,


AUNSHA: (s,b,h) portion, part, share,

ANSHU: (s,b,h) ray or beam of light,

ANSHU KIIT’A: (s,b,h) glow worm,

AUNSHUK: (s,b,h) cloth, garment, fine white cloth, usually silken or muslin, leaf, gentle blaze of light, a mantle, gentle glow,

ANSHUMA’LII: (s,b,h) the one radiating ray of light, the sun,



AKAN’T’AK: (s,b,h) thorn less,

AKATHANIIYA/ AKATHYA:  (s,b,h) unspeakable,

AKATHITA: (s,b,h) untold, unrevealed,

AKAPAT’A: (s,b,h) plain, sincere, true, without deceit, candid, sincere,

AKARAN’IIYA: that which should not be done,

AKARUN’A: (s,b,h) merciless, unkind, cruel,

AKARTA’: (s,b,h) non-doer,

AKARMA: (s,b,h) inaction, misdeed,

AKALMAS'A: (s,b,h) without any dirt or sin,

AKALYA’N’: (s,b,h) harm, injury, woe,


AKA’J: wasteful action,

AKA’TARA: (s,b,h) unperturbedly, undistressed, in suffering, in danger, calm, helpless, bountiful, plentiful, abundant, generous, copious, profuse, ample,

AKA’RAN’A: (s,b,h) causeless, without reason,

AKA’LA: unusual time,


AKINCANA: (s,b,h) pauper, poor, indigent, distressed, miserable, insignificant, lowly,


AKUTOBHAYA: (s,b,h) safe, secure, fearless, undaunted,

AKU’LA: (s,b,h) without shore, boundless,

AKRPAN’A: (s,b,h) liberally, non-miserly,



AKAETAVA: (s,b,h) sincere, genuine, candid, true, not false, straightforward,


AKLA’NTA: (s,b,h) fresh, untired, assiduous,


AKHAN'D'A: (s,b,h) undivided, continuous,

AKHILA: (s,b,h) entire, whole, that which cannot be closed, contained or bound,


AGATI: (s,b,h) immobile, helpless, static,

AGATIRA GATI: resort of helpless, way out,

AGAM: (s,b,h) inaccessible, incomprehensible, deep,

AGAMYA: (s,b,h) inaccessible, incomprehensible, deep,

AGA’DH: (s,b,h) inaccessible, incomprehensible, deep,


AGOCARA: (s,b,h)  unseen, imperceptible by senses,

AGUN’A: (s,b,h) worthless, deprived of good qualities,

AGURU: incense by insects on trees. agallochum,


AGNI: (s,b,h) luminous factor, fire,

AGNIGIRI: (s,b,h) volcano

AGRA/ AGRYA: (s,b,h) leading, top, front, foremost, first, chief,

AGRAGA’MII: (s,b,h)  leading in movement,

AGRASARA: (s,b,h) progressing, developing,

AGRYE: (s,b,h) located in front


AGHOR: terrific, unconscious, fainted, calm,

AGHORE: deeply, profoundly,

AGHOR GHUM: deep or sound sleep,

AGHRA’N’A: (s,b,h) to smell,



ACAKITA: (s,b,h) unalarmingly, slowly or gradually,

ACAN: sudden, surprised, 5000 years old word.

ACARA: ACALA: (s,b,h)  stationary, still, mountain, tree, horizon, fixed, permanent,


ACAINCALA: (s,b,h) tranquil, restful, quiet, calm,


ACINA: unknown, unrecognized, unperceived, unidentified,

ACINTYA: (s,b,h) unthinkable, beyond comprehension,

ACENA’: unknown, unrecognized, unperceived, unidentified,

ACETANA: (s,b,h) unconscious.


ACCHINNA: (s,b,h) uninterrupted, continuous, constant, inseparable, undivided,

ACYUTA: (s,b,h) un-degraded, not fallen, firm, fixed, imperishable,


AJAY: (s,b,h) invincible, unsurpassed, unconquerable, non-defeatable,

AJARA: (s,b,h) ever young, not subjected to old age,

AJASRA: (s,b,h) not ceasing, constant, perpetual,


AJA’NA’: (s,b,h)  unknown, strange, unfamiliar,

AJA’NA’ PATHIK, (s,b,h)  Unknown Traveler, symbol of Param Purus’a or Ta’raka Brahma,

AJINA: (s,b,h) devoid of knowledge, ignorant,

AJINA’NA: (s,b,h) ignorance,


AJHORA: overwhelmingly, overflowing,


AINJANA: (s,b,h) black spot, color beautification to the eye margin, collyrium, mascara, eye-shadow

AINJALI: (s,b,h) cupped palms for offering or worshipping, 


AT’AVI/ AT’AVII: (s,b,h)  forest, large tree,

AD’HEL: plentiful, immense, profuse, innumerable,


AN’U: (s,b,h) atom, molecule, smallest particle retaining properties of original element or compound

AN'UR: belonging to atom, molecule, smallest particle,


ATA/ATO: so much,

ATANU: (s,b,h) not slender or delicate, gigantic, bodiless, incorporeal, intense, formless,

ATANDRA: (s,b,h) alert, attentive, nimble, vigilant, watchful, careful, sleepless, lively, brisk, active, prompt, sprightly, bustling, hustling,

ATAL: (s,b,h) unfathomable, depth, low,

ATASHATA: (s,b,h) so much, so varied, so many, so many varieties, distinctions, differentiations,


ATI: (s,b,h)  prefix indicating over, beyond, excess, abundance,

ATITHI: (s,b,h) guest, traveler,

ATIPA’TAKA: very heinous sin,

ATIMA’NAS KOS’A: (s,b,h) a subtle layer of mind,

ATIRIKTA: (s,b,h) surplus, additional,

ATISHAYA: (s,b,h) excess, abundance, excellence, pre-eminence, superiority,


ATIITA: (s,b,h) past

ATIISH: (spl. word created by Baba: formal -formidable ruler or Mahakaola, colloquial- fit to be welcomed by all, wise sage)


ATUL: (s,b,h) beyond compare, incomparable, matchless, peerless, unequalled, unparalleled,

ATULNIIYA: (s,b,h) beyond compare, incomparable, matchless, peerless, unequalled, unparalleled,

ATYA’CA’R: (s,b,h) oppression, outrage, tyranny, victimization,


ATHACA: (s,b,h) yet, still, nevertheless, notwithstanding, nonetheless, even then, in spite of, despite,

ATHAVA’: (s,b,h) or,


ADAMYA/ ADAM: (s,b,h)  indomitable, unyielding, pertinacious, unconquerable, turbulent,


ADURA: (s,b,h) not far, close,


ADRSHYA: (s,b,h)unseen, invisible,

ADRS’T’A: (s,b,h)unknown future or fate, destiny,



ADYOTA: (s,b,h)dull, glow-less.


ADRI: (s,b,h) mountain, stone, thunder bolt, tree, mass of clouds,       

ADRIISHA: (s,b,h)Chief Mountain, King of mountains,

ADRU: flow or current of stream,


ADVAYA: (s,b,h)absolute, matchless, having no second, singular, unique, unified, amalgamated, fused,

ADVITIIYA: (s,b,h)matchless, having no second, singular, unique,

ADVAETA: (s,b,h)non-duality, singularity


ADHAMA: (s,b,h)low, degraded,

ADHAMA’DHAMA: (s,b,h)lowest of the low,

ADHARA: (s,b,h)lower lip, lips, lower, under, nether,

ADHI: (s,b,h)prefix indicating pervasiveness,

ADHIK: (s,b,h)excess, more, further,

ADHIKYA: due to excess,

ADHIKARAN’A: container, medium, vehicle, proximity, vessel,

ADHIKA’R: (s,b,h)right, ownership, title, control, authority, claim, knowledge, ability, jurisdiction,

ADHIGATA: (s,b,h)attained, obtained, acquired, under or within control,

ADHIP/ ADHIPATI: (s,b,h)Lord, Ruler, King, Sovereign, Head,  

ADHIPU: (s,b,h)The Supreme Being,

ADHIS’T’HITA: (s,b,h)established,



ADHIIN: (s,b,h)under control authority or obligation,

ADHIIR: (s,b,h)restless, impatient, fidgety, eager, worried, concerned, uneasy, excited, agitated,

ADHIISHVAR: (s,b,h)sovereign ruler, king,

ADHYAYAN: (s,b,h)study,

ADHYAKS’A: (s,b,h)president, supervisor,

ADHYA’PAKA: (s,b,h)teacher,

ADHRUVA: (s,b,h)indefinite, uncertain,

ADHVAYU’: (s,b,h) priest versed in yajurveda,


ANAGINATA: (h,u) countless,

ANAGRASARA: (s,b,h)non-progressing, non-developing,

ANAJA’N: (h,u) unknown,

ANAR’: motionless, immobile, still, fixed, firm, stolid, irrevocable,

ANAMOL: most valuable,


ANANTA: (s,b,h)endless, infinite, infinitude,

ANANYA: (s,b,h)no other than, own, solely, unique, absolutely,

ANAPANEYA: (s,b,h)irremovable, indelible, ineffaceable, irremediable, irredeemable, inseparable,

ANAL: (s,b,h)fire,

ANAVASTHA’: instability, dissolute, lack of finality, state of non-existence,

ANAVAKS’AY: (s,b,h)never decaying,


ANA’GATA: (s,b,h)one who has not come

ANA’CA’R: (s,b,h)immorality,

ANA’THA: (s,b,h)helpless, unprotected, orphan,

ANA’DAR: (s,b,h)neglect, lack of care, disrespect

ANA’DI: (s,b,h)without beginning, eternity,

ANA’DI KA’LA: (s,b,h)time immemorial,

ANA’VIL: (s,b,h)clear, clean, pure, unadulterated,

ANA’VILATA’: purity,

ANA’SAKTA: (s,b,h)unattached,

ANA’HATA: (s,b,h)unbeaten, internal sound heard in meditation, solar plexus,

ANA’HU’TA: (s,b,h)uninvited, uncalled for, unwanted,

ANITI: (s,b,h)endless,

ANITYA: (s,b,h)transitory, uncertain, temporary, ephemeral, transient.

ANIDRA: (s,b,h)without sleep, alert, awake, ceaseless,

ANINDYA: (s,b,h)irreproachable, faultless, flawless, perfect, unblemished, exquisite,

ANIMIS’A/ ANIMES’A: (s,b,h)steadfast, motionless, without winking, unblinking,  

ANIL: (s,b,h)air, wind, breeze, moving or blowing or flowing,

ANIVA’RA/ ANIVA’RYA: (s,b,h)essential, unpreventable, irresistible, incessant, always, non-stop, compulsory,

ANIRVA’N’A: (s,b,h) inextinguishable, ever-blazing, ever-effulgent,

ANIRUDDHA: (s,b,h)unobstructed, free, uncontrolled, self-willed,


ANIISHA: (s,b,h)paramount, supreme, having no controller,


ANUKU’LA: (s,b,h)congenial, favorable, agreeable,

ANUKTA: (s,b,h)unspoken, untold, unpronounced, unexpressed,

AN’UGUCCHA: spark?

ANUCCHU’NYA’: (s,b,h)latent

ANUCCHU’NYA’ PRAKRTI: (s,b,h)latent or causal stage of three expressed principle  

ANUTA’PA: (s,b,h)repentance,

ANUDHYA’N: (s,b,h) continuous thinking or reflection, or recollection

ANUNYA’S: (s,b,h) withdrawal of mind in stages, concentration,

ANUP: (s,b,h) incomparable, without example, unequalled, 

ANUPAPATTI (s): inconsistency, irrelevance, absence of solution, indecision, want, need, hesitation,

failure, inapplicability, inconclusiveness or absence of reasonable ground.

ANUPAMA: (s,b,h)incomparable, without example, unequalled, unparallel,

ANUPU’RAKA: (s,b,h)following behind,


ANUPRA’SA: (s,b,h)alliteration,


ANUBHAVA: (s,b,h) experience, feeling, realization, knowledge,

ANUBHA’VA: (s,b,h)influence, governing power, feeling of happiness, physical expression of emotion (such as tears, sighs, frowning, etc.)

ANUBHU’TI: (s,b,h)realization, feelings, perception, intuition,

ANUMA’NA: (s,b,h) inference, conclusion, estimation,

ANUYOGA: (s,b,h) blaming, censure, reproof, reproach, admonition, complaint, accusation, request,

ANURAKTI (s): affection, love, devotion,

ANURA’GA (s,b): (anu+ ra’ga) attachment, affection, love, liking, devotion, loyalty, redness,

ANURUPA: (s,b,h)  miniature form, similar, resembling, symbol, replica,

ANURODHA: (s,b,h)request, prayer,

ANULEKHA’: (s,b,h) transcription, transliteration,

ANULEPAN: (s,b,h) coating, pasting, application, wrapping, covering,


ANUSHAYA: (s,b,h) repentance, remorse, regret, sorrow, enmity, anger, close connection, close attachment, consequence, result,

ANUSANDHA’N: (s,b,h) research,

ANUKS’AN’A: (s,b,h) at every moment, always, continually, ever,


ANEKA (s,b): many, numerous, much, more than one, great, most, excess,


ANTA: (s,b,h) end

ANTA VIHIINA: (s,b,h) endless, without end,

ANTARE: at heart, within, in the depth of, amidst, amongst, between, at a distance, removed or screened from, behind the curtain,

ANTARATAM: (s,b,h)  inner most

ANTARA’LA: (s,b,h)  interval, space, gap, lapse, hiding, concealment, distance, leisure, spare time, hidden,

ANTARIKS’A: (s,b,h) space,

ANTARYA’MII: (s,b,h) the knower of mind,

ANTAHSTHALA: (s,b,h) depth of the heart, interior, bottom, inner region, core,

ANTAHKARAN’A: (s,b,h) introversial psychic force

ANTYE: (s,b,h) located behind or rear

ANDHA: (s,b,h) dark, blind,

ANDHAKA’RA: (s,b,h) darkness,

ANDHAKU’PA (s,b): (andha=blind, dark; ku’pa= well) deep blind well,

ANNA: (s,b,h) food,

ANNAMAYA: (s,b,h) made out of physical factors,

ANYATHA’: (s,b,h) otherwise,

ANYA’YA: (s,b,h)  injustice,

ANVAYA: (s,b,h) logical following or connection, descending,

ANHA’R: (h,u) darkness


AP: (s,b,h) liquid factor, a prefix denoting negation,

APAGATA: (s,b,h) gone, departed, passed away, fled away, dispelled, removed, dead, subsided,

APAGAM: (s,b,h) departure, separation,

APANAYAN: (s,b,h) removal, elimination, deletion,

APANA’PAN: (s,b,h) own ness,

APANEYA: removable, dispensable, superfluous, unnecessary,

APANIITA: (s,b,h) removed, eliminated, deleted, dispelled, allayed,

APAMA’NA: (s,b,h) disrespect, humiliation,

APAR: (s,b,h) another, matchless, not one’s own,

APARA’: (s,b,h) mundane knowledge, the innermost, nearest,

APARA’ VIDYA’: (s,b,h)  mundane knowledge, skill,

APARA’DHA: (s,b,h)  mistake, error, fault, crime, misdeed, badness, depravity, sin, vice, outrage,

APARA’MRIS’T’A: (s,b,h) untouched, not afflicted, unconnected, (opp. Para’mris’t’a= para’+ mish)

APARA’HNA: (s,b,h) afternoon, noon,

APARIGRAHA: (s,b,h) Non-acceptance of such amenities and comforts of life as are superfluous for the preservation of the physical existence,

APARIN’A’MII: (s,b,h)  incomparable,

APARISHODHYA: (s,b,h) that which cannot be returned or solved


APARU’PA: (s,b,h) unprecedented, incomparably beautiful, wonderful, amazing, strange, queer, odd, ugly,

APARYA’PTA: (s,b,h) insufficient, inadequate,

APALAKA: (s,b,h) unblinking

APAVARGA: (s,b,h) requital of action, period after completion of action,

APAVA’DA: (s,b,h) bad name, ill-repute, defamation, slander, calumny, blame,

APASARAN’A: (s,b,h) leaving or moving for a different place, removal, movement, withdrawal, retreat, exit,

APASA'RA: (s,b,h) taking away, transfer, removal, withdrawal, dismissal, shift, dispel, repel,


APA’UNGA: (s,b,h) outer corner or angle of the eye, side-glance, wink,

APA’NA: (s,b,h) one of internal va’yus residing from pa’yu to naval point,

APA’PA: (s,b,h) pure, without sin,

APA’R: (s,b,h) endless


API: (s) also,


APU’RN’A: (s,b) incomplete,

APU’RTTI: (s,b) needs, requirements, wants,

APU’RVA: (s,b,h) unprecedented,

APEKS’AMA’N: (s,b,h) full of expectation,

APEKS’A’: (s,b,h) expectation,

APEKS’ITA: expected, potential, due for expression,

APAORUS’EY: (s,b,h) that which cannot be obtained by effort,

APRATIHATA: (s,b,h) unchecked, unprevented, unobstructed, unhurt

APSARA’: (s,b,h) voluptuously beautiful nymph of paradise gifted with skill of music and dance. a symbol of god,


APHURA’N/ APHURANTA: unending, endless, inexhaustible,


ABELA’YA: untimely, adverse time,

ABODHA: innocent,

ABJA: (s,b,h) lotus

ABJE; (s,b,h)  in the lotus,


ABHAYA: (s,b,h) fearlessness, 

ABHAVAT: (s,b,h) created, made, happened,

ABHA’GA’: (s,b,h) unfortunate, ill-fated, unlucky, wretched,

ABHA’VA: (s,b,h) absence, want, shortage, scarcity, vacuity,

ABHA’VANIIYA: (s,b,h) unthinkable,

ABHI: (s,b,h) prefix indicating pervasiveness, completion, direction,

ABHIJINA’: (s,b,h) final knowledge, profound knowledge,

ABHIJINA’NA: (s,b,h) identification,


ABHIDHARMA (s): pervasive conduct or characteristics,

ABHIDHA’: (s,b,h) appellation, name, title, meaning, primary meaning or property of a word,

ABHIDHA’N: (s,b,h) dictionary, lexicon,

ABHIDHA’MA: (s,b,h) shelter of all,

ABHIDHEYA: (s,b,h) one or who or that which is to be named as, appellative, naming, denotative, title,

ABHIDHYA’NA: (s,b,h)  meditation, ideation or concentrated thinking on the Supreme Entity

ABHINAVA: (s,b,h)  (abhi+nava) new, ever new,

ABHINIVESHA: (s,b,h) obsession, addiction, indulgence,

ABHIPRAKA’SH: (s,b,h) expression, light, signify, giving importance,

ABHIPRA’YA: (s,b,h) intention, objective,

ABHIBHA’VANA’: (s,b,h) intense or concentrated thought,

ABHIBHA’S: address?

ABHIBHU’TA: (s,b,h) charmed,


ABHIMA’NA (b):  hurt mentally (not in derogatory sense), hurt agony, extremely sensitive ego, offending, humiliation, hurt feelings, wounded ego or feelings, suppressed sorrow,

ABHIMA’NA (s): honor in pervasive sense, inflated ego, pride, ego, elation, insolence, arrogance, over-confidence, boastfulness, show off, hurt ego, pride,

ABHIMUKHA: (s,b,h) facing towards,

ABHIYA’TRI: (s,b,h) voyager, passenger,

ABHIYA’NA: (s,b,h) expedition, exploration, setting out,

ABHIRA’MA: (s,b,h) pleasing, pleasant, beautiful, handsome, entertaining, gratifying,

ABHILA’S’A: (s,b,h) desire,

ABHIVYAKTI: (s,b,h) expression, manifestation,

ABHISHA’PA: (s,b,h) curse,

ABHIS’EKA: (s,b,h) conferring of recognition, crowning, honor, initiation, baptism, anointing, coronation, sprinkling, adoration,

ABHIS’IKTA: (s,b,h) bathed, baptized, installed, inducted, enthroned, crowned,

ABHISA’R: (s,b,h) tryst, lover’s meet, rendezvous,


ABHII: (s,b,h) fearless, dauntless, brave,

ABHHIK: (s,b,h) fearless, dauntless, brave, lustful, greedy,

ABHIIPSA’: (s,b,h) earnest desire, longing, aspiration, hope, expectations, intention,

ABHIIS’T’A: (s,b,h) aim, target, goal, intended, cherished, desired, objects,


ABHEDA: (s,b,h) absence of distinction or difference,


ABHYA’SA: (s,b,h) practice, endeavor,

ABHYUDAY: (s,b,h) rise,


ABHRA: (s,b,h) sky, cloud,


AMAN/EMAN: like that,

AMAR: (s,b,h)  immortal, eternal, non-decaying, heavenly, celestial,

AMARA’: immortal, eternal, non-decaying, heavenly, celestial,

AMARA’JAR: (s,b,h)  (amar+ajar= immortal and non-decaying)

AMAL: (s,b,h) clean, white,


AMA’TYA: (s,b,h) minister,


AMITA: (s,b,h) immeasurable, unlimited, boundless, immense,

AMIYA: (s,b,h) nectar,


AMEYA: (s,b,h) immeasurable, immense, infinite,


AMOGHA: (s,b,h) never failing, infallible, unfailing,


AMBAR: (s,b,h) sky, firmament, cloth,

AMBU: (s,b,h) water,

AMBUDARCI: (s,b,h) rainbow,

AMRTA: (s,b,h) nectar, sweet expression, elixir,

AMLA: (s,b,h) sour, acidic, like curd, pickle, (1 of 6 tastes)

AMLA’NA: (s,b,h) clean, spotless, bright


AYATANE: (s,b,h) without any effort, automatically, by itself,

AYATI: (s,b,h) continued

AYATHA’: (b) baseless, groundless, false, inappropriate, unnecessary, unwarranted, fruitless, wasteful, extravagant, exaggerated, without cause, for nothing, unjustly,

AYAN: (s,b,h) path, course, route, passage, scripture, dwelling, earth, holder,


AYASKA’NTA MAN’I: (s,b,h)  loadstone, magnet,

AYUTA,: (s,b,h) a very large quantity or number, millions or billions, innumerable, mysterious, uncanny,


ARAN’I: (s,b,h) flint, flint wood,

ARAN’YA: (s,b,h)  forest,

ARAN’YA’NIITE: (s,b,h) in the dense forest,

ARAVINDA: (s,b,h) lotus,

ARASH: (u) seat, bed, altar,


ARA’TI: (s,b,h) enemy, foe, adversary,


ARI: (s,b,h) enemy,

ARIS’T’A: (s,b,h) tonic, elixir,

ARINDAMA: (s,b,h) destroyer of enemies,


ARUN’A: (s,b,h) morning sun or its glow, crimson color,

ARU’PA: (s,b,h) formless, without example, unequal,


ARODHYA: (s,b,h)  irresistible,


ARGHYA,: (s,b,h) oblation, libation, offerings for a divinity on the altar,

ARCHANA’: (s,b,h) worship,

ARN’AVA: (s,b,h) ocean, sea

ARTHA: (s,b,h) psychic longing, meaning, finance, money, wealth,

ARPAN’A: (s,b,h) offering



ALAKA: (s,b,h) forelock, ringlet, fringe, curling tress of hair, cirrus,

ALAKA’: (s,b,h) heaven, kingdom of wealth,

ALAKA’ LOKA: heavenly arena, heavenly abode,

ALAKTA: (s,b,h)  lac, liquid dye of lac, varnish, tint of lac,

ALAKH: (s,b,h) unseen, invisible, unperceivable,


ALAUNGHYA: (s,b,h) hard to cross,

ALAS: (s,b,h) idle, lazy, slothful, indolent, effortless,

ALI: (s,b,h) honeybee,

ALIIK: untrue, false, baseless, vain, empty, void,                                                                                                          

ALOKA: beyond the world, that which cannot be seen, invisible,

ALPA: small, meager, little,


AVAKA’SHA: gap, scope, respite, leisure, opportunity, room, interval, cessation, chance,

AVAGA’HAN: act of bathing by immersing one’s body in a river, tank, etc. bath

AVAGUNT’HAN: a cover for head and face used by a woman, veil, hood, scarf,

AVAGUNT’HITA covered, veiled,

AVAJINA’: indifference, neglect, slight, contempt, scorn, disrespect, obscure,

AVAJINA’TA: slighted, contempt, scorn, disrespected, disregarded, neglected, obscure,

AVATA’RA: derivation, incarnation,

AVATA’RAVA’DA: the theory of incarnation of the Supreme Entity,

AVADA’N: gift, presentation, donation, benefaction, largess, grant, gratuity, boon, alms, bestowal, bestowment, benevolence, bounty, charity, favor, bequest, legacy, kindness,

AVADHA’NA: attention, careful application of mind, deliberation, consideration, care, study,

AVADHU’TA: (s,b,h)  a male ascetic, monk,

AVADHU’TIKA’: (s,b,h)  a female ascetic, nun,

AVANATA: (s,b,h)  bent down, bowed down,

AVANII: (s,b,h)  earth, world, land, 

AVABHA’SA: (s,b,h)  reflection,

AVAROHA: (s,b,h)  descend

AVARN’A: (s,b,h)  colorless,

AVALIILA’: dalliance, absence of strain, hesitation or effort, ease, carefree manner, promptness, readiness,

AVALIILA’ KRAME: playfully, without toil,

AVALUPTA: (s,b,h)  vanished, extinct,

AVAVA’HIKA’: (s,b,h)  basin,

AVASAR: chance, opportunity, pause,

AVASA’DA: (s,b,h)  sinking, fainting, sitting down, ruin, loss, end, termination, lack of energy, exhaustion, fatigue, defeat, gloom, decline, finishing, dullness,

AVASA’NA: (s,b,h)  end, stopping, conclusion, death, decease, limit, boundary, pause, resting place,

AVAHELA’: (s,b,h)  neglect, overlook, ignore, inattentively

AVAKS’AYA: (s,b,h)  waning, decaying, fading,



AVA’K: (s,b,h)  speechless, mute, silent,

AVA’UNGA: (s,b,h)  beyond words,

AVA’UNGA MANO GOCAR/ AVA’UNGA MA’NAS GOCAR: (s,b,h)  beyond the reach of words mind and sense perception,

AVA’RITA: (s,b,h)  unresisted, unprevented, unchecked, unbarred, open, free, unrestrained


AVIDYA’: (s,b,h)   mundane art or skill, ignorance, extroversal centrifugal or repulsive force away from Nucleus Consciousness,

AVIDYA’ MA’YA’: (s,b,h)   illusion of ignorance,

AVINA’SHII: (s,b,h)  non-destructible.

AVICALA: (s,b,h)  unmoved, unshaken, unperturbed, calm, unwavering, firm,

AVICA’R: (s,b,h)  injustice, prejudice, immorality,

AVIRATA: (s,b,h)  continuous,

AVIRA’M: (s,b,h)  without pause,

AVISHVA’SA: lack of confidence,

AVYAKTA: (s,b,h)  inexpressible, undisclosed, unknown,

AVYAYA: (s,b,h)  inexhaustible, imperishable, indeclinable, enduring,

AVYARTHA: (s,b,h)  utilitarian, valuable,



ASHANI: (s,b,h)  lightning, thunder,

ASHES’A: (s,b,h)  endless,

ASHOKA: (s,b,h)  a floral tree, sarica indica,

ASHRU: (s,b,h) tears


ASHVA: (s,b,h)  horse,

ASHVINII: (s,b,h)  nerve controlling anus,


AS’T’A PA’SHA: (s,b,h)  eight fetters or bondages

AS’T’A’PADA: (s,b,h)   purified gold,


ASAT: (s,b,h)  bad,

ASAMAYA: (s,b,h)  untimely

ASAM’PRAMOS’A: (s,b,h)  loss, destruction, abstraction,

ASAHYA: (s,b,h)  unbearable, intolerable,

ASA’R: (s,b,h)  non-essence, superfluous,

ASI: sword,

ASIT: (s,b,h)  dark colored, not white,

ASIR (s): beam, ray, arrow, bolt,

ASIIMA: (s,b,h)  unlimited,

ASUYA’: (s,b,h) slander, malice, envy, grudge, jealousy, cynicism,

ASURA: (s,b,h) demon, devil, fiend, wrongdoer, beast, reprobate,

ASTA: (s,b,h) setting of sun, moon or star,

ASTA’CALA: (s,b,h) the hill behind which the sun or moon sets,

ASTA SA’GAR: (s,b,h) the sea, behind which the sun or moon sets,

ASATAR: inner lining of a garment, or surface for coating,


ASTI, BHA’TI, A’NANDA: (s,b,h)  (aprox. Existence, glow and bliss), proper explanation given by BABA is to be written

ASTITVA: (s,b,h) existence,

ASTEYA: (s,b,h) non-stealing in physical or psychic realm, to give up the desire of acquiring what is not rightly one’s own, the third principle of yama.

ASMITA’: (s,b,h) ego, egotism, vanity, conceit,

ASTHIRA: (s,b,h) restless,


AH: (s,b,h) acoustic root of amrta or nectar

AHARAHA: everyday, always, day in and day out, incessantly,


AHAM’: (s,b,h) ego, sense of doer-ship, doer “I” or owner “I”

AHAM’KA’RA: pride, ego,

AHAM’TATTVA: metamorphosed portion of Cosmic “I” into cosmic doer “I” under mutative principle

AHAMIKA’: ego,

AHARAHA: day after day,

AHARNISHI: day and night,

AHIM’SA’: not causing suffering to any harmless creature through thought, word or deed,

AHAETUKI: causeless, without reason,

AHORA’TRI: day and night,



AKS’ARA: non decaying,

AKS’AM: incapable, powerless,

AKS’AMATA’: incapability

AKS’AY: undecaying, inexhaustible,



A’: Acoustic root of second musical note, rs’abha (re) equivalent to western musical note (Re or D) and sound of ox or bull,

Grammatically prefix indicating starting point, from, since,


A’KANDA: (s,b,h)sun-plant,

A’KARA: (s,b,h) source, origin, store, repertory, mine, quarry,

A’KARAS’AN’A: (s,b,h) attraction,

A’KA’SHA: (s,b,h) ethereal, sky, inference carrying sound wave,

A’KA’UNKS’A’: (s,b,h) intense will or desire,

A’KUTI: (s,b,h) ardor, fervility, fervent prayer, eager solicitation, entreaty,

A’KULATA’: (s,b,h) distress, worry, ardency, fervidity, eagerness, perplexity,

A’KUL /A’KULI: (s,b,h) eager,

A’KROSHA: (s,b,h) anger

A’KHA’: oven, hearth, fireplace,


A’GAMA: (s,b,h) most authentic or absolute words, words of the Great Preceptor, the real knowledge,

2. coming, arrival, appearance, acquisition, birth, originating, source, flow, course,

A’GA’CHA’: weeds,

A’GA’R: (s,b,h) house, dwelling,


A’GE: (b) earlier,

A’GE: (u,h) further, ahead,


A’GHA’TA: (s,b,h) hit, strike, blow, beat, stroke, shock, injury,

A’GHRA’N’A: (s,b,h) to smell,

A’GHOS’A: (s,b,h) grave sound, loud noise, proclamation, declaration, serious or stern voice,


A'UNGINA': (s,b,h) arena, yard, courtyard,


A’CA’RA: (s,b,h) conduct, behavior,

A’CA’RYA / A’CA’RYA’:  (s,b,h) those who teach by their exemplary conduct.


A’CCHA’DAN: (s,b,h) covering,

A'CHO/A’CHE: present, exist,


A’J: today

A’JI: today

A’JIIVA: (s,b,h) occupation (physical and psychic), livelihood, pabulum,


A’R’AS’T’A: (s,b,h) inert,

A’R’AS’T’ATA’: (s,b,h) inertness

A’R’A’: form, shape, mould, size, type, riverbank, crossbeam,

A’R’A’L: screen, cover, hiding, out of view,

A’R’I: screen, cover, hiding, out of view, envy, malice, rivalry, grudge,


A’N’AVA: (s,b,h) atomic, subtlest,


A’TAUNKA: (s,b,h) terror,

A’TAPA: (s,b,h) sunshine, sunlight,

A’TURA: (s,b,h) sick, afflicted, distressed, indigent, pauper, ardent, anxious, intent, impatient, yearning,

A’TMAN /A’TMA’: (s,b,h) soul, unit Consciousness, pure cognition, omni telepathic faculty,

A’TMAJINA’NA: (s,b,h) self-knowledge,

A’TMA PRATYAY: (s,b,h) self-recognition,

A’TMA SHLA’GHA’: (atma= self + sla’gha’= praise) self-praise, self-commendation,


A’DAR: (s,b,h) respect, heavy,

A’DARSHA: (s,b,h) exemplary, ideology, illustrative, mirror,

A’DRITA: (s,b,h) revered, respected,

A’DI: (s,b,h) start, beginning, initial,

A’DIKA’RAN’A: (s,b,h)  initial cause, causal matrix,

A’DITYA: (s,b,h) sun,

A’DESHA: (s,b,h) order, commandment, instruction, approval, direction,


A’DHAMARA’: half dead,

A’DHA’N: (s,b,h) placing, depositing, installation, infusion, instillation, charge, putting on, receiving or taking,

A’DHA’RA: (s,b,h)  base, body, container, receptacle, vessel, case,

A’DHIBHAOTIKA: (s,b,h) metaphysical,

A’DHIDAEVIKA: (s,b,h) meta-psychic,

A’DHEK: halt,

A’DHEYA: (s,b,h) worthy of placement, adoration,

A’NTARIKATA’: (s,b,h) candor, sincerity, heartiness, cordiality,

A’NDHA’R: (s,b,h) darkness, shade,

A’NANA: (s,b,h)  face


A’NANDA: (s,b,h) bliss, Divine bliss,

A’NAMANA’: (s,b,h) unmindful, absent-minded, abstracted, unconcerned, listless,

A’NA’: (h,u) coming,

A’NA’ GONA’: coming and going,


A’NKHI: eye

A’NKHI TULE DHARO: Please look at me, Please lift your eyes,

A’NKHI PA’TE:  eye lids


A’NTARIK: (s,b,h)  internal,

A’NDOLITA: (s,b,h) stirred, oscillated, vibrated,

A’NDHA’R, dark


A’PAN: own,

A’PANI: self,

A’PA’T KAT’HOR: initially appearing as hard,


A’PEKS’IKA: (s,b,h) relative,


A’PTA: (s,b,h) revelation, absolute truth, preoccupied, extremely self-seeking,

A’PTA- VA’KYA: (s,b,h) revelation,

A’PLUTA: (s,b,h) flooded, bathed, inundated, drenched, overwhelmed,


A’BAH: carrying, conducting, producing,

A’BA’R, again, once more, this time


A’BOL TA’BOL: incoherent talk, nonsense, delirium, nonsense rhymes, meaningless words,


A’BRAHMASTAMBA: (s,b,h)  from blade of grass to the cosmos,


A’BHARAN’A: (s,b,h) ornament, adornment,

A’BHA’: (s,b,h) glow, shine, luster, glaze, beam, flash, tinge, effulgence

A’BHA’SA: (s,b,h) twilight concept or feeling, that undergoes reflection or refraction due to circumstances, faint or indistinct presence or feeling, shadow, hint, glow, gesture, signal, tint, smack, murky, obscure, dark, filmy, dim, gloomy, clouded, dreary, shaded, dusky, opp. NIRA’BHA’S: (1) that undergoes no reflection or refraction and (2) that Great, Who cannot be visualized within worldly finite entities,


A’BHOGA: (s,b,h)  pabulum or objectivity of mind, an object of enjoyment, occupation (psychic)


A’MRA’: we

A’MA’R: my, mine,


A’MEJ: subtle presence or slight trace, a touch, after image or taste, after effect,


A’YA: income,

A’YATO: wide, extensive, expanded,

A’YUDHA: (s,b,h)  weapon,

A’YOJANA: (s,b,h) arrangement, preparation, collections of things needed for the purpose, readiness,


A’RATI / A’RATRIKA: (s,b,h) waving of lamp as welcome greeting or gesture,

A’RAS’T’A: (s,b,h) benumbed, inert,

A’RS’T’ATA’: (b) dullness, inertial idleness or laziness, numbness,


A’RTI: affliction,

A’RDRA (s): moist, soft, damp, wet, fresh, tender, melted, watered,

A’RA’DHANA’: (s,b,h) worship, forgetting oneself in abhidhya’na,


A’LGOCHE: (b) not touching, detached, avoiding direct contact, aloof,

A’LAGA’/ A’LGA’: lax, unbound, untied, unfastened, open, unbolted, loose, bare, uncontrolled, unfixed, 

A’LAYA: (s,b,h) home,

A’LAMBANA: (s,b,h) shelter, support,

A’LASYA: (s,b,h) lethargy,

A’LA’PA: (s,b,h) conversation, talk, confession, discussion, chat, singing or playing or sounding a tune,


A’LIMPANA: (s,b,h) decorating or painting of the surface,


A’LUTHA’LU: (b) (of hair) unkempt, disheveled, tousled, (of dress etc.) lacking in trimness, blowsy, disorderly,


A’LOR’AN’A: (s,b,h) churning, vibration, stir,

A’LO /A’LOR (b) light, glitter, express, publish, open out,

A’LOKA: (s,b,h) light, glitter, express, publish, open out,

A’LOKITA: (s,b,h) illuminated, lighted, opened, brought into light,

A’LOR’ITA: (s,b,h) stirred, churned, excited, agitated, pondered,

A’LOKAMAYA: (s,b,h) embodiment of light,


A’LEKHYA: painting, portrait,

A’LEYA’R: mirage, delusion, illusion,


A’LTA’: (b) a reddish or scarlet ink or dye solution used for coloring feet,

A’LPANA’: the welcome decoration markings on the ground.


A’VARTAN: revolution, whirling,

A’VARAN’: cover,

A’VARI: covering, veiled,


A’VA’SA: shelter, home, residence,

A’VA’HAN: invocation, welcome,


A’VIRBHA’VA: (s,b,h) appearance, incarnation, transcendence,

A’VILATA’: (s,b,h) defilement, turbidity, filthiness, foulness, impurity, ruining, tarnishing, debasement, degradation,

A’VIS’T’ATA’: (s,b,h) charm, influence,


A’VEGA: (s,b,h) impulse, momentum, influence,

A’VESHA: (s,b,h)  impulse, momentum, influence, excitement, trance, possession, engrossment, rapt attention, confusion, obsession, fascination, passion, intentness, devotedness, flurry, agitation,


A’SHAYA: (s,b,h) unserved sam’ska’ras or unrequited actions, receptacle, container, intention, purpose, aim, heart or character,

A’SHA’: (s,b,h) hope, expectation

A’SHE: hope, expectation


A’SHUTOS’A: (s,b,h) (a’shu + tos’a) the one, who is pleased quickly,

A’SHVA’SAN: (s,b,h) hope, consolation, confidence,


A'S'A'D'HA: (s,b,h) early rainy season or month,


A’SAKTI: (s,b,h)  attraction to something limited,

A’SANA: (s,b,h) seat, position, posture, throne,

A’SAMA’N: (u,h) sky

A’SAMA’NI: azure, sky color,

A’SAR: effect,

A’SAVA: (s,b,h)  essence, spirit,


A’SA’, arrival, coming


A'SIBE: will come,


A’STARAN’A: (s,b,h) cover, blanket

A’SPADA: (s,b,h) deserving, place, site, seat, room, abode, receptacle, subject, position, station, authority, dignity, business, affair, prop, support,

A’SPHA’LAN: (s,b,h) brandishing, moving violently, bragging, boasting or vaunting,

A’SVA’DANA: (s,b,h) to taste,


A’HATA: (s,b,h) hurt, struck, beaten, smitten, wounded, injured, thrashed, treaded, blow, stroke,

A’HARI: collection, compilation,

A’HAVA: war, battle, fight, place for oblation, sacrifice,

A’HA’: ah, oh, expression of joy, sorrow, sympathy etc.

A’HA’R: (s,b,h) food,

A’HUTI: (s,b,h)  oblation

A’HU’TA: invited, invoked,

A’HLA’DA: (s,b,h)  delight,

A’HVA’N: (s,b,h)  invocation, invitation, welcome, call,


I: Acoustic root of third musical note ga’ndha’ra (ga) equivalent to western musical note (Me or E) and sound of goat,


IUNGITA: (s) sign, signal, gesture, beconing, gesticulation, wink, hint, suggestive, purpose, shaking,

ICCHA’: (s,b,h) desire

ICCHA’BIIJA: (s,b,h) seed of desire





ITASTASTATAH: here and there, hither and thither, thinly, irregularly, on all places or sides, all over, hesitation, stammering, dilly-dally, procrastination,


ITI: thus, so, end,

ITIHA'SA: history,


ITYA’HU: as said or called


INI: this respectable person, he or she

INDU: (s,b,h) moon, the crescent part of the moon,




INDRANII LA: blue sapphire, emerald,                    

INDRIYA: (s,b,h) organ,

INSA’NIYAT: (u,h) humanity,


IRA’: goddess of speech, power of speech personified, earth, wine, water, food,


IVA: like, as, as if, as it were, somewhat, perhaps,


ISHA’N, northeastern direction

ISHA’RA’: signal, gesture,


IS’T’A: (s,b,h) (is’+ kta) that which a person nurtures in the inner most recesses of the mind in the hope of attaining it, supreme goal, loving, favorite, dear, attractive, terminus, desideratum,

IS’T’A DEVATA’: (s,b,h) personal god or deity,

IS’T’A MANTRA: (s,b,h)  the incantation leading to supreme goal,

IS’: to wish,



IHA’: this,

IHAKA’LA: this life, mortal life,


II: Acoustic root of the fourth musical note, madhyama (ma) equivalent to western musical note

(Fa or F) and sound of horse,


IITI: calamity, distress,

IIUNGITA: indicated, signal, gesture, sign, hint, beckoning, gesticulation, wink, suggestive, allusive,

IID’YA: an ancient Vedic word meaning, revered, worshipped, most desired,

IIPSA’: desire to obtain, desire, longing,

IISPITA: longed, desired,


IIRS’A’: envy,

IISHA’N, northeastern direction, a name of Shiva,

IISHVARA: controller (of the universe), God,

IISHVARA PRAN’IDHA’NA: an auto suggestion of the idea that each and every unit is an instrument in the hands of the Almighty and is a mere spark of the supreme fire, also implies implicit faith in Him irrespective of whether one lives in momentary happiness or sorrow, prosperity or adversity.

IIHA’: wish, desire, effort, exertion, activity, endeavor, attempt,



U: Acoustic root of the fifth musical note, paincama, (pa) equivalent to western musical note (Sol or G) and sound of cuckoo,


UGARA’N: disgorge, belch out, eruct, vomit, spewing, compulsion of giving back, resumption,

UGRA: violent, cruel, rough, harsh, haughty, angry, wrathful, sever, fierce, sharp, strong, powerful, terrific, formidable, fearful, sharp, intense,

UNKI: peeping, glimpse, a furtive glance,


UCALA: high,


UCCA’T’ANA: charmed, enamored, enchanted, hypnotized, influenced, affected, restless, agitated,

UCCA’RAN’A: pronunciation, mode of speaking, elocution, articulation, utterance,


UCCHALA: vibrant, overflowing, overwhelming, pervading, thrown, disgorged, swollen, bulged out, swelled, spilling, swarming, teeming, brimming, disordered, wayward, uncontrolled, enliven. abundant, brimful, shining, moving upwards,



UCCHA’S / UCCHVA’S: strong emotion or passion, such outburst, great delight, breath,

UCCHU’NYA’: activated or expressed Prakrti,




UJA’L: wipe out

UJJVAL: white, bright,

UJJVALATAM: whitest, brightest,

UJA’R’A: exhausted, empty, desolate, depopulated, barren, devastate,

UJA’NA: upstream flow or course


UT’HA’NA’MA’: rise and fall, up and down, fluctuation, act of ascending and descending, elevation and depression, undulation, promotion and demotion, boom and slump,

UT’HECHE: rising,


UTALA’: excited, anxious, worried, impatient, restless,

UTKANT’HA’: eagerness, inquisitiveness, curiosity,

UTKARN’A: attentive ears, eager to listen,

UTKRAMAN’A: crossing,

UTKRAMI: crossing,

UTKRA’NTA: raised, ascended,

UTCETANA’: (s) urge, 

UTTARA: reply, answer, north direction, after, subsequent,

UTTARAN’A: (s,b,h)  descend

UTTARIIYA: (s,b,h)  scarf, modesty scarf, stole,

UTTA’PA: (s,b,h)   burning, heat, great heat, excitement, intense passion,

UTTA’LA: (s,b,h)  high, agitated, billowy, frantic, tremendous, extreme, sever,

UTTIIRN’A: (s,b,h)  surpass, crossed, successful, pass over, surmount,

UTTHA’NA: (s,b,h)  rise, progress,

UTPA’TA: (s,b,h)  disturbance, nuisance, irritation, trouble,

UTPATTI: (s,b,h)  origin, birth,

UTROL: restless?

UTVRTTI: (s) passion,

UTSA: (s,b,h)  origin, source,

UTSANNA: (s,b,h)  perished, destroyed, ruined, utterly depraved, gone to the bad, gone to the dogs, evicted,

UTSARGA: (s,b,h)  ritual offering, sacrifice, dedication,

UTSARGITA: (s,b,h)  relinquished, dedicated, sacrificed, offered,

UTSARJITA: (s,b,h)  relinquished, dedicated, sacrificed, offered,

UTSAVA: (s,b,h)  function, festival,

UTSA’RAN’A: (s,b,h)  emission, removal, throwing up, deliverance, relinquish,

UTSA’RA: (s,b,h)  emit, emission, removal, throwing up, deliverance,

UTSA’RITA: (s,b,h)  emitted, ejected, delivered, emanated,

UTSUKA: (s,b,h)  curious, eager,


UTHAL: surging up, swelling up, overflowing, very high, billowy,

UTHA’L: surging up, swelling up, overflowing, very high, billowy,


UDAKA: (s,b,h)  water,

UDAGRA: (s,b,h)  facing upwards, upturned, tall, high, elevated, arrogant, severe, strong, excellent, haughty,

UDADHI: (s,b,h)  sea, ocean, pond, container of water,

UDAYA: (s,b,h)  rise, rising, start,


UDA’TTA: (s,b,h)  high, deep, noble, (tone or voice)

UDA’TTA KAN’T’HA: (s,b,h)  loud or high tone or voice

UDA’NA: (s,b,h)  one of internal va’yus having place in throat,

UDA’R: (s,b,h)   liberal, charitable, generous, open-handed,

UDA’RATA’: (s,b,h)  generosity, magnimanity, and loftiness

UDA’S: (s,b,h)  dull, gloomy, indifferent, unconcerned, callous, languid, spiritless, distracted,

UDA’SII: indifferent, unconcerned, languid, spiritless, distracted, dull, gloomy,


UDGA’TA’: (s,b,h)  announcer, anchor, broadcaster, presenter,

UDGA’R: (s,b,h)  ejection, spitting out, vomiting, giving out, emitting, oozing, issuing out, narrating, belching,

UDGA’RITA: (s,b,h)  disgorged, expressed, ejected, emitted, eruption,

UDGIITA: (s,b,h)  sung or preached in loud voice, announced, expressed, proclaiming song,

UDGIIRAN’: (s,b,h)  ejection, disgorged, uttered, eruption, eructing,

UDGRIIVA: (s,b,h)  (ut+griiva) neck/head facing upwards,

UDDAM: (s,b,h)  indomitable, uncontrollable, intractable, violent, impetuous, unrestrained, reckless, wayward,

UDDA’M: (s,b,h)  indomitable, uncontrollable, intractable, violent, impetuous, unrestrained, reckless, wayward,

UDDA’MATA’: (s,b,h)  lack of retrain or control,

UDDAND’A: (s,b,h)   indomitable, uncontrollable, intractable, violent, impetuous, unrestrained, reckless,

UDDIIPTA: (s,b,h)  ignited, kindled,

UDBODHAN: (s,b,h)  awakening knowledge, enlightenment,

UDBUDDHA: (s,b,h)   enlightened,

UDBHA’SA: (s,b,h)  manifestation, exposition, glow, shine, appearance, show, illuminate,

UDBHA’SITA: (s,b,h)   illuminated, exposed, manifested,

UDBHIT/UDBHID: (s,b,h)  sprouting, shooting forth, germinating, plant, spring, fountain,

UDBHINNA: (s,b,h)  germinated, sprouted,

UDDVEGA: (s,b,h)  movement, restlessness, worry, concern, anxiety, suspense, agitated,

UDDVELA: (s,b,h)  anxious, worried, restless, harried, overwhelmed, agitated,

UDDVELITA: (s,b,h)  anxious, worried, restless, harried, overwhelmed, agitated,


UNAKI: (h) theirs,


UNNATA: (s,b,h)  upright, upward

UNMATTA: (s,b,h)   insane, frantic, drunk, intoxicated, puffed, elevated, wild, possessed, mad, furious,

UNMATTATA’: (s,b,h)  insanity, lunacy, violent, madness, delirious,

UNMADA: (s,b,h)  frenzied, maddened, mad,                                                                                  

UNMANA/ UNMANA’/ UNMANASKA: (s,b,h)  agitated, restless, worried, absent minded, preoccupied, impatient, eager,

UNMA’DA: (s,b,h)   insanity, lunacy, violent, madness, delirious,

UNMA’DANA’Y: frenzifully.

UNMIILITA: (s,b,h)  open, open eyed, unfolded, exposed, manifested,

UNMUKHA: (s,b,h)  eager, attentive, looking forward, anxious, prepared,

UNMOCANA: (s,b,h)  freedom or release from bondage,

UNMOCITA: (s,b,h)  untied, freed from bondage, uncovered, unveiled, set free, released, liberated, 


UPAKULA: (s,b,h)  shore, coast, bank,

UPACAYA: (s,b,h)  collection, assemblage, multitude, prosperity, flourishing, improvement, nourishment, appreciation, increase,

UPACA’N: (s,b,h)  production, expression, show, overflows,

UPACA’R: (s,b,h)  service, attendance, honoring, worshipping, entertaining, courtesy, salutation, external ceremony, religious or ritualistic ceremony or items needed for that, medical treatment, means of homage, conduct, procedure, position, place, method, style, article,

UPAR’A’N: (s,b,h)  uprooting, extirpate, eradication, pulling up, exterminate

UPADESHA: (s,b,h)  initiation, instruction, teaching, advice, prescription, specification, plea, pretext, guidance,

UPADESHAKA: (s,b,h)  preceptor, initiator, guide,

UPANIS’AT/ UPANIS’AD: (s,b,h)  esoteric or secret and sacred doctrine, mystical knowledge or instruction, true knowledge of the Supreme Spirit, religious lore, philosophical aspects contained in veda’s, veda’ntic philosophy, sam’skrta philosophical treatise giving an exposition of the Vedas.

UPAMA’: (s,b,h)  similarity, likeness, comparison, example, equal, simile,

UPAYOGA: (s,b,h)  utility,

UPARODHA: (s,b,h)  earnest request, solicitation, importunity,

UPAL: (s,b,h)   stone, pebble, and gem.

UPALABHDI: (s,b,h)  achievement, attainment,

UPASARGA: (s,b,h)  calamity, obstacle, impediment, disturbance, trouble, morbidity,

UPASTHA: (s,b,h)  genitary organ,

UPAHA’R: (s,b,h)  gift, presentation, reward,




UPA’DHA’N: (s,b,h)  pillow, cushion, comfort,

UPA’HA’SA: (s,b,h) ridicule, taunt, joke, contempt, mock, jeer,



UPEKS’A’: (s,b,h)  neglect, overlook, ignore, indifference,

UPTA: sown, sowed, sowing the seed,


UBA’: evaporate, vanish, disappear,

UBIA’: evaporate, vanish, disappear,


UR'ANA': a cover, wing,


ULKA’: (s,b,h)  meteor

ULLA’SA: (s,b,h)  joy, delight, gladness, exultation, exultant, joviality, jubilation, hilarity,


UHA: reasoning based on a supposition or hypothesis, a specific exercise of the intellect,

UHA-AVOHA: thought wave, ups and downs of feelings in life,


U’: Acoustic root of the sixth musical note, dhaevata, (dha) equivalent to western musical note (La or A) and sound of ass,


U’RDHVA: (s,b,h)  above,

U’RMI: (s,b,h)  wave, surge, billow,


U’S’A’: (s,b,h)  dawn, morning

U’S'AR: dry unfertile land,

U’S'ASII: (s,b,h)  morning,


U’S’N’A: (s,b,h)  warm, hot, sharp,

U’S’N’ATA’, (s,b,h)   heat, warmth

U’S’N’IIK: (s,b,h)  restless, vibrant, a vedic rhythm,





R: Acoustic root of the seventh musical note, nis’a’da (ni) equivalent to western musical note (Si or B) and sound of elephant,

it is a half letter, pronounced both as ru and ri,


RKS’A: (s,b,h) bear, mountain, star, deprived,

RKTHA: (s,b,h)  wealth,

RIKKHA’YITA: endowed with, inherited,

RDDHI/ RIDDHI/ RUDDHI: (s,b,h)  all round prosperity, flourishing state, affluence, fortune,

RJU/ RIJU/ RUJU: (s,b,h)  straight, straight path,

RS’ABHA/ RIS’ABHA/ RUS’ABHA: (s,b,h)  ox, bull,

RTA/ RITA/RUTA: (s,b,h)   fact, reality,

RTAM’BHARA’: (s,b,h)  full of truth,

RTU/ RITU/RUTU: (s,b,h)  season,

RS’I/ RIS’I/RUS’I: (s,b,h)  sage, inventor,

RN’A/ RIN’A: (s,b,h)  loan, debt,


[ Sam’skrta Vowels Rr, Lr, Lrr are not in common popular use, though they are Ta’ntrik acoustic roots]


E: Acoustic root of rhythmic expression or sprouting of mundane knowledge or welfare

EI: this

EK: one

EKAK: alone, unaccompanied, single, unit,

EKAT’A’NA’: (s,b,h)  consume, stretch, passed quickly, continuous, in one direction, without break, pointed or moving in one direction only, continually onward, incessant, without pause or break, monotonously,

EKAT’I: only one

EKATA’N: in unison, harmony, agreement, accord, unity, union, unanimity, concert, common chord, combined,

EKATA'RA': monochord, a single stringed lyre or fiddle,

EKADA’: (s,b,h) once,


EKHAN: now,

EKHA’NE: here,


ER’A’N: to avoid, to shun, to get rid off, to pass over, to omit, to disobey,

ETO: this much,


ENO: bring,

EMAN/ EMANAT’I: like this,


EVA: (s,b,h) exactly, just so, only, already, as soon as, like that, emphasizing, thus, so, in this way,

ELE: came

ELO: disheveled, ruffed, hanging loosely, unkemped, incoherent, irrelevant, uncareful, haphazard, disordered,

ELOKESH/ ELOCU’L: disheveled, ruffed, hanging loosely, unkemped hair,

ES’A: (s,b,h) wishing,

ES’AN’A’: (s,b,h) wish, earnest desire, will, effort to get,

ESO, come


AE: Acoustic root of welfare in subtler sphere,


AEKYA: (s,b,h) unity, union, concord, agreement,


AEKYATA’NE/ EKATA’N: concert, common chord, combined, in unison, harmony, agreement, accord, unity, union, unanimity,

AERA’VATA: (s,b,h) mammoth,

AESHVARYA: (s,b,h) supremacy, sovereignty, might, sway, dominion, greatness, wealth, divine faculties, godhood, powers, wealth, glory, splendor, psychic occult or supernatural capacity, divine capacity, divinity,



O: Acoustic root of pious resolve and universal welfare and sva’ha’, completion of the action,

Grammatically: and, address, oh,


OI: that

OKHA’NE: there,

ONM: (s,b,h) combined cosmic acoustic root of creation, preservation and dissolution

OTA: (s,b,h)  individual link,

OTAH-PROTAH: (s,b,h) diffused, pervading, thorough, both individually and collectively

OTA-YOGA: (s,b,h) individual merger of unit consciousness with Cosmic consciousness

ODANA: (s,b,h) food, cooked rice,

OR’ANA’: scarf, covering for face or bosom

OS’T’A/ OS’T’HA: (s,b,h) lips

OHA AVOH: (s,b,h) feeling


AO: Acoustic root of mode of veneration, surrender or salutation to the supreme or to Lord Shiva

AOPASTHYA: (s,b,h) nerve controlling genital organ,


[ Sam’skrta vowels Am’ and Ah are also half letters used suffixing the Sam’skrta consonants]


KA: Acoustic root of expressed universe and also of hope propensity


KAKUBHA: Eastern Direction,

KAKHAN: when,

KAKS’A: (s,b,h) zodiac, room, apartment, chamber,

KAUNKAN’: (s,b,h)  tubular hollow ring ornament worn in arm or feet, armlet, anklet,

KAUNKA’L: (s,b,h) skeleton,

KAUNGA’LA: pauper, poor, beggar, broke, destitute, penniless, deprived, meager,

KACA: hair

KACI: unripe, immature,


KAJJALA: (s,b,h) (kad+ jala): where water expands and takes the form of vapor or clouds, cloud,

KAJJVALA (s,b,h):  (kat= ugly + jvala= shining): collyrium,

eye-wash, eye-salve, lampblack, cloud, dark cloud, soot,


KAT’A’HA: cauldron, large tumbler like cooking utensil, Dixie,

KAT’A’KS’A: (s,b,h) look, side look, glance, sarcastic look,

KAT’I: (s,b,h) waist,

KAT’U: (s,b,h) bitter like chilly, black pepper, (1 of 6 tastes)

KAT’HIN: hard

KAD’I/ KAR’I: joist,

KAN’IKA’: (s,b,h)  drop, nutshell, brief, particle,

KAN’T’HA: (s,b,h) voice, neck, throat,


KATA: how much

KATAK: somewhat,

KATAK KATAK/ KATAKAT’A’: somewhat, partially, to a certain extent,

KATHAN: (s,b,h) to speak,

KATHA’: (s,b,h) words, saying, statement, voice, feeling, story, event, tale, topic, news, about, fiction,

KATHIKA’: story in a sketchy shape, a narration or talk,

KADALII: (s,b,h) plantain,

KADAMBA: (s,b,h) (niip) (anthocephalus indicus A. Rich.) a flowering tree associated with Lord Krs’n’a

KANAK: (s,b,h) gold,

KANAKA’LOK: (s,b,h)  (kanak+ a’lok) golden light,

KANKAN (b): denoting painful sensation, smarting, shivering, to twinge, to ache, shiver.

KANKANE SHIITA: shivering cold, chilling cold,

KANDARA: cave,

KANDUKA: play-ball,

KAPAT’A: (s,b,h) deceit,

KAPAT’ATA’: (s,b,h) deceit, hypocrisy, cunningness,

KAPAT’A’CA’RII; (s,b,h) hypocrite, deceitful,

KAPA’T’: (s,b,h) door, gate,

KAPOTA: (s,b,h) dove,

KAPOLA: (s,b,h) cheek,


KABAR: grave, tomb,

KABARII: hair in a state of being put up, chignon, braid or plait of hair, pigtail,

KABE: when,

KABHU: sometimes, when, ever,

KAM: deficient, short, less, small, few, not many or much, a little, inadequate, inferior,

KAMAL/ KAMALA: (s,b,h) etymologically, (kam+ ac + la’+ d’a) “that which holds beauty”, or (kam+ alac) “that which is an embodiment of beauty”, in both cases, the colloquial meaning is “lotus flower”   


KAMPA: (s,b,h) shiver, shudder, trembling, tremulous,

KAMPRA: (s,b,h) trembling, tremulous, shiver, shudder,

KAMBU: (s,b,h) conch

KAMBUKANT’HE: loud voice like conch


KARA: hand, ray or beam of light, tax,

KARAINJA: a variety of sour plum,

KARATA’R: creator,

KARAN’IIYA: (s,b,h) that which should be done,


KARAVII: oleander flower or tree, nerium odorum,

KARA’R: condition, stipulation, promise, agreement, assurance, vow,

KARIYA’: prep. by, with, in, on, in a way or manner, by turns,

KARIIB: (u,h) close, near,

KARKA’: hailstone,

KARKA’PA’TA: fall of hailstone,

KARABII: oleander tree, or its flower, nerium odorum,

KARA’L: having large teeth, terrible, awful, cruel,

KARN’A: ear,

KARN’ADHA’RA; helmsman, steersman, pilot, leader,

KARN’A’BHARAN’: earrings,

KARN’IKA’: seed-vessel of flower, stem of flower, seed-vessel of lotus, stalk,

KARHA’T’: stem of lotus,


KARUN'A': compassion, pity, kindness,

KARUSARE: heavy rain,



KARDAM: gluey mud, slime, mire, sin, turbid,

KARDAMA’KTA: muddy, slimy, turbid,


KARMA: action

KARMAPHALA: reaction to original action,

KARMENDRIYA: motor organ,


KAL: machine,

KALAKA’: decorative eardrops, embroidery,

KALAUNKA: stain, blame,

KALAUNKII: stained, blamed,

KALATA’N: note, noise, tone, sonorousness, rattle, clamor, sound of a stream, peacock’s call

KALADHVANI: low sweet and indistinct sound, a sweet murmur, warble of birds, babble of streams

KALARAVA: chirping, warbling,

KALASHA: pitcher,

KALAHA: quarrel,

KALA’: curvature due to kriya’ shakti in the phase of creation,

KA’S’T’A’ KALA’: waves, crest and though,

KALA’P: peacock’s tail, ornament worn like a waist belt, collection, multitude,

KALA'POCHU'R'A: an ornament worn around waist, a collection, multitude,


KALI/ KALII: (u,h,b) bud,


KALILA/ KALRILA: subtlest or minutest part of the matter bordering matter and cognition,

KALUS’A: sin, dirt,

KALUS’ATA’: guilt, sin, fault, defilement, soil, and sully, vitiated

KALPA: aeon, feasible, possible, proper, excellent, without alternative,

KALPATARU: wish-granting tree, provider of all that is asked,

KALPANA’: imagination, thought,

KALMAS’A: dirt, filth, sin, guilt,

KALYAN’: benevolence, welfare,

KALLOLA: uproar, hilarious or cheerful noise,



KAVAL: gape, gulp, gurgling, seizer, grip,

KAVI: poet, learned, doctor, seer of truth,

KAVI GURU: chief poet,

KAVOS’N’A: lukewarm,


KASHA: whip, lash,

KASHA’-GHATA: whipping, lashing,


KAS’A’Y: bitter like some raw fruits, (1 of 6 tastes)

KAS’T’I: testing,

KAS’T’I SHILA’: testing stone


KASTU’R: musk-deer,

KASTU’RII: musk, musk deer,


KAHLA’R: white water lily


KA’KA: crow,

KA’KALII: sweet murmur or chirping,

KA’KA’RI: owl, enemy of the crow,

KA’CHE, close, near,

KA’J/ KA’RYA, work, action,

KA’JAL: dark color beautification to the eye margin, collyrium,


KA’T’H: wood

KA’R’A’/ KER’E: snatch away,

KA’R’A’KA’R’I: grabbing, stealing,

KA’TAR: distressed, afflicted, sorrowful, solicitude,

KA’TARATA’: distress, affliction, sorrow, solicitude,

KA’NTA’R: deep forest, impassable difficult road, terrain,

KA’NDA’/KA’NNA: cry, weep, lament,

KA’N: ear

KA’N PA’TA’: to give ear to, to pay heed to,

KA’NKAN’: bangle,

KA'NAN: forest, garden,

KA’NA’: to the brim, edge,

KA'NT'A': thorn,

KA’NE KA’NE: whispering


KA’MA: physical longing, desire,


KA’MA-BIIJA: point of bursting out of resultant force in which lies the innate desire of creation,

KA’MAMAYA: made out of mundane desires,

KA’MAMAYA KOS’A: (s,h,b) the crudest layer of mind,

KA’MARA’UNGA’: (s,h,b) one assuming the form or color of choice, chameleon,


KA’R/ KA’RO: whose,

KA’RAN’A: (s,h,b) cause,

KA’RYA: (s,h,b) work, action, that which should be done or performed,

KA’RS’A: (s,h,b) dark,


KA’LA: (s,h,b)  time, death, temporal factor, occasion, tomorrow, psychic measurement of the relative motivity,

KA'LA RA’TRI: (s,h,b) annihilating night


KA’LA’GNI: (s,h,b) annihilating fire,

KA’LA’TIPA’TA: (s,h,b) (ka’la+ atipa’ta) adverse time,

KA'LA BAESHA'KHII: (s,h,b) strong annihilating northwesterly storm during summer in East India,

KA’LA’NTARE: (s,h,b) interval of time,


KA’LINDI: (s,h,b) the river Yamuna’


KA’SH: (s,h,b) a tall grass,

KA’S’A’YA: (s,h,b) peevishness,

KA’S’T’A’ KALA’: (s,h,b) waves, crest and though,


KI/ KII: what

KICHUI: something, nothing, anything

KINA’RA’: embankment, edge, limit,

KIUNKIN’A: stone within tubular hollow ring ornament,

KIUNKIN’II: (s,h,b) girdle, ankle-bell, death-bell, knell,

KINSHUK: (s,h,b) a red flower of silk cotton tree.

KIRAN'A: (s,h,b) ray of light

KIRSA’N (bd): farmer,

KIRIT’A: crown, coronet,

KISHALAY: (s,h,b) green tender leaf, young shoot with such leaf,

KISTI: check


KIIT’A: (s,h,b) insect,

KIIRN’A: (s,h,b) scattered, strewn here and there, pervaded, spread or extended,

KIIRTANA: (s,h,b) singing of the name of the Lord,

KIIRTI: (s,h,b) glory, fame, renown,

KIIRTITA: glorified, narrated, sung, extolled, celebrated,


KUA’SA’: fog, mist,

KUNKUR’A’N: (b,h) to shrink, to shrivel, to recoil, contracted in a circular shape,

KUKUR: dog

KUKURCHA’NA’: dog-puppy

KUJJHAT’IKA’: (s,h,b) violent storm,

KUCAKRA: (s,h,b) conspiracy, plot, scheme, plan,

KUINCITA: (s,h,b) curled, curling, shrunk, wrinkled, shriveled; wizen, contracted, curved,

KUINJA: (s,h,b) arbor, place surrounded by trees, plants, creepers and shrubs, round house, grove, bower, garden with dense plants, shrubs or trees,

KUT’IL: (s,h,b) crooked,

KUT’HA’R: (s,h,b) axe, hatchet,

KUR’AN: to draw together what was lying scattered, to collect, gather, sweep, glean, pick up,

KUR’IYE PA’OA’: collected, swept, gathered,

KUN’A’L: (s,h,b) stalk of lotus or water lily

KUN’T’HA’: (s,h,b) complexes, hesitation, hesitancy, diffidence, feeling of delicacy,

KUN’D’AL: (s,h,b) earring, coil,

KUN’D’ALINII: (s,h,b) energy/ para’shakti lying dormant as fundamental negativity

KUNTAL: (s,h,b) head-hair, tresses,

KUNDA: (s,h,b) a type of jasmine,


KUMUDA: (s,h,b) water lily,

KUMUDOPAMA: (s,h,b) (kumuda+ upama) best lotus,

KUMERU: (s,h,b) dangerous hill,

KUMKUM: (s,h,b) vermilion, red powder,

KUMBHA: (s,h,b) pitcher, pot,

KUMBHAKA: (s,h,b) retention of breath inside,


KUMBHIIRA: (s,h,b) crocodile, alligator,

KURAM’GA: (s,h,b) male deer, stag, buck,

KURIISH: (s,h,b) (a rare word used by BA’BA’) a piece of hard dried dung, brick, stone,

KURIISH KA’LIMA’: the darkness like hard dried dung,

KURUVINDA: (s,h,b) corundum, gem, mirror, central vermilion decoration mark on forehead etc.

KURUKS’ETRA: the battlefield of the Mahábhárata war, the world of action and fight,

KULA: (s,h,b) ego of dynasty,

KULAKUN’D’ALINII: the coiled serpentine

KULA’CALA: (kula+acala) Highest Dynasties,

KULA’Y: bird’s nest, cozy abode,

KULIN: belonging to a respectable, honorable family,

KULINATA’: feeling of belongingness to honorable family,


KULIISHA: thunderbolt, stone,

KUVALAYA: blue lotus

KUSHA: jackstraw grass

KUSHA KA’SHA: jackstraw grass

KUSHA’GRA: pointed, sharp, like tip of kusha grass,

KUS’T’HI/ KOS’T’HI: nativity, horoscope


KUSUM: flower

KUHAK: delusion, deception, jugglery, magic, charm,

KUHU: nerve controlling genetary organ, cooing of a cuckoo,

KUHELIKA’: fog, mist, surrounding by darkness


KU’JAN: resounding, chirping of birds

KU’T’ASTHA: Nucleus consciousness,

KU’T’ASTHA CAETANYA: nucleus consciousness or Atman in the unit structure having controlling station at the middle point between the eyebrows.

KUN’A’L: stalk of lotus or water lily

KU’RMA: one of external va’yus giving function of contraction, tortoise,

KU'LA: shore, bank, border, edge, limit, end,


KUVALAY: blue lotus,


KRTAJINA: grateful,

KRTAJINATA’: gratefulness,

KRTA’RTHA: successful, gaining of object, oblige, satisfy, satiate, contented,

KRPA’/ KRIPA’/ KRUPA’: grace, kindness, compassion,

KRPAN’: miser,

KRS’A’N’ (b)/ KIRSA’N (bd): peasant, farmer,

KRS’NA / KRIS’N’A, black, Lord Kris’n’a, Ta’raka Brahma, assuming physical body (born) about 3500 years ago in Mathura’, India.

KRSHA’N’U: fire,

KRTAJINATA’: obligation,



KLRPTA: (vedic sam’skrta): equipped, prepared, done, got ready, cut, fixed, settled, thought of, invented, accomplishment, to be fit or adequate for, result in, bring about, accomplished, produce, tend to, to be well managed or regulated, to succeed, to become, happen, occur, to be prepared or ready, to be favorable to, to subserve, to partake of, to prepare, arrange, settle, divide, provide, or furnish with, consider, adorned, decorated,


(ABHIKLRPTA= well accomplished) (SAM’KLRPTA: (vedic), saturated, drenched,)


KE, who


KEKA’: peacock’s call

KETAKII: screw pine (genus pandanus) flower having intense and pleasing fragrance, its tree,

KETAN: banner, flag, home, banner, abode, site, place, (vajra ketan= site of lightning)

KENA’: to buy, to purchase,

KENO: why,

KENDRA: center, nucleus,


KEYA’: screwpine, its flower,

KEYUR: armlet, ornament, jewel,

KEVALAM: only,

KESHA: hair,

KESHAR: stamen,


KOKILA: a female cuckoo

KOS’T’HA: room, compartment, granary,


KOTHA’: where,

KOTHA’KA’R: of or from which or what place, of or from an unknown or contemptible place,

KOTHA’Y: where,


KON KHA’NE: where,

KON’E; corner, recess,

KOMAL: fascinating, charming, soft, fine, nice, beautiful, handsome,

KOR: lap,

KORAKA: (b,s,h) bud, nucleus of flower, essence, treasure,


KOL: lap, bed, to embrace,

KOL A’NDHA’RE: embracing darkness,

KOL TOLA’: to lift up into lap,

KOLA’KULI: mutual embracing, warm greeting, alliance or mutual understanding,




KOS’A: layer

KOHA: (h,u) hill, mountain, hillock, anger, wrath,


KAOMUDII: moonlight, soothing, illuminating,

KAOLINYA: honor,

KAOSHIKA: incased, sheathed, silken, owl, lexicographer, marrow, knower of hidden treasure, covering,

KAOSHIKII: Shivanii, Prakrti as cause of origin of different kos’as,

KAVOS’N’A: lukewarm,


KRAKARA: one of external va’yus helping in yawning,

KRANDAN: crying

KRANDAN RATA: full of crying

KRA’NTI: evolution,



KRIID’A: natural play,

KRID’ANAK: player

KRIID’A’: game or play of which rules are known,

KRU’RA: cruel

KRU’RATA’: cruelty,

KRODHA: anger,



KLA’NTA: tired, exhausted,

KLA’NTI: tiredness, weariness, fatigue, exhaustion,

KLEDA: liquid filth or soil, morbid matters secreted from body, dirt,

KLESHA: affliction, agony, pain, trouble, sorrow,

KLESHA'RTA: distressed with sorrow,

KLIS’T’A: afflicted



KHA: Acoustic root of the propensity of anxiety,



KHAINJAR: a short dagger

KHAINJARII: a wag-tail bird,

KHADYOT: glowworm, firefly,

KHANI: quarry, mine,

KHANIK/ KS’AN’IK: for a little while, momentary,

KHAR: sharp, keen, severe, fierce, strong, violent, fast, harsh, hard,

KHARA’: (b) sunshine, sun, summer, drought, strongly fried, over fried,

KHARKHAR/ KHARTAR: (b) expressing, grating noise or sensation, quickness, rough,

KHARJUR: date-palm or its fruit, date,

KHARPAR: a piece of broken earthenware, potsherd, skull, alms dish, beggar’s bowl, thief, knave, rogue, sharper, cheat, scimitar, a single edged curved sword,

KHARVA: reduce, shorten, cut, diminish, humble, lower, foil, thwart,

KHAL: naughty, hypocrite, cheat,

KHASA’: come off, detach, fall off, drop, slip, shed, loosen, disheveled, flee, escape,



KHA’INCA’: cage, frame,

KHA’NA’: (h,u) eating, food,

KHA’NI: indicating a number, fragment or piece, used as article “the”,

KHA’NIK: for a little while,

KHA'NE: place

KHA’MOSHII (u): silence,

KHA’R: ash,


KHILA (s): nail,

KHILA (u,h) to bloom, to open up,

KHILONA’: toy,


KHU’NTA: defect, scar, ugly mark, flaw, fault, omission, blemish, lapse, imperfection,


KHEYA’: ferry, ferryboat,

KHELA’: play, game, drama, acting,

KHELA’GHAR: Playhouse, game pavilion, drama hall, stage,

KHELA’ DHULA’: sports and games, pastime, play, game, drama, acting, entertainment,

KHEYA’L: fancy, whim,

KHONCA’: thorn, prickling,


KHOHA: cave, pit, cavern, abyss, crypt,


GA: Acoustic root of effort propensity,

GAGAN: sky,

GAJJA: sarcastic comments, ironical talk,

GAINJANA’: scolding, chiding, upbraiding, insult, reproach, putting to shame, humiliation,

GATA’NUGATIKATA’: subservience to routine or beaten track, customary, conventional, traditional,

GANGOTRII: origin place of the holy river ganges,

GAR’A; to create, construct, to shape, to beget, to constitute,

GAN’A: assemblage, collection, multitude, community, class, group, genus, masses, family, clan,

GAN’A-CETANA’: community- consciousness,

GAN’A’DHIISHA: controller of the expressed world and divinities,

GAN’D’A: cheek,

GAN’D’II: line of demarcation, limit, resistance,

GATA’SU: (gata+asu) expired, dead

GATI: speed, motion, go, alternative, refuge, shelter, remedy, solution, consequence, way out, movement,

GANGAN (b): expressing, blazing,

GANDHA: smell,

GAMAN: going

GAMANA’GAMAN: coming and going

GARAL: poison,


GARIMA’: exaltedness, greatness, glory, majesty, dignity, influence, charm,

GARIIYA’N: heavier, more important,

GARJAN: thunderous sound, roar,

GARVA: pride,

GALA’N: to melt, to be kind,


GAHAN: depth,

GAHVARA: (s,b) hole, cavity, pit, deep, cave, impervious, abyss, depth, thicket, forest, cavern, inaccessible place, hiding place, riddle, hypocrisy, weeping, crying, arbor, bower, recess in a rock or mountain,


GA’CHA: tree

GA’CHA PA’LA’: vegetation,

GA’THA’: event, story, affairs,

GA’NA/GA’Y: song,

GA’NTHA’: threading, attaching, studding (garlands, gem etc.)

GA’NDHA’RA: sound of goat,

GA’MII: going, moving, indicating,

GA’Y/GA’TRA: body,

GA’HAN: immersing or dipping the body in water, bathing, singing,



GIRANA’: (h) to fall,


GIRI: mountain, hill,

GIITI / GIITA: song, poem, melody, hymn, lyric, poem, chanted, sung


GUCCHA: cluster, bunch, fascicle, bundle, tuft,

GUCHA’N: to set right, to arrange, to provide for, manage,

GUNJA: humming, reverberation, noise,

GUINJA’: a colored red and black seed or its plant,

GUINJA’MALA’: garland of guinja’, a red and black seed,

GUN’R’IYE: subside, cowering position, to pulverize, to crush, to powder down, to beat, to gore, to disintegrate, to pound,


GUN’A: quality, characteristic, attribute, binding principle

GUN’AKS’OBHA: internal friction within Prakrti,

GUN’AYUKTA: qualified,

GUN’A’DHIISHA: controller of the attributes,

GUN’ITAK: multiple,


GUMAR’IYA: gathered, overflowed,

GUMAR: vanity, pride, to brag, to boast,


GURU: the preceptor, master, great, heavy, long,

GURU MANTRA: the second lesson in Ananda Marga Sa’dhana’,

GURUPIIT’HA: abode of preceptor,


GUL (u): flower, rose, soft, dissolved, absorbed,

GULADASTA’ (u): flower vase,

GULABA’GICHA (u): floral garden,

GULA’L (u): colored powder used during festivity

GULI (b): plural form indication in bangla words,

GULMA (s): shrub, clump or cluster of trees, bush, fort,

GUHA’ (s): cave, recess,



GU’R’HA (s): secret, hidden, concealed, surreptitious, unrevealed, deep, invisible, inaccessible, incomprehensive, intricate, profound, mysterious, occult, esoteric, lonely,


GRDDHA (s): vulture

GRHA: home, house,


GECHI (b): (I) go on

GECHE (b): went, gone, past,

GERI/ GERUA’ (h/b): color of red ochre, pale yellow color, clay, brownish red,

GEHA (s): home, house

GAERIK (s): color of red ochre, pale yellow color, clay, brownish red,


GO (b): form of address

GOKUL: The place in north India where Lord Krs’n’a spent childhood.

GOCAR: within the scope, power or range of sense perception or sense organs, jurisdiction of influence, perceptible, view, vision, sight,

GOT’HA: grazing ground, pasture,

GOR’E: thick wrath of flower,

GON’A’/ GUN’A’/ GAN’A’: count, consider, string or thread,

GOPAN: secret

GORASA: cow-milk or its products,

GOLAK DHA’NDHA’: a labyrinth, maze, an intricate problem,

GOLOKA: heaven,

GOS’T’HA (s,b): pasture, grazing ground, meeting-place, assembly, association, society, club,

GOS’PADA: small pit made by cows on the ground, puddles,


GAOR’A: An area in eastern India, consisting of Bihar, Greater Bengal, Assam, Chattisgarh and Orissa.

GAORAVA: glory, self-aggrandizement,


GRANTHI: knot,


GRASTA: eclipsed,

GRAHA: planet

GRAHASHA’NTI: neutralizing the evil influence of stars,

GRIIS’MA: summer

GLA’NI: weariness, tiredness, exhaustion, fatigue, dirt, disrepute, slander, agony, repentance, disgrace,






GHA: Acoustic root of propensity of attachment and love,


GHAT’A’: occurrence, pomp, grandeur, éclat, collection, multitude, to happen, to occur, to arise, endeavor, effort, exertion, number, troop, assemblage,

GHAT’A’KA’SHA: cloudy sky,

GHANA: dense, intense, thick, condensed, cloud,

GHANAGHOR: much intense, dense, overcast with thick clouds, darkened with clouds,

GHAR: (u,h,b) home, house

GHARA’NA’: school or style of ra’ga and ra’ginii in rhythmic music

GHARGHAR: moving or rotating with rattling sound.

GHARMA: sweat, perspiration,

GHARMA LIPTA: smeared with sweat,

GHARE: into home or house,

GHA’TA: blow, hurt,

GHA’T PRATIGHA’T: blow and counter blow,

GHRN’A’: hatred, revulsion,

GHRTA: clarified butter, ghee, used as fuel wick for burning the lamp,

GHEE: clarified butter, ghee, used as fuel wick for burning the lamp,


GHENSA’N: touching, rubbing, roughness,

GHERA: surrounding, encircling, enveloping, covering,

GHERIYA’: surrounding, encircling, enveloping, covering,

GHU’CE: / GHUCA / GHUCA’LO: destroy, cease to exist, annihilate,

GHUM: sleep, slumber,

GHUMANTA: sleeping,

GHURA’: surrounding, encircling, enveloping, covering,

GHU'RN'I VA’Y: cyclonic wind

GHU'RN'I JHAR'A: cyclonic storm,


GHOCA’N: destroy, cease to exist,

GHOMTA’: veil,

GHOR: frightful, dreadful, awful, severe, excessive, extreme, intensive, dense, var. of ghura’n

GHORA’N: waft, surrounding, encircling,

GHOS’A: announcement,



UNA: Acoustic root of propensity of arrogance or vanity,



CA: Acoustic root of conscience and discrimination,

As per Sam’skrta Grammar it means and, additionally,


CAU DEYA’L: boundary wall,

CAKIT: startled, taken aback, timid, instant, in jiffy,

CAKOR: a bird (bartavelle) said to enjoy drinking moonbeam,


CAKRA: wheel, cycle or circle, psycho-spiritual center or plexus, ring, collection or group of persons or faction.

CAKRANA’BHA: nucleus of the cycle, hub of the wheel,

CAKRANEMI: the periphery or rim of a wheel or cycle, circumference of a circle, 


CAKS’U INDRIYA: organ of vision,

CAINCALA: restless, restive, frisky,


CAND’A: furious, tremendous, violent, fierce, angry, ferocious, sever, strong,

CAND’ATA’: strength, anger, power, force,


CAR’A’NA: feet, to mount, ride, climb, board,

CATUR: intelligent, dexterous, skillful, ingenious, clever, cunning, artful, crafty, sly, expert,

CANDAN: sandal, sandalwood, sandal wood paste,

CANDRA: moon,

CANDRALEKHA’: a small digit of the moon,

CAMAK: shine, lighted, clear, bright, lucent, shining, effulgent, glittering, glistering, sparkling, brilliant, flashing,

CAMATKA’R: amazement, marvellous,

CAMPAKA/ CAMPA’: a flower or tree of magnolia family, michelia champaca,

CAYANA: selection, to select, collection,

CAYITA: selected,

CARAN’A: to move, feet, support, pillar, step, quarter, performance, behavior, accomplishment,

CARAMA: supreme, highest, maximum,

CARCITA: smeared, painted, anointed, discussed,

CALA’/ CALECH/ CALE CHILO, going, movement


CA’I: want, like

CA’K: taste/enjoy/like/deserving?

CA’KA’: wheel

CA’KACAKYA/ CA’KCIKYA: luster, glaze, polish, showy glitter, glamour, smooth and bright,

CA’KS’US’A: evident, visible, apparent,

CA’INCALYA: restlessness, quaver,

CA’TAK: a bird supposed to live only on rain-drops,

CA’NDA: moon,

CA’PA’: press, pressed, hidden, concealed,

CA’OA’: look at, desire, yearning, favorable inclination,

CA’R/CA’RI: four,

CA’RAN’A: moving, grazing cattle, grazing ground, pasture, glorifying announcer,

CA’S: (you) want or wish,

CA’S’II: ploughman, farmer,

CA’HANI (b): wanting, asking, desiring, looking, eye opening, look, glance, demand,

CA'HIYA': desiring


CIK: tight necklace, laced sun-blind,

CIKAN: smooth, bright, glossy, glazing, lustrous,

CIKUR: hair, tress of hair, lock of hair, lightning, moving, tremulous, fickle, unsteady, rash, inconsiderate, chignon,

CIKIIRS’A’: (s) desire to do, will to act or perform,

CIT: Consciousness, cognitive faculty, ectoplasmic energy,

CITA’: funeral pyre,

CITACHOR: stealer of mind, captivator of the mind or heart,

CITI-SHAKTI: Pure Consciousness, Cognitive Principle,

CITTA: mind stuff, objectivated mind, ectoplasmic structure

CITTA HA’RII: enchanting, charming, engrossing,

CITTA’N’U: mind-atoms or ectoplasmic particles,

CITRA: figure, sketch, photo,

CIDAMBAR: (cit+ambar) mental space or sky,

CIDGHAN: the supreme consciousness or spirit,

CIDA’BHA’S: canvas of mind,

CIDA’KA’SH: firmament of mind, canvas of mind, sky of mind, mental sky,

CINI, recognizing, perceive, acknowledge, distinguish, concede, realize, accept, admit, know, apprehend, admit, introduce, identify,

CINTA’: anxiety, worry, deep thinking,

CINMAYA: personified consciousness, composed of consciousness,

CIBUK: chin,

CIRA: everlasting, perpetual, endless,

CIRA HARIT: evergreen,

CIRANTANA: constant,

CIRA’YATA: pervading for ever, all pervading, eternal, universal, ever-pervading,

CIHNA: mark, impression, spot,


CIITKA’R: thunder, shouts, roar, cry,

CIINA’NSHU/ CIINA’NSHUK : Silken bed sheet (ciirn’a+ am’shu= split silk thread)  used in PS at several places,

CIIRA: piece of rag, cloth, bark of tree, slip of paper,


CUP/CUPI: silently,

CUMBAK: magnet,

CUMKI: spangle, shining foil, tinsel,



CU’K: fault,

CU’NII: ruby,

CU’R’A: bracelet,

CUYA’: condensed perfume,

CU’R: powder, to crush,

CU’RI: stealing,

CU’RN’A, to crush to powder, pulverize,

CU’L: head-hair,


CES’T’A’: endeavor, effort,

CETANA’: consciousness

CETANA’DHA’RA: spiritual or supramental body,


CAETA/CAETRA: last month of Bengali (and first month of other Hindu) year (mid March to mid April)

CAETIK: mental or intellectual,

CAETII: relating to caeta month,


CORA'BA'LIR: quicksand, marshy land


CYUTA: detached, coming out, fall,




CHA: Acoustic root of the propensity of psychic depression or nervous breakdown

CHAK: checker board, check, plan, sketch, outline, shape, pattern, graph, draft, map,

CHAR’A’: scatter, spread, stretched,

CHAT’A’: glow, shine, luster, light, beauty, glamour, splendor,

CHANDA, rhythm,

CHANDAMAYA: embodiment of rhythm,

CHANDA PATAN: break or defect in poetical meter,

CHAL/ CHALANA’: deceit, fraud, impish, delusion, cheating, naughty, mischief,

CHAVI: image, figure, sketch, photo, painting, picture, portrait; glow, luster, beauty show,

CHA’I: ash,

CHA’ONI (b,h): roof, awning, army base

CHA’NDASIKATA’: prosody, rhythm, metrical quality,

CHA’PA: imprint, stamp, mark, impression,

CHAR’A’: excluding, releasing, quit, forsake, take off, leave, give up, detach, disentangle,

CHA’TRA: student,

CHAR’I/ CHER’A’: excluding, releasing, starting, initiating, open, loosen, exempt, cast off,

CHA’YA’, shadow, shade, spread

CHA’YA’ PATH: the milky way, galaxy,

CHA’R: burnt to ashes,

CHA’R KHA’R: burnt to ashes,

CHIT’AKA: to scatter,

CHINR’A’/ CHENR’A: tear, rend, rip, open, detach, pluck, uproot, pull,

CHIDRA: hole, opening, hole, gap, opening, defect, cut, flaw, blemish, weakness, piercing, boring, perforation,

CHINI MINI/ CHINI MINI KHELA’: play of ducks and drakes, reckless use or expenditure, squandering, to fritter away,

CHINU: was, have been,

CHINNA: torn, rent, split, cloven, cut, detached, amputated,

CHINNA BHINNA: torn or cut or broken to pieces, fragmented,

CHILO: was

CHUT’E: rushing,

CHEDA: hole, gap, opening, defect, cut, flaw, blemish, weakness, piercing, boring, perforation,

CHENR’A: tear, rend, rip, open, detach, pluck, uproot, pull,

CHENCA': screened, filtered, sieved, selected,

CHOYN: touch,

CHOT’O/ CHOT’A’/ CHOT’E: small



JA: Acoustic root of the propensity of ego, conceit,


JAKHAN, when

JAGAT: the world,

JAGAT JOD’A’: worldwide,

JAGAT PATI: the owner of the world,

JAUNGAMA: (s,h,b) animate, mobile, moving

JAUNGAL: (s,h,b) forest, jungle,


JAT’A’: matted hair, mane,

JAT’ILATA’: (s,b,h)  complexities,

JAT’HAR: belly, stomach, womb, interior, digestion, hunger,

JAD’A: (s,h,b) (pronounced JAR’A) inert, inanimate, worldly, earthly, material, crude,

JAD’ATA’ : (s,b,h) (pronounced JAR’ATA’), inertia, lifelessness,

JAD’A’DHA’RA: (s,b,h) (pronounced JAR’A DHA’RA’) the physical body or base,

JAD’ASPHOT’A: (s,b,h) (pronounced JAR’A SPHOT’A) structural dissociation or explosion or bursting,


JARA’N/ JAR’A’YE/JAR'IYE: (b) embraced, hugged, grasped, grapple, wrap, intertwined, tangle, surrounding, encircling, gripped, seize, clasped, clinched, closed,

JATA/JATO, whatever, how much,

JATAN/ YATAN/ JATNA: effort, care, struggle, try, attempt

JANAH: (s,b,h) a subtle layer of cosmic mind,

JANARLOKA: (s,b,h) subliminal world,

JANANA: (s,b,h) to give birth,

JANAPADA: (s,b,h) habitation, village or town,

JANAM / JANMA: (s,b,h) birth,

JAPA: (s,b,h)  incantation, repetition of mantra,

JAMAK: pomp, grandeur, splendid, spectacular, gorgeous,

JAMIIN: land,

JAYA: (s,b,h)  victory,

JAYA BHERII: victory drum

JARA’: (s,b,h) old age, decrepitude, infirmity, worn out,

JALA: (s,b,h) liquid factor, water,

JALPANA’: conversation, garrulity, prating, utterance, talk, speculation, proposal, discussion,

JALADARCI: (s,b,h)  rainbow,

JALA SIKTA: (s,b,h)  wet with water,

JALIIYATA’: (s,b,h)  moisture, humidity,


JALUSA: luster, brightness, splendor, glamour

JAHA’N: (u.h) world, where,


JA’OA’: going

JA’BO: will go

JA’GARAN’A: (s,b,h) awakening,

JA’GA’LE: awaken, bring into senses, raised,

JA'GA'LO: awaken, bring into senses, raised,

JA’CCHI: going

JA’TIKA’: (s,b,h) (birth, origin, caste, breed, race, community,) ?


JA’DU’: (u,h) magic,

JA’DU’GAR: (u,h) magician,


JA’NA’: (b,h) known

JA’NA’: (h,u) going,

JA’NA’LE: to make aware, reveal, impart, declare, divulge, communicate, disclose, relate, inform,

JA’YATE: (s) comes up, creates,


JA’R: (b) whose

JA’RII: (u,h) continue

JA’LA: (s,b,h) web, net, mesh

JA’HA’I: whatever,

JA’HA’N (u): world,


JIGAR: heart, vitality, courage, spleen,

JIJINA’NSA’: (s,b,h) curiosity, inquisitiveness,


JIGHA’NSA’: (s,b,h) desire to kill,

JIDDA: stubbornness, insistence, tenacity,

JINDAGII: (u,h) life,

JIYANKA’T’HIR: touchwood of life,


JISMA; (u) body,

JISMA’NII: bodily, pertaining to physical body,

JIHVA’: (s,b,h) tongue


JIIRN’A: worn out, decayed, dilapidated, emaciated, improvised

JIIRN’A KANTHA’: worn out rag,


JIIVA; (s,b,h) animated existence, unit soul,

JIIVAN: (s,b,h)  life

JIIVA’TMA’: (s,b,h) unit soul,

JIIVITA: (s,b,h)  live, alive,


JUR’I: JUR’A’N: join, add, affix, attach, yoke, harness, begin, commence, spread, pervade, cover, to cool, to allay, to console, to satisfy, associate, accomplice, pair, match,


JUGUPSA’: (s,b,h) backbiting,

JUJHIYE: fighting, struggling,



JETE: going,

JEDA: stubbornness, insistence, tenacity,

JEMAN: the particular way,




JIGYA’SU: (s,b,h) inquisitive, inquiring, desirous of knowing,

JIN, to win, victory




JU’HII: jasmine,




JER: outcome,


JOGA’N/ JOGA’N: supply, purveyance, finding, provide,

JOR’A (bd) stream,

JOR’A’/ JUR’I: JUR’A’N: join, add, affix, attach, yoke, harness, begin, commence, spread, pervade, cover, to cool, to allay, to console, to satisfy, associate, accomplice, pair, match,


JONA’KI: firefly, glowworm,


JOA’R: high tide,


JOR: strength, power,


JYA’NTE: living

JYOTI: (s,b,h)  light,

JYOTI SAM’PA’T: (s,b,h) illuminated,

JYOTIS’KA: (s,b,h) luminous celestial body, stars,


JYOTSNA’: (s,b,h)  moonlight,


JVA’LA’ / JVELE: (s,b,h) lighting, kindling, burning, sting, pain, blazing,

JVA’LA’MUKHI: (s,b,h)  volcano,



  (JINA is sometimes pronounced as GYAN)


JINA’TRTVA: (s,b,h) knower ship

JINA’NA: (s,b,h) knowledge

JINA’KS’I: (s,b,h) eyes of knowledge,


JINA’NA’MBUDHI: (s,b,h)  the ocean of knowledge,



JHA: Acoustic root of greed and avarice propensities,


JHAK JHAK: sparkling, glittering, shining, glistening, glossy, radiant, gleaming,

JHAUNKA’R: jingling or clattering or humming sound,

JHAINJHA’ / JHAINJHA’VA’T/ JHAT’IKA’, storm, tornado, typhoon, cyclone,

JHANJHAN (b): expressing, repeated or continuous clattering sound or chinking, jingle, dizzy sensation,

JHAT’ITI: quick, fast, sudden,

JHANATKA’R: clattering sound as of weapons,

JHAMA’JHAM: the pattering sound of the rain drops,

JHAROKHA’: window,

JHALA’N/ JHALE: illumination, spray, outburst, spell, sparkling, shine,

JHALAKA/ JHALAKA’Y: dazzled, flashed, coruscated, gush, spray, outburst, spell, sparkling,

JHALAMALA: glittering, shining, flashing, expressing,

JHALASA’N: dazzle, daze,

JHARA’/ JHARA’LE/ JHARILE: discharge, ooze, exude, flow, spread,

JHARN’A’: stream, fountain, waterfall,


JHA’PT’A’: storm


JHINUK: small shell, oyster,

JHIMA’N/ JHIMOTE: drowse, doze, slacken, abate, lethargy,

JHIMIYE PAR’E: to become inactive, to become dull,

JHIRJHIRE: slow movement of breeze

JHILIK: JHILIK MA’RA’: to flash light,


JHILIMILI: glittering, shining, flashing, expressing,

JHULANA’: cradle,

JHONKE/ JHUNKE: blow of wind, momentum, impulse,


INA: Acoustic root of the propensity of hypocrisy, deception



T’A: Acoustic root of the propensity of overstating one’s case,


T’AGAR: a white flower,

T’AUNKA’R: the twang of a bowstring,

T’AT’OLANA’: (h,) to feel, estimate, guess,


T’ALAN: (b) fall, stumble, falter, wobble, shake, teeter, flounder, lurch, reel, to waver, to vacillate, to stagger, to totter, to shake, to quake, to tumble, to be displaced, topple, fall, trip up, dither, hesitate, tremble, shake, flicker, shudder, quiver,



T’A’NR’A: barren lands,

T’IIKA’: mark,

T'UKU: only,

T’U’T’I: break, broken,

T'OPA/ T'OPAR: conical hat or head gear, crown,



T’HA: Acoustic root of the propensity of repentance,


T’HAK: cheat,

T’HAKA’: to get cheated,

T’HA’IN: seat, abode, place, shelter

T’HIKA’NA’: seat, abode, place, shelter

T’HOND’HA’/ T’HEND’HA’: shameless, brazenfaced, knavish, deceitful, impertinent, impudent, saucy, outspoken, disobedient, arrogant, obstinate, refractory,

T'HELO: push,



D’A: Acoustic root of the propensity of shyness,


D’AMBARU: (s,b,h)  a hand held two sided repercussion instrument used by Lord Shiva

D’A’GAR: large, big, wide, grown,

D’A’NA’: wings


D’A’LA’ (b, h)/ D’A’LI: a tray or basket usually of wicker or metal containing offering of flowers etc. to a deity or superior, a bouquet, 

D’A’HUK: gallinule, Any of various wading and swimming birds of the family Rallidae, frequenting swampy regions and characteristically having dark.

D’IUNGA’/ D’INGI/ D’INGA’N/ D’UNGRI: to leap, to cross, a small boat,


D’EKE/ D’A’KA’R: calling,

D’OR/ D’ORII: twine, thread, rope, strand, fiber, yarn, cord, string,


 D’HA: Acoustic root of the propensity of senseless, sadistic killing tendency,


D’HAL: to incline, to go down, to dote, to droop, slope, incline, delictivity, rapid flood bringing river in spate, stream of water running along slope, flow down,

D’HALAD’HALA: expressing, loveliness, wideness, engrossed or rapt state, looseness, charming,

D’HALAMALA: restless, agitated, tumbling, shaking or overflowing state,

D’HA’KA’: covered

D’HA’LIA’/D’HELE: pour

D’HUKE/ D’HOKA’N: enter,

D’HEU: waves

D’HELA’: lump, to pelt,

D’HELE: pour


N’A: Acoustic root of the propensity of envy,



TA: Acoustic root of the propensity of staticity and sleep,


TAKARA’R: fight, struggle,


TAKRAM: (s,b,h) buttermilk,

TAKHAN, then, at that time


TAT’A: (s,b,h)  bank, shore, beach, coast, region,

TAT’ASTHA: (s,b,h)  staying at shore, disinterested, just watchful, impartial,

TAT’INII: (s,b,h)  river, stream,

TAR’ATARIYE: rushing, restlessly,

TAR’IT: (s,b,h)   lightning, electrical,

TAN’D’UL: (s,b,h)   rice,


TAT: (s,b,h) that (he, she it or they),

TATA: (s,b,h)   until, up to,

TATTVA: (s,b,h)  essence, fundamental factors, reality, truth, spiritual, philosophical or ontological knowledge,

TATHA’PI: (s,b,h) (tatha’+ api) despite, in spite of, still,

TATHYA: (s,b,h)   fact, actuality, reality, truth,

TADVIDHA’Y: (s,b,h)   on account of that,

TADBHAVA: (s,b,h)  originating, born, descended, grown out, evolved out of that,

TADA’: (s,b,h)  then, in that case, at that time,

TADA’TMA: same form,

TAN: root verb (word) for expansion,

TANIMA’: delicate slimness, tenderness, slenderness, minuteness,

TANU/ TANA: (s,b,h) young body,

TANUKA’: (s,b,h) fine body?

TANTU: (s,b,h) thread, yarn, string, fiber,


TANTRA’: (s,b,h) cult, religious order,

TANTRII: (s,b,h) string or gut of a musical instrument,

TANDRA’: (s,b,h) drowsiness, idling, dullness, procrastination, siesta, light sleep, laziness,

TANNA TANNA: crossing thorough, searching or combing all over,

TANMAYA: (s,b,h) absorbed, engaged, rapt,

TANMA’TRA: (s,b,h)  microscopic fractions of carried waves through sensory organs, inference,


TAPAH: (s,b,h) effort to reach the goal despite such efforts being associated with physical discomforts.

TAPAN: (s) sun,

TAPASYA’/ TAPAH: (s,b,h) austerity, austere endeavor to achieve an end, penance, self-discipline, effort, struggle

TAPARLOKA: (s,b,h) a subtle layer of cosmic mind,

TAPTA: (s,b,h) hot, heated,

TAFA’T: difference, distance, space, otherness, aloofness, gap, separated,

TABU: yet,


TAMAS/ TAMASA’: (s,b,h)  darkness

TAMAH: (s,b,h) static principle, darkness


TAMA’L: (s,b,h) a kind of tall dark colored tree of palm family, Palmyra,

TAMISRA’: (s,b,h) dark night, darkness, gloomy,

TAMOGUN’A: (s,b,h) static principle


TAYOH: (s) of these two,



TARAKKII: (u,h) prosperity,

TARAKS’U: (s,b,h) wolf, hyena,

TARAUNGA/ TARAM’GA: (s,b,h) wave

TARAN’II: (s,b,h)  boat,

TARATARA: quick running of stream, various kinds or sorts,

TARA’S: TRA’SA: fear, panic, terror, alarm, fright, fear, dread,



TARII: boat, ship, craft,


TARU: (s,b,h) tree, plant,

TARUN’A: (s,b,h) young, fresh, new, juvenile, adolescent, tender,


TARE, for, on account of, because of, for the sake of,


TARKA: (s,b,h) debate, argument, reasoning, logic, discussion, dispute, controversy, doubt,

TARKA’TIITA: (s,b,h) beyond reasoning,


TARJANA: angry roar, shout, reprimand, scolding, blustering, bullying, threat, bragging, outburst,


TALA: underneath, bottom, base, foot, root, bottom, bed, plane,


TALA’N: to sink, drown, go to bottom, absorbed, engrossed, digested, judge, realize, understand,

TALIYE DEKHA’: to see or judge thoroughly, 

TAVA: yours,


TASTHU (s): stationary, immovable, stable, established,

TASMIN (s): in that,

TASYA (s): of it,


TAKS’AK (s+b): poisonous snake, venomous winged snake, venomous chameleon, carpenter, joiner,


TA’I: hence,

TA’I (TA’HA’I): his

TA’KANA’: (u,h) to see, watch, gaze,

TA’GIDA: remind, demand, need,

TA’J: (u,h) crown,

TA’JA’: (u,h,b) fresh, new, alive, living, lively, spirited,


TA’R’A’N: to chase away,

TA’N’D’AVA: a vigorous dance for males formulated by Lord Shiva, cosmic dance, frantic or frenzied annihilating dance,


TA’TTVIK: versed in philosophy or spiritual knowledge,


TA’N: keynote of a song, musical note, stain, melody, tune,

TA’NA’ NA NA’: prefatory airs of music (sarcas),


TA’NTRIKA: a practitioner of tantra


TA’PA: heat, burn, anger, sorrow, grief, affliction, suffering,

TA’PAS: practicing ascetic or spiritual austerities, hermit, ascetic,

TA’PITA: heated,

TA’PII: heated, hot, afflicted, sorrow- stricken, mortified, remorseful, heat producing,


TA’MARAS: lotus, copper, gold, red lotus,



TA'R: his, yours, string or wire of lyre or a musical instrument, taste,

TA’R PAR after that,

TA'RE: his, string or wire of lyre or a musical instrument

TA’R PAR: after that, thereafter, then,

TA’RAKA: liberator, savior,

TA’RAKA BRAHMA: a concept of Tantra, Maha’sambhu’ti, bridge between Nirgun’a and Sagun’a Brahma, one who rescues or saves, savior,

TA’RAKA’: star, pupil of eye, star mark,

TA’RAN’A: rescuer, deliverer, savior, ferryman,

TA’RA’: star, pupil of eye,

TA’RUN’YE: young

TA’RTAMYA: disparity, discrimination, comparison, difference,

TA’L (s,b,h): 1. cadence, rhythm, beats, measures, span, meter, tempo, pace, pulse, stroke, 2.fanpalm or Palmyra, 3. pond, push, impact, pressure, keeping composure, lump, amass, confusion, clapping,

TA’L KA’T’A’: to fail to maintain musical time or measure,


TA’LAVYA: palatal.


TA’HA’/ TA’: that,

TA’HA’I/ TA’I: his,

TA’HA’R/ TA’HA’DER: his, her, its, yours,


TIKTA: bitter like niim, (1 of 6 tastes)

TIKTATA’: bitterness,

TITIKS’A’: forbearance, patience, forgiveness, persistence, endurance, continued existence, perseverance, determination, firmness, resolve,

TITHI: date, lunar day,

TIMIR: darkness, gloom,

TIRYAK: oblique, zigzag, mazy, squint, slanting, inclined,

TIL: sesame,

TILAK: mark on the forehead,

TILOTTAMA’: a mythological beauty, a paragon of beauty,


TILE: within moment,


TIIRA: bank, shore

TIIRATHA: a place supposed to be pious, pilgrim place,

TIIRATHERA: a place supposed to be pious

TIIRATHA PATI: presiding deity of the shine, lord of the temple or place of pilgrimage,

TIIVRA: intense, strong, tremendous, sudden, severe,

TUI: thou,


TUNGA: high, elevated,

TUCCHA: insignificant, scanty, meager, negligible,

TUMI: you


TURIIYA: state of absorption of the unit self into Pure Consciousness,

TULA’: raise, lift, rouse, wake,

TULI: lifting, carrying,

TUS’A’R: (s,b,h) snow, ice, frost,

TUS’IVA’RE: (b) to please, to satisfy, gratify, appease, propitiated, contented.

TUHIN: ice, snow


TU’RYA: war/alert horn, trumpet,

TU’FA’N: typhoon, storm,


TRN’A or TRIN’A, grass, a blade of grass, a very small, meager entity

TRIPTA: contented, gratified, satisfied, satiated, highly pleased,

TRS’N’A’: yearning for acquisition, blind attachment, infatuation, thirst, desire, thirst,

TOR’A: speed or impact of current, force,

TOR’A’Y: plucking, breaking, uprooting,


TEMAN: like that, suchlike, similar, in that way or manner,


TEJAS: luminous factor, brilliance,

TEJASTATTVA: luminous factor

TEPA’NTAR: desolate and extensive field or wilderness,


TAEJASA: luminous factor

TAELA: oil


TOR’A: bouquet, speed or impact of current, uprooting, breaking, tearing,


TOMA’Y; for you

TOMA’KE: to you,

TOMA’R: to you, belonging to you,

TOLA’: raise, lift, rouse, wake,

TULA’: raise, lift, rouse, wake,


TYA’JYA: negligible

TYA’GA: sacrifice, leaving, ignore, neglect


TRASTA: terror-stricken, panicked, fearful, timorous, timid,

TRA’N’A: relief, salvation, liberation, rescue,

TRA’SA: alarm, terror, panic, fright, fear, dread,

TRA’HI: save,

TRI, three

TRIKON’A: triangle, three corners,

TRIDAND’A: trident

TRIDASHA: divinity, god, heaven,

TRIDIVA: (s,b,h) heaven,

TRILOKA: the universe comprising of three spheres, viz. physical, mental and spiritual

TRISHÚ’LA: (s,b,h) trident.

TRUT’I: mistakes, flaw, error,


TRYASAREN’U: particle,


TVAK: (s,b,h) skin

TVAM’: you,

TVARA: (s,b,h) fast, quick,



THA: Acoustic root the propensity of melancholy


THAI: bottom of a sea, pond or river, limit of sorrow, misery etc.

THAMAK: movement marked with halting at every step, affected gait or posture,

THAMAKA’N: to come to a stop suddenly, to be taken aback,

THAMAKI: stopping suddenly,

THAR: layer, stratum, tier,

THARA THARA: violent trembling, shaking,

THARE THARE: layer-by-layer,

THA’KA’: to live, dwell, stay, remain, to be in, to be at, to exist, to last, to be present,

THA’KO, stay, sit

THA'KATE: staying,

THA’MA’/ THA’MA’N: to stop, halt, pause, cease, abate,

THA’MI: pause, stop,

THA’MOBO: will pause, stop,

THEKE: to live, dwell, stay, remain, to be in, to be at, to exist, to last, to be present,

THOKA’: (b) bunch, cluster, bundle,



DA: Acoustic root of the propensity of peevishness,


DAGDHA: burnt,

DAN’S’T’RA’: horrifying teeth,

DANSHA: sting,

DAMAKA': gusty violent or sudden blast of wind, flash,

DAMAN, suppression, restraint, subdued, quelling,

DAMBHA: vanity,


DAYA’ (s,b,h):  (from root day) to melt when seeing someone’s pain and to remove the pain, kindness, pity, mercy, grace,

DARADI (u): sympathizer,

DARA’DARI: haggling, higgling, chaffering,

DARIYA’: (u,h) river,

DARDUR/ DA’DUR: toad, frog, cloud,


DARPA, pride, ego,

DARPAHA’RII: the stealer or destroyer of pride.

DARSHANA: vision, appearance, look, philosophy, visualization, ideology, seeing, sight,

DAL: group, flock, swarm, herd, crowd, congregation,

DAH: whirlpool,

DAHAN: burn, heat,

DADHI/ DAHI: curd, yogurt,


DA’G: (u, h, b) mark, impression,

DA’DUR/ DARDUR: toad, frog, cloud,

DA’NA, gift, grant, donation, alms, gratuity, charity, offering,

DA’NAVA: devil, demon, monster,

DA’NAVATA’: devilish, demonic,


DA’NII: generous, bestower, giver,

DA’MINI: lightning

DA’NR’I: oarsman, rower,

DA’PA: pride,

DA’BI: suppress,

DA’M (b/h/u): price, cost, value, thread, chord, string, garland, bunch, cluster, lock, an aquatic grass,

DA’M (s): oppression,

DA’Y: inherited wealth or property, pitiable, difficult, hard, bond, obligation, debt,

DA’RUN’A (s): intense, great, terrible, severe, unbearable, difficult, cruel, injuring,

DA’VADA’HA: heat of forest fire,

DA’VI (b): prayer or complain, right, title, claim, demand,

DA’HIKA’: burning capacity,


DIGANTA: horizon,

DIGVADIK: all places, all quarters, what is good or bad right or wrong,

DIGVALAY: horizon,

DIGHAL: long, large, tall,

DIGHI: a large pond or tank, water reservoir,

DIN, day


DIVAS: day, time,

DIVYA: divine, effulgent,

DIYA’CHO: you have given

DIYECHO: you have given

DIL: (u,h) heart,

DILUM, gave,


DIIRGHA: long,


DIINA: poor, destitute,

DIINATA’: poverty, deficiency, misery, distress, beggary, penury, destitution, dearth, insufficiency, wants, need,

DIIP: lamp.

DIIPAK RA’GA: a musical tune supposed to have power to ignite when sung

DIIPA'LOK: (deep+ a’lok) light of the lamp,

DIIPA’VALII: collection or festival of lamps.

DIIPTA: burning, shining, lighted, illuminated, radiant, luminous, blazing, bright, lustrous, revealed, dazzling, glaring

DIIRN’A: split, cleft, rent, broken, torn,

DIIKS’A’: initiation,



DUKUL: both alternatives, both banks of a river, both lives mundane and above, both families,

DUNDUBHI: large war trumpet or kettledrum of ancient India.

DUPAR: noon, midday,

DUPUR: noon, midday,


DURANTA: awful, unmanageably restless or naughty, romping and mischievous, terrible, not easily subdued, very powerful and ferocious, galling, hot, severe, strong, steep,


DURAPANEYA: hard to remove or dispense with

DURA’CA’RII: sinner,

DURA’SHA’: audacity, unrealizable longing or desire, a cry for moon, an ambition,

DURJINEY: difficult to know, learn, cognize or comprehend, abstruse,

DURJAY: hard to win,

DURDAMA: insuppressible,

DURDIN: bad days

DURA’SHA’/ DURA’KA’KS’A’: unrealizable longing, cry for moon, too high ambition, bad expectations,

DURNIVA’RA: irresistible,

DURNIITI: moral degeneration, malpractice, corruption, perversion, wickedness,

DURBAL: weak,

DURBODHA: difficult to understand or know or comprehend or cognize,

DURMADA: terribly intoxicated, maddened, frenzied, irresistible, turbulent,

DURMARA: diehard,

DURMEYA: precious,



DURYOGA: unfavorable time, dangers,

DURVA’R: difficult to prevent or check, irresistible,

DURVIPAKA: disaster, danger, hazard, difficult, trouble,

DURLABHA: hard or difficult to get,

DULA’L: darling, dear, minion,

DUSHCINTA’: worry,

DUS’T’A, wicked,

DUSTARA: difficult, hard to cross, arduous, uphill,

DUHKHA: sorrow,



DU’/ DU’T’I, two

DU’TA: envoy

DU’R: far, distant,

DU’RATVA: distance,

DU’RA’TMA BODHA: closeness from distance,

DU’RA’NTA: remote or far-off place

DURA’SHA’: obstinacy, stubbornness, adamancy, perverse, unyielding, stiff, tough, obdurate, pertinacious, headstrong, dogged, intractable,



DU'RE: far, distant,

DU’RVIPA’K: disaster, danger, hazard, difficulty, trouble,


DRK: eye, sight, vision, knowledge, witness, substantiator,

DRK PA’TA: casting a glance, taking notice of, paying heed to,

DRKVALAYA: within the periphery of sight,

DRR’HA: firm, steady, strict, tight, strong, severe, unwavering,

DRSHYA: panorama, scenery, view, visible, apparent, manifested,

DRS’T’A: seen, looked, perceived, observed, beheld, visible, appearing, manifested, known,

DRS’T’I: seeing, power of vision,

DRPTA: proud, vain, arrogant, haughty, spirited, flaming, blazing, scorching, flared up,

DRPTI: spirit, confidence, pride, honor,


DEKHANA; to see,

DEMA’K: self conceit, vanity, amour-propre, arrogance, to be proud,

DEMA’KE: vain, conceited, arrogant, haughty,

DEYA’: cloud, lightning, thunder, roar or rumble of clouds,

DEVA: expression of the Supreme Entity or the Effulgent Entity, He who vibrates the whole universe, He who cannot be divided into parts,

DEVADATTA: one of external va’yus responsible for thirst and hunger,

DESHA: country, place, space, arena,

DESHAN’A’: direction, instruction,


DEHA: body,



DAETYA: demon, giant, monster, ogre, devil,

DAENYA: poverty, misery

DAEHIK: pertaining to the body,


DOT’ANA: dilemma, confusion, push-pull, indecision, doubt,

DOR: door,

DOLAN: pulsation, vibration, oscillation, swing, tremble, quiver, quaver, quaver, shiver, flutter, shudder, quake, wave, agitate, fluctuate, reel, rock, sway, joggle, jolt, flap, jounce, brandish, tremble, totter, jar, thrill, vary, move, wobble, waggle, stagger,

DOLAK: pendulum,

DOLA’: pulsation, vibration, oscillation, swing,

DOS’A: defect; sin, vice, guilt, crime, demerit, weakness, blemish, flaw, fault, lapse, blame

DOS’II: guilty, sinner,


DYULOKA: heavenly world, psychic arena, the world of effulgence,

DYUTI: light, radiation, illumination, effulgence, glow,

DYOTAKA: shining, illumination, explaining, making manifest, showing, expressive of,

DYOTANA’: figurative expression, implication, suggestion, significance, gesture, indication,


DRAS’T’A’: observer, seer,

DRA’GHIMA’: length, degree of longitude,

DRUTA: speedy

DRUM: tree

DRUMAL: soft, tender?


DRIPTA: shine,

DRIPTI: blaze, spirit,


DVANDVA: conflict, quarrel, dispute, fight, duel, couple,

DVA’R/DOR: door,

DVES’A: envy, malice, hatred, grudge, enmity, aversion, antipathy, dislike,

DVES’AN’A’: aversion,

DVAETA: duality,

DVAETA BODHA: feeling of duality,

DVIDHA’: hesitation, dilemma,




DHA: Acoustic root of the propensity for thirst or yearning for acquisition,


DHR: sam’skrta root verb meaning to uphold or support,

DHAN: wealth

DHANAINJAYA: one of external va’yus causing sleep and drowsiness,

DHANYA: blessed, gratified, fortunate, admirable, praiseworthy,

DHARAN'II: the earth,

DHARATII: the earth,

DHARAN’: style, way, method, condition, state, working, behavior, appearance, look, cut, design,

DHARA’: to hold, to take into fold, to catch,

DHARMA: (s,b,h) psycho-spiritual longing, spirituality, natural or fundamental characteristics or quest for ever-lasting happiness or Brahma, property, nature,


DHA’TA’: (s,b,h) protector, creator, father, God, Brahma,

DHA’M: (s,b,h) abode, receptacle, dwelling place,

DHA’YA: run

DHA’RA: (h,u) hold, stream, flow, current, edge, boarder, brim, brink, vicinity, sharpness,                                         

DHA’RA’: (s,b,h)  stream, flow, current,

DHA’RAN’A’: (s,b,h) fixing mind at a point or area in a body,

DHA’VITA: (s,b,h) running


DHII: (s,b,h) mind, intellect, intuition,

DHIIR: (s,b,h) composed, grave, calm, gentle, modest, mild, grave, steady, slow, tardy, unperturbed, firm,


DHURJAT’I: (s,b,h)  lord Shiva


DHU’ANKA’: to pant or grasp for breath, to throb, to palpitate, to suffocate, heavy breathe, pulsate,

DHU’NA’: incense, resin,

DHU’PA: sunlight, the sun, incense,

DHU’L: dust, mud, earth,

DHU’LA’Y: into dust

DHU’LI: dust,


DHEYA: run

DHAERYA: paitence, preservance,

DHAEVATA: (s,b,h) sound of donkey,


DHONKA/DHU’NKA: suffocation, throbbing, palpitation, panting for breath, gasp for breath,


DHAOTA: (s,b,h) washed, cleansed, with water,


DHYA’N: (s,b,h) meditation, cogitate, think, contemplation, concentration, focus,

DHYANA’SANA: (s,b,h) posture of meditation

DHYA'NE: in meditation

DHYEYA: (s,b,h) object of meditation,

DHRITI: (s,b,h) holding, catching, wearing, assuming, bearing, containing, conception, impression, idea, patience, self-possession, complacence, satisfaction, content, perseverance, persistence, retention,

DHRITIMA’NA: (s,b,h) patient, self-possessed, complacent, content, persevering

DHVAJA: (s,b,h) flag, banner, ensign, standard,

DHVANI: (s,b,h)sound, noise, voice, note, tone, suggestion, ring,

DHVANI MATRA’: syllable

DHVANI VINYA’S: intonation,

DHVANSA: destroyed

DHVASTA: destroyed, annihilated, perished, ruined, impaired, devastated, demolished, fallen, vanquished,


NA: Acoustic root of of the propensity for blind attachment or infatuation,

As per Sam’skrta Grammar it indicates negation,


NAKUL: mongoose, fourth brother amidst Pa’nd’avas,

NAKTA: night, nocturnal,

NAKRA: crocodile,

NAKHA: nail of finger or toe, claw,

NAGA: mountain, tree, plant, sun, serpent,

NAGA MEKHALA’: a girdle of mountain or tree,

NAGAR: city, town,

NAGNA: naked, nude,


NAJAR (u,h) look, vision, eyes,

NAJARA’NA’: (u,h) gift, present,


NAT’A: dance, dancer, actor,

NAT’INII: female dancer, an actress,


NATA: bowed down, bent, stooping, lowered, inclined, humble, sunk, depressed, curved,

NATI: bending, bowing, courtesy,

NADII: river, stream,

NANANDA: husband’s sister,

NANDA: happiness, pleasure, joy, foster-father of Krs’n’a,

NANDAN: aesthetic, pleasing, delightful, paradise, eden, son, joy, happiness, gladdening, rejoice

NANDITA: delighted, pleased, congratulated, felicitated, established,


NABHA: sky,

NAMAH: surrender to the supreme,

NAMRATA: politeness,

NAYAN, eye, guide, protect,

NARA: human beings, man,

NARMATAMA: dearest

NAVA: new, fresh, young, recent,

NAVATANA: fresh,

NAVAROJ: New year (Parasi)


NAVIINATA’: newness, novelty,

NAVYA: neo,


NAKS’ATRA: star, constellation,


NA'O: bring,

NA’K-CHA’VI: ornamental nose pin,

NA’T’AK: drama,

NA’TH: master, lord, guardian, maintainer, protector, custodian,

NA’-THA’KA’R: transitory,

NA’GA: one of external vayus giving power to jump or to extend the body and also to throw an object, snake, serpent, mammoth,

NA’GA-PA’SHA: binding rope of serpent

NA’GAR: gallant, philanderer, paramour,

NA’GA’L (b) : proximity, range, approach, access, reach, touch, contact, comprehension,

NA’CITE CHILO: was dancing,

NA’T’YA: dance,

NA’D’II: nerve or its channel or center,

NA’R’A: to move, to stir, to give a jerk, to put in action, to shake, to oscillate, to wave, to remove or shift,

NA’DA: primordial sound

NA’THA: lord, master, leader, protector, owner, controller,

NA’NA’: diverse, various, different, separate, manifold, sundry,

NA’NDANIK: delightful state or bliss

NA’BHI: navel

NA’MA’ / NA’MI: to come down, to descend,

NA’R: water, devotion, cosmic operative principle,

NA’RA’YAN’: Supreme Entity,

NA’VI: alight,

NA’VIK: sailor, boatman,

NA’SHA: destruction,

NA’SIKA’: nose,

NA'HI: no, not,


NIKARA: collection, assemblage, multitude,

NIKAS’ITA: whetstone, testing stone,

NIKAS’ITA HEME: pure sterling,

NIKA’Y: assemblage, multitude, dwelling place, body, abode, aim, goal, God,

NIKKAN: jingling sound of ankle bell

NIKUNJA: arbor, grove, bower, garden with dense plants, shrubs or trees,

NIKHAR: brightened, scattered,

NIGAR’: knot, bondage, tied,

NIGATYA: emanated?

NICAY: collection, assemblage, increase, development, culmination,

NIJASVA: “I” feeling,

NIJHUM: perfectly silent, calm, still, motionless

NIS’IKTA: sprinkled upon, infused, instilled, poured into, impregnated,

NITI: daily, regularly, always,

NITYA/ NITYAM: non-changing, what existed, is present now and will remain in future, eternal, beyond periphery of time, always, ever,

NITUI: (nityai) always, ever,

NITHAR: still, calm, tranquil, motionless, silent,

NIDA’GHA: summer, heat,

NIDA’RUN’A: extremely terrible, severe, unbearable, cruel, merciless, relentless

NIDIDHYA’SANA: concentration of all psychic propensities on one point and surrendering that mind to Parama Purus’a, meditation,

NIDRA’: sleep, slumber,

NIDHA’N: receptacle, reservoir, depositing, preserving, treasure, wealth, shelter,

NINA’DA: roaring sound, uproar,

NINDA’: slander, discredit, condemnation, calumny,

NIPA’T: fall

NIPUN’A: expert, skilled,

NIBHRTA(s): isolated, secret, solitary, lonely, seclusion, deposited, concealed, hidden, out of sight, filled with, full of, covert, mild, modest, humble, firm, resolute,

NIMAJJAN: submersing, submerging

NIMAJJITA: submersed, submerged

NIMANTRAN’A: invitation,

NIMA’I: Krs’n’a,

NIMES’A/ NIMIS’A: twinkling of eye, a moment, a wink, a trice, trifling short time, in a jiffy, flash, twinkle,

NIMNA: low, down below,


NIYATA: unchanging, fixed, continuous, perpetual, constant, regular, intention, destiny,

NIYATI: (ni-yam+ktin) fate, destiny,

NIYAMA: the five rules to be followed

NIYANTA’: controller,

NIYANTRAKA: controller

NIYE, take


NIRAKHA: to see, to notice,

NIRATA: engaged, attached, employed, engrossed, absorbed, devoted

NIRAPEKS’A: impartial, unbiased, unprejudiced, independent, disinterest, categorical,

NIRAVADHI: eternal, all the time, beyond the time factor, unlimited, endless, perpetual, unlimited, endless, boundless, constant,

NIRASAN: removal, mitigation, refutation, redressing, protection from, covering,

NIRA’PADA: safe,

NIRA’BHA’S: (1) that undergoes no reflection or refraction and (2) that Great, Who cannot be visualized within worldly finite entities (BABA)

NIRA’MAYA: cure, health,

NIRA’LA’: lonely, solitary, secluded, private, secret,

NIRA’SH: hopeless, despair, despondency, dejection,

NIRA’SHA’: hopelessness, pessimism, disappointment, frustration, despair, despondency,


NIRIKH: value, price, rate,



NIRUDDHA: confined, besieged, bolted, closed, choked, obstructed, checked, stopped, halted,


NIRGATA: emmitted, emanated,

NIRGANDHA: odorless, without fragrance,

NIRGUN’A: beyond all the attributes, objectless, without attribute, pure consciousness

NIRGUN’A BRAHMA: Unsubjectivated Transcendental Entity

NIRGHOS’A: announcement, roaring sound,

NIRJAN: desolate, lonely, solitary, solitude, isolated, seclusion,

NIRJHAR: fountain, cataract, fall, water fall,

NIRAINJANA: spotless, pure, untarnished, immaculate, stainless, clean,

NIRDAY: unkind, cruel,

NIRDAYATA’: unkindness, cruelty,

NIRDAYATVA: unkindness, cruelty,

NIRNIMES’A: unwinking, steadfast,

NIRBA’DHA: unobstructed,

NIRBHAY: fearless,

NIRMAMA: affection-less, merciless,

NIRMAL: clean, pure,

NIRMA’N’A: construction, manufacture,

NIRMITA: created, made, manufactured,

NIRMU’LA: uprooted,

NIRMUKTA: liberated,

NIRMOK: slough, armor, whole skin, external skin or covering,

NIRYA’TAN: oppression, persecution, tormenting, vengeance, restoring, delivering, payment of debt, gift, retaliation, revenge, killing, slaughter,

NIRYA’TITA: oppressed,

NIRYA’S: essence, fragrance, extract, exudation,

NIRVA’K: silent, speechless,

NIRVA’N’A: emancipation,

NIRVIKA’RA: having no antipathy to anything, immutable, unchanging, unperturbed, unruffled, indifferent, unmoved, callous, calm, pure,

NIRVISHES’A: without attributes,


NIL (s): stationary, fixed,

NILAY: home

NILA’JA: without shyness or shame, unshamed, forward, brazen, barefaced, blatant, unabashed,



NIVAN/ NIVI: quench, extinguish,

NIVIR’: extremely close, dense,

NIVIR’ATA’: closeness, proximity, density,

NIVU NIVU: about to be extinguished,

NIVRITTI: cessation, termination, disappearance, suspension, discontinuance, beatitude, inactivity, return, completion, finishing of desires, detachment or the waning of desires, propensity or tendency,

NIVEDANA: prayer, request, presentation, appeal, entreaty, solicitation,


NISHA’, night

NISHA’NA’: destination beacon, signal,

NISHCITA / NISHCAYA: sure, definite, certain,

NISHCHIDRA / NIRVILVA: hole-less, gapless, solid,



NIS’A’DA: sound of elephant, hunter

NIS’IKTA: wet, soaked, drenched,

NIS’KALUS’A: pure, free from guilt or sin,

NIS’T’HA’: firm faith, strong reverence, devoutness, adherence,

NIS’T’HURA: merciless, cruel,

NIS’PATTI: solution, accomplishment, execution, settlement, attainment, to derive,

NIS’PANDA: motionless,

NIS’PRABHA: without glow or luminosity, dull,

NIS’PHAL: without any fruit or result,

NIS’YANDA: essence, exudation, oozed,


NISUDANA: killing, destroying,

NISTARAUNGA: without waves or vibration, still, calm, tranquil,

NISTABDHA: completely motionless, calm, silent,

NISTEJA: dull, not sharp,


NIHA’RIKA’: nebula,

NIHITA: located within,

NIHSHVA’SA: exhalation, breathing, respiration,

NIHSVA: selfless, ego-less,


NIITI: guidance, directions, management, conduct, behavior, propriety, decorum, policy, prudence, plan, scheme, wisdom, morality, ethics, philosophy,

NIIR’A: nest,

NIIRA: water

NIIRADA: cloud,

NIIRAVA, silent, without sound or voice



NIIRASA KA’THA: dry wood

NIILA: blue, azure or sky color, sky,

NIILA’MBAR (s): (niila+ ambar) blue sky, blue cloth,

NIILA’MBUDHI (s): (niila+ ambudhi) blue ocean,



NIILIMA’: blue, azure or sky color, sky,

NIIHA’R: (b) dew, snow, ice,

NIIHA’RIKA’: (s,b,h) nebula,


NU’PUR: (s,b,h) anklet, ankle bell

NU’YECHI: bowed down

NU’R’I: pebble


NE: ?

NER’AN: bare, shaven head, tonsured, 

NEVA: to finish, end, complete,

NEVA’N: to extinguish,

NEVE/NEME: to take, to descend,

NESHA’: intoxication


NAERA’TMERI: (s) abs. noun from adj. (NI+A’TMAN) =selfless

NAEVEDYA: (s,b,h) oblation, libation, offerings for a divinity on the altar, sweet eatables meant for offering,



NYAGRODHA: banyan tree,

NYASTA: entrusted, given, put, fixed,

NYA’SA: (Associated with ritualistic worships) placing, planting, impression, markings, depositing, pledge, writing, painting, giving up, assigning,

NYU’JA / NYUBJA: bent, hunch-backed, bent forward,


NOTUN: new

NONA’: salty, saline,


NAO: nine,

NAOKA’: boat,

NAOROJ (u): a type of flower, new-year day festivity,





PA: Acoustic root of the propensity of hatred or revulsion


PAKET’ (b): pocket,

PAINCAMA: sound of cuckoo, fifth of the octave,

PAT’A: cloth, canvas, scene,

PAT’U: expert, skilled,

PAT’UA’: painter

PAD’A/ PAR’A’: fall, drop,

PAN’: to deal in, barter, purchase, bargain, stake, buy, transact, trade,

PAN’YA: (s,b,h) saleable, vendible, commodity, ware, article, 

PATAUNGA: (s,b,h) insect, a flying insect,

PATAN: (s,b,h) fall, decline,

PATI: (s,b,h) master, lord, owner, possessor, proprietor, governor, ruler, president, husband,

PATRA: (s,b,h) leaf,

PATRALEKHA’: writing or painting

PATH: (s,b,h) way, path,

PATHIK, (s,b,h)  traveler

PATHIKRIT: (s,b,h) pioneer, preparing the way,

PATHER: of way or path,

PADA: (s,b,h) foot, step, pace, vestige, a line of poetry, a song or lyric, post, position,

PADA VIKS’EPA: pace, step, stride,

PADAKS’EP: (s,b,h) pace, step, stride,

PADMA: (s,b,h) lotus

PAYODHI: (s,b,h) ocean, sea,

PARA: others, distant

PARAKA’L: other world, eternal world, arena after death,

PARAMA: ultimate, extreme, highest, supreme,

PARAMA’TMAN / PARAMA’TMA’: consciousness in the Microcosm, microcosm and in Nucleus,

PARAMA’RA’DHYA: (s,b,h) most venerable, warranting greatest worship or devotion,

PARAMA’RTHA: (s,b,h) the greatest object or truth or reality, universal welfare,

PARAMPARA’: tradition,

PARASH, touch


PARASTII: (u,h) failure,


PARA’: (s,b,h) spiritual knowledge,

PARA’N: life, to put on, to wear,

PARA’ BHAKTI: (s,b,h) (Para’+ bhakti) absolute devotion,

PARA’ VIDYA’: (s,b,h) (Para’+ vidya’,) Science of intuition, Highest skill or knowledge

PARA’ SHA’NTI: (s,b,h)  (Para’+ sha’nti) absolute peace

PARA’G: (s,b,h) pollen of flower, fragrance,

PARA’TPAR: (s,b,h) supreme, higher than the highest, greater than the greatest


PARIKRA’NTI: (s,b,h) completion of revolution,

PARICAYA: (s,b,h) introduction, acquaintance, identity,

PARICITI: introduction, acquaintance, identity,

PARICCHEDA: limit, part, pause, bar, fixation,

PARIN’ATA (s): converted to, changed to, transformed to,

PARIN’A’MA: (s,b,h) resultant, transformation, conclusion,

PARITOS’A: thorough satisfaction or gratification, deep pleasure, satiety to the heart’s content,

PARITRA’N’A: permanent protection or relief,


PARIPA’T’I: orderliness, skill, adroit, adept,

PARIPU’RN’A: quite full, complete, perfect, filled up, fulfilled, replete, teeming, complemented,

PARIPU’RN’ATA’: completion, perfection, fulfillment,

PARIBHU: boundary, limitation,

PARIMAL: fragrance, perfume, sweet scent, nectar of flowers,

PARIMA’N’A: (s,b,h) measurement, quantity,

PARIVESH: (s,b,h) environment, surrounding,

PARISHODHA: (s,b,h) sanctify, refine,

PARISAR: limitations, boundary, area, extent, perimeter, width, breadth,

PARISIIMA: limitations, boundary, area, extent, perimeter, width, breadth,

PARIHA’RA: (s,b,h) giving up, abandonment, avoidance, casting off, disregard, slight, neglect,

PARIHA’SA: joke, jest, ridicule, mockery, derision, laugh to scorn, deride,


PARII: (s,b,h) fairy


PARUS’A: harsh, rough, rude, haughty, arrogant, cruel,


PARN’A: (s,b,h) leaf, a matured leaf,

PARN’A SHA’LA’: a leaf thatched hut,

PARYA’PTA: sufficient, adequate,

PARVATA: mountain,

PARVA: holy-day, fiesta, chapter, node,


PAL: moment, small fraction of time

PAL GUNI: counting time,

PALAK: in a moment, eyelid, blink,

PALA’YAN / PALA’IA’: escape, running away,

PALA’SH: a red non-fragrant flower or its tree,

PALITA’: wick (of lamp)

PALLAVA: petal, leaf,

PAVAN: breeze, air, wind,


PASHI: enter,


PASHU: (s,b,h) animal, beast, cattle, livestock,

PASHYAT: (s) seeing, perceiving, beholding, looking at, observing,

PASARA’: bulk item, load or heap of articles, wares, merchandise, spread, basket containing articles of traffic, a commodity,

PASA’RA: bazaar, market place, shop, articles of traffic, wares, reputation, business practice,

PASA’RA’: stretching out, to extend,

PASA’RII: shop keeper, seller, dealer, peddler, groceries dealer,


PAHACA’NANA: (h,u) to recognize,


PAKS’II / PA’KHII: bird,


PA’K: (s,b,h) cooking, sacred, going round, spin, tangle, plot, twist, difficulty,

PA’KHANA’/PA’KHA’: wings, feather,

PA’KHII: bird,

PA’R’A: (b) bank, shore, border, margin,

PA’R’I: (b) to pedal in an up-down manner,

PA’T’HA’N: to send

PA’N’I: (s,b,h) hand

PA’TA’N/ PA’TA’/ PETE: spreading or stretching of hands, leaf,

PA’TA’LA: (s,b,h) the netherworld, the underworld, Hades, hell,

PA’TH: (s,b,h) way

PA’THAR: stone,

PA’THA’R: sea, ocean,

PA’THEYA: (s,b,h) needs or means for a journey, provisions for the path,

PA’DA: (s,b,h) leg,

PA’NKAOR’I: a tri-habitat black bird like water-gull, swan or goose,

PA’NE: towards

PA’NE CA’Y: look towards,

PA’NTHA: traveler, wayfarer,

PA’NNA’: (s,b,h) emerald,


PA’N’D’U / PA’N’D’UR: pale yellow, dull, dirty, muddy, jaundiced, chlorotic,

PA’PAR’I: petal (of flower)

PA’PA’RI: (s,b,h) enemy of sin

PA’PA’RINISU’DANA: destroyer of the enemy of sins,

PA’PIYA’: Indian nightingale, the hawk cuckoo,

PA’YU: (s,b,h) anus,

PA'YE: foot,

PA’R: other or opposite side, bank, shore, coast, margin, border, end, bounds, crossing over, passing beyond, ferry across, to rescue, to let pass, to conduct through, to get over,

PA’RAGHA’T’A’: wharf, ferry,

PA’RA’PA’RA: (s,b,h) both banks of the river, crossing or conducting or ferrying a river, sea or ocean,

PA’RA’VA’RA: (s,b,h) ocean, sea,

PA’R’I: pedaling,

PA’RUL: a trumpet flower,

PA’LAN: preserving, protecting, upbringing, rearing, keeping, nourishing, breeding, observance, fulfillment, to tend, to comply, fostering, defending,

PA’LAK: (s,b,h) preserver, fosterer,

PA’LA’: turn, order, period, spell, leaf, shoot, twig,


PA’OA’/PA’OA’R: to get, attain, achieve,


PA’VAKA: (s,b,h) fire, purifier,

PA’VANA: (s,b,h) sacred, holy, blessed, hallowed, revered, sanctified,


PA’SHA: (s,b,h) noose, bondage, trap, snare, string, rope, anchor-rope,

PA’SHA BADDHA: bound by a noose, bondage, trap, snare, string, rope,

PA’SHARITA/PA’SARA’; avoid, forget, ignore,

PA’SHA’ PA’-SHI: side-by-side, adjacent, alongside, close,

PA'SHE: beside, adjacent,

PA’S’A’N’A: (s,b,h)  stone, rock,


PIK: (s,b,h) cuckoo’s call

PICCHIL: slippery, slobbery,

PINA’KA: (s,b,h) the bow of Shiva,

PINA’KII: an epithet of Shiva,



PIPA’SA’: thirst

PIYA’L: a kind of nut tree, its nut or seed,

PISHUNATA’: (s,b,h) sadistic tendency,

PISHA’C: (s,b,h) fiend, goblin, devil, spirit, malevolent, monster, elf, sprite, ogre, giant, ghost,


PIIT’HA: (s,b,h)  seat, controlling point,

PIIR’A: to injure,

PIITA: yellow,

PIINA’: (h,u) drinking,


PUKA’R: call,

PUCCHA: (s,b,h) tail,

PUINJA: flock, group, cluster, collection, assemblage, bunch, gathering, congregation, herd,

PU’R’A’ / PU’R’A’N: burn,

PUTRA : (s,b,h) son

PUTRA’H (s): sons,

PUNAH: (s,b,h) again

PUN’YA: (s,b,h) virtue, goodness, purity, holiness, sinless ness, blamelessness, chivalry, spirituality, merit, worth, philanthropy, nobleness,


PURAG: favorably inclined,

PURUS’A: (s,b,h) Pure Consciousness, Witness-ship within every entity, A’tma’, Cosmic Soul, Jina’na, Consciousness,

PURUS’OTTAMA: (s,b,h) Nucleus of the Macrocosm or the universe, collective consciousness, Universal witnessing Entity,

PURODHA’: (s,b,h) pioneer, vanguard,


PUROBHA’G: foremost, first part or share, front, vanguard, fore-part, leading,

PU’RVASHA’: (s,b,h) an oriental dance with quick fleeting movements,

PULAK: (s,b,h) delight, joy, thrill, feeling or sensation of joy,

PUS’PA: (s,b,h) flower,

PUS’PARA’J: (s,b,h) topaz,

PUS’PITA: (s,b,h) blossomed,



PU’JA’: (s,b,h) worship,

PU’JYA: (s,b,h) worth worshipping,

PUINJIIBHU’TA: (s,b,h) collected, condensed,

PU’RAKA: (s,b,h) full inhalation of breath

PU’RAN: fulfillment, filling, completion, mass of water, stream,

PU’RARAVA’: ?                                                                                                                   

PU’RAVII: a particular tune or melody,

PU’RN’A: (s,b,h) complete, whole, perfect,

PU’RN’ATA’: (s,b,h) totality, perfection, accomplishment,

PU’RNIMA’, (s,b,h) full moon,

PU’RVA: (s,b,h) previous, earlier, east,

PU’RILO: completion,



PU'RVA ACALE: (s,b,h) eastern horizon,


PRTHIVII /PRITHIVII: (s,b,h) earth,


PECAKA: (s,b,h) owl,


PERIYE: to cross over,

PELAVA: very soft, delicate, gentle, graceful, slim, slender, frail, light,

PELAVATA’: pleasant softness,

PELO: obtained,


PAEDA’YISH: (h,u) birth,


POS’A’: pet,

POHA’N: to dawn, to end, to bask, to undergo,



PAORUS’A: (s,b,h) virile, manliness, heroism, prowess, valor, courage,


PYA’RE: (u,h) beloved,


PRAKARAN’A: (s,b,h) process, procedure, context, discourse, chapter

PRAKA’SH: (s,b,h) light,

PRAKA’SHODGAM: (s,b,h) origin of light,


PRAKRTA: (s,b,h) accomplished, completed, perfect, genuine, original, 

PRAKRTI: (s,b,h) (pra-kr+ktin) the inherent tendency of the transcendental Purus’a, doing something in a special way, cosmic operative principle,


PRAKETA: (s,b,h)  expressed initially and presently, achievement,

PRAKOS’T’HA: (s,b,h) chamber,

PRAGATI: (s,b,h) progress,

PRAGATISHIILA: progressive

PRAGAM: (s,b,h) first advances or progress or manifestation,

PRAGA’R’HA: (s,b,h)  dense,

PRAGRAH: (s,b,h) control,

PRACAN’D’A: (s,b,h) furious, fierce, terrible, formidable, violent, severe, intense,

PRACA’RA: (s,b,h) propagate, advertise,

PRACETA’: (s,b,h) supreme consciousness,


PRACCHANNA: (s,b,h) covered, clothed, clad, wrapped, enveloped, private, secret, concealed, hidden,


PRAJA’: (s,b,h) progeny, subject

PRAJA’PATI: (s,b,h)  the unliberated stage of Sagun’a Brahma, butterfly,

PRAJINA’: (s,b,h) intuition, profound or perfect wisdom, knowledge of absolute reality,

PRAJINA’DHII: (s,b,h) intuitive knowledge,

PRAJINA’LIINA: (s,b,h) absorbed in consciousness


PRAN'ATI: salutation

PRAN’AYA: love,


PRAN’A’SHA: (s,b,h) dissolution, annihilation,

PRAN’IDHA’NA: (s,b,h) follow, running after,


PRATA’PA: (s,b,h) might, power, prowess, domineering influence, heat, supremacy, command, control, strength,

PRATA’RAN’A’: (s,b,h) cheating, deception, chicanery, deceit, swindle, fraud, hoodwinking,


PRATI: (s,b,h) each, every, contrary, towards, similar, exact, equal, opposite, reverse, counter,

PRATIKRTI: (s,b,h) image, photograph,

PRATIGHA’TA: (s,b,h) counter-blow,

PRATICCHAVI: (s,b,h) image, photograph,


PRATIT’I: (s,b,h)  each, every, contrary, towards, similar, exact, equal, opposite,

PRATIKS’EPA: (s,b,h)  rebounding, throwing back, recurrence,

PRATIBHA’: (s,b,h)  intellect, brilliance,

PRATIBHU: (s,b,h)  representative,

PRATIMA’: (s,b,h)  image, icon, idol,

PRATI-SAINCARA: (s,b,h)  returning introversive phase to Supreme from crude to subtle,

PRATIHATA: (s,b,h)  checked, prevented, repelled, staved off, obstructed, hurt in return,


PRATIS’T’HA’: (s,b,h)  respect, praise, recognition, honor, setting up, dedication, consecration, installation, fame, reputation, social status,

PRATIPATTI: (s,b,h)  gain, fulfillment,

PRATIBHA’: (s,b,h)  brilliance, intellect,

PRATIBHU: (s,b,h)  symbol, icon,

PRATIMA’: (s,b,h)  idol, image,

PRATIIK: (s,b,h)  symbol,

PRATIITI: (s,b,h)   realization, understanding, cognition, notion, impression, belief, conviction, feeling, appearance,

PRATIIPA: (s,b,h)  opposite, negative, reversed simile, retrogression, anti,

PRATIIKS’MA’N: (s,b,h)  awaiting, visible, expected,

PRATIIKS’A’: (s,b,h)  waiting, expectation,


PRATULATA’: (s,b,h)   desire,


PRATYAK: (s,b,h)   having a stance opposite to and witnessing that, (see Pratyaga’tma’ below)

PRATYAGA’TMA’(s,b,h)   (PRATYAK+ ATMA’): Parama’tma’, Supreme Soul,

The reflection of the Soul on the mind is called the jiiva’tma’, and in that case the Reflector-Soul is called Parama’tma’ (Supreme Soul) or Pratyagya’tma’. (Pratiipam’ vipariitam’ aincati vija’na’ti iti pratyak= That which takes a stance opposite to a thing and witnesses that thing is called pratyak)

PRATYANTA: (s,b,h)   adjoining, border,

PRATYA’BHIJINA’: (s,b,h)   perfect profound knowledge,

PRATYAYA: (s,b,h)   conviction, certainty, cognition, idea, conception, trust, opinion, cause, fame, belief, confident, firm belief,

PRATYAYA MU’LAK: (s,b,h)   independent actions

PRATYA’SHA’: (s,b,h)  hope, expectations in exchange, counter hope, longing, counter expectation,

PRATYA’SHII: (s,b,h)  expectant,                                                                                                                                   


PRATHA’: (s,b,h)   system, convention, style, way, procedure,



PRADAKS’NA: style of worshipping by going or rotating round and round, encircling

PRADIIP, lamp, candle,

PRADIIPTA: bright, glowing, shining, luminous,

PRADOS’A: evening, nightfall, twilight, night,

PRADYOTA: radiating, luminous, splendor, glow, shine, ray, blazing, shining, brilliance,

PRADHA’NA: chief, leading, head, dominant,

PRADHA’VITA: rushing, flowing,


PRAPAINCA: five fundamental factors, phenomenal reality, the world, illusory,

PRAPAINCITA: illusive,

PRAPATTI: total surrender,

PRAPA’T: fountain,


PRABAL: strong, dominant

PRABODHA: good idea or knowledge,

PRABHAINJAN: storm, violent wind,

PRABHA’T/ PRABHA'TE: morning, dawn,

PRABHA’VA: effect, influence, impact,



PRAMATTA: frenzied,

PRAMA’: balanced and accurate conception or perception, correct notion, true knowledge,

PRAMA’N’A: proof,

PRAMA’DA: inadvertence, carelessness, error, confusion, oblivion, calamity, frenzy, madness,

PRAMILA: drowsiness, spirited, amazon,


PRAYA’T: advanced, gone forth, departed, deceased,

PRAYA’S: effort, endeavor, attempt, exertion,

PRAYUTI: application, employment, technique, actuated,

PRAYOGA: practical application, use, experiment,

PRAYOJAN: purpose, object, aim,


PRALAYA: total dissolution of the universe. Complete annihilation, extinction, disappearance, vanishing, obliteration, eradication, abolition, elimination, doom, disaster, catastrophe,

PRALAYAUNKARA: annihilator of the universe.

PRALA’P: raving, delirium, incoherence in speech,

PRALEP: ointment, coating, smearing, pasting, balm,

PRALEHA: broth,


PRAVRTTI: stronger tendency, propensity or desire, desire, movement towards crudeness, way of expression of mind, faculty, propensity of mind, occupation, inclination, tendency,

earnest desires of mind, mental movement towards crudeness,

PRAVAINCA: cheating, deceptions, deceit, swindle, fraud, beguilement, hoodwink,

PRAVAN’ATA’: inclination, propensity, declivity, tendency, attachment, eagerness, readiness, proficiency,

PRAVA’HA: flow,

PRAVESHA: enter,


PRASHAMAN: calming, tranqilizing, pacifying, soothing, curing, healing, quelling, abatement, securing, purifying,

PRASHRAYA: indulgence,

PRASHLES’A: close contact, pressing hard against,


PRASA’D (s,b)/ PERSA’D (bd): grace, proptiousness, food-offering to a deity,

PRASA’RA: expansion, elaboration,

PRASA’DHAN: accomplishment, arranging, setting right, dressing, embellishment, decoration, articles of process, toilet,


PRASUPTA: sleeping



PRASU’N: flower, fruit, bud, blossom, born, produced,

PRASTUTA: prepared, ready, offered,

PRASTAR: a couch of leaves and flowers, a flat surface at the top or bed, a thicket, wood, stone, rock, pebble, fossil, jewel,

PRASRAVAN’A: trickling forth, push, flow, ooze,


PRAHARA: a time period of three hours,

PRAHARAN’A: beating, striking, a weapon or tool held in hand, stroke,

PRAHELIKA’: riddle, enigma, puzzle, mystery, 


PRAKS’EPA: flinging, casting, throw, interpolation,


PRA’KRTA: natural, a language with natural variations in India before Sam’skrta grammar.

PRA’CIIRA: wall, rampart, parapet,

PRA’JINA: intuition,

PRA’N’A/ PRA’N’AH, PARA’N’A: a vayu having jurisdiction between naval point and vocal cord, vital energy, life, vitality, vigour, mind, heart, existence, animation, source, vivacity, essence, origin, manner, conduct, principle, nature, breath, being, entity, endurance, heart, mind, feeling, élan vital,

PRA’N’A MA’TA’NO: intoxicating, captivating, charming, attractive, infatuating, cajole,

PRA’N’AYA’MA: art of breathing,

PRA’N’AVIK: related to vitality?

PRA’N’IDHA’NA: meditating on Supreme,

PRA’N’IN’ATA’: liveliness

PRA’N’ENDRIYA: collective name of ten va’yus,

PRA’N’OCCHVA’SA: (pra’n’a+ utshva’sa) deep exhalation,

PRA’N’OTPAL: lotus of the heart,

PRA’NTA: extremity, end, tip, border, margin, brim, rim, outskirt, arena,

PRA’NTAR: prairie, wilderness, waste, vast expanse of arid land, large tract of grass-land,

PRA’NSHU: intense ray of light,

PRA’PTI: attainment, achievement,

PRA’BALYA: strength, dominance,

PRA’RTHANA’: prayer, praise, eulogy, panegyric,

PRA’YASHCITTA: expiation, atonement, penance, sacrament, reparation,

PRA’VRIT’: rainy

PRA’VRI: heavy rains


PRIYA: dear,


PRIITI / PREMA: love, affection


PRETA: ghost, bodiless mind,

PREMA: love, affection

PREYA: desired, liking, cherished, agreeable, pleasant, pleasurable, enjoyable, delightful, satiating, affable,

PRERAN’A’: inspiration

PRES’AN’A’: send, dispatch, transmit, remit, restless, order, charge, goad, impetus, drive,

PRES’ITA: sent, goaded,

PREKS’AN’A’: act of seeing, looking, watching, hearing, viewing, observation,


PRAETII: contentment, satisfaction, intense, pertaining to love,


PROTAH: collective association,


PLUSHI: white ant,                                                                                                                                     



PHA: Acoustic root of the propensity of fear,


PHAT’: (s,b,h) practication, i.e. putting a theory into practice,

PHAN’A’: (s,b,h) hood of a snake,

PHAN'II: (s,b,h) serpent, snake,

PHALA: (s,b,h) fruit, result, consequence,

PHALGU DHA'RA': under current or flow, (phalgu is a river with under current)

PHA’NKA’: deception, evasion, eyewash, hoodwinking, fraud, cheating, sly, hypocrisy, bluff,

PHA’UNKI: deception, evasion, eyewash, hoodwinking, fraud, cheating, sly, hypocrisy, bluff,

PHA’NKE: gap, recess, cleavage, chink, crevice,

PHA’NDA: trap, noose, web, net, jump,


PHA’NSA’: trap, noose, web, net,

PHA’GUN, PHA’LGUN, Eleventh month of Indian/Bengali calendar, spring or vernal season, mid February to mid March period.

PHA’NUS: paper balloon

PHA’LI: small strip or slice,

PHIRE, return, again,


PHUT’AKI: (b) minute speckle, a dot,

PHUT’ANTA: blooming, blossoming, blossomed, effervescing,

PHUT’IYA’CHI, blooming,

PHUT'E: bloom, PHUT’I: bloom,


PHUNKA’R: hissing,

PHUM’PA’N: whimper, sob, growl,

PHURA’N / PHURA’IA’: exhaust, lost, ends, consumed, terminate, close, conclude.

PHURA’Y: terminate, end, conclude, close, consumed, cease to exist,

PHU’L, flower

PHUNSA’N (b); hissing, growing, fuming,


PHENIL: foamy, frothy,

PHELANA’: negligible, insignificant, rejectable, unworthy,

PHELA’N: to let fall or drop, to throw, to fling, to cast, to put, to leave, to abandon, to desert, to dissipate, to disregard, to expel, to eject, scattering wastefully, squandering, propel,

PHELILE: ignored,

PHONT’A’ (b): drop, drip, mark, blob, point, tiny, scanty, round mark on the forehead,



BA: Acoustic root of the propensity indifference,


BAKULA: (s,b)  a large ever-green flower-tree, its sweet-scented flower,

BAR’A / BAR’O: big, large, tall, lofty, long, loud, great, noble, senior, elder, important, rich,


BAYAN: weave, knit,

BARAN’A/ VARAN’A: regard, respect, adore, welcome,

BALA: force, pressure, energy, capability,

BALA’KA’: a kind of goose/ geese capable of flying high



BASAVA’SA: residing or dwelling permanently, settling down,

BAKS’A / BU’K, bust, chest, heart

BADARIKA’: (s,b,h) plum,

BADDHA: (s,b,h) bound

BADDHA PURUS’A: (s,b,h)bound purus’a

BANDHAN: (s,b,h) bondage, binding,

BANDHU (s,b,h): (no correct English synonym) (Due to strong bondage, One who can not bear separation, cannot live away, ever companion), brother, friend,

BANDHURA (b): uneven, rugged, rough

BANDHURATA’ (b): unevenness, ruggedness, roughness,

BAYAN: to weave, knit,


BA’ON: to fathom, test,

BA’GR’A’: obstacle

BA’CHA’: choose, select, pick, sort out, separate, eliminate,

BA’JA’N: strum,

BA’T’A’: pulverized, pasted, distributed,

BA’R’A’N: enhance, augment, develop, multiply, increase,

BA’TULATA’: madness, insanity, craziness,

BA’DA: exception, omission, exemption,

BA’DHA’; obstruction, resistance, obstacle, impediments, barriers, blockage,

BA’DHYA: preventable, resistible, obedient, obsequious, docile, amenable, obliged, compelled,

BA’NDHA: bondage, obstruction, resistance,

BA’BA’: father, the most beloved, the Ta’raka Brahma or the Guru called by this name by devotees.

BA'NSHII: flute,

BA’REK: once, at least once, only once, but for once,

BA’LIR: sand

BA’LU: ?

BA’LUKA’ BELA’: sandy shore or beach of sea

BA’SA’: to deem or feel, home,

BA’SI: wash, not fresh,

BA’OA/ BA’HA’: to steer, row, paddle a boat, to pass over, to cover,

BA’HIR/ BA’HAR: (u,h,b) outside



BINA’/VINA’: without,

BIRASA: to weep

BILKUL (u): completely, totally, altogether,

BILVA: wood apple,

BISARA’NA’: to forget,


BIIJA: point, seed


BUJHA’: understand, comprehend, deliberation, explain, console, comfort,

BUJHA’BUJHI: compromise, mutual understanding, confrontation, fight,

BUDDHI: intellect,

BUDDHITATTVA: the field of intelligence,

BUDHAE: in the mind or intellect,

BULBUL (u,h): a bird of pycnonotus genus, the nightingale,

BULANDII: (u,h) height, greatness, magnanimity

BULA’: roam, cursory pass of hand or brush or pen etc. lightly over something.


BU’K: chest, bosom, heart,

BU’K PHA’T’A’: heart breaking


BRHAT: great


BETA’L: breach of measure, out of rhythm,

BENCE: survive,

BER’A’: enclosing, surrounding, fence,

BER’AN: stroll,

BEYE, blowing, flowing, wandering

BELA’: (b) seashore, coast, bank, time of the day, daytime, period, length, duration, roll, opportunity, full tide and ebb tide of the sea, to roll, turn, opportunity, a fragrant white flower (mallika’) or its plant,

BESHA: (b) excellent, fine, nice, too much, thorough, better,

BESHI/ BESHII: (b) more, excess, many, much,


BAERII: envious, jealous, enemy,


BOJHA’: understand,

BOJHA’N: to explain,

BODHA: the experience or knowledge supported by intuition (BABA), feeling, sense,


BODHENDIYA: organ of knowledge,

BOBA’: dumb, speechless, mute, inexpressible,

BOLO / BALO/ BOLILE: tell, speak,


BRAHMA: The Supreme Entity, Composite of Cosmic Consciousness and Cosmic Operative principle, Cosmic Entity, from brhat meaning great,

BRAHMACARYA: assimilation of psychic waves into of unit mind into the eternal waves of the Macrocosm, Cosmic Ideation, not celibacy, to experience His presence and authority in each and every physical and psychic objectivity, this happens when the unit mind resonates with Cosmic will.


BRAHMA CAKRA: the Cosmic Cycle,

BRISHCIK: scorpion,

BRINTA: stalk or nipple of a flower,

BRIIR’A’: bashfulness, shyness, coyness,

BRHAT/ BRIHAT: very large, big


BHA: Acoustic root of the propensity of psychic stupor or losing common sense under hypnotic spell of an inimical propensity,


BHACAKRA: cyclic cosmic motion,


BHAKTA, devotee

BHAKTI: attraction to the Supreme, devotion to Lord,


BHAGAVA’N: (Bhaga=absolute power, benevolence and light+Matup=possessor) Universal Consciousness or Universal Soul, Parama’tman, Bhu’ma’caetanya, Brahma, Eternal Blessedness, Citishakti, Purus’a, Jina’na, Caetanya, possessor of supreme powers,

BHAJANA: ideation with service to the Lord,

BHAINJAN: breaking, splitting, arresting, checking, frustrating, shattering, destroying, removing, dispelling, crushing, driving away, routing, vanquishing, checking, interrupting, disturbing, afflicting, paining, catastrophic, disaster, calamity, appalling, ruining, devastating,

BHAYA: fear

BHAYA’L: frightening, fearful,

BHAR: load,

BHARAN’A: filling, stuffing, supporting, maintaining,

BHARA': full

BHAROSA’: confidence,

BHAVA: Purusha bha’va under influence of Bhava’nii shakti, the expressed universe. Reactionary momenta, World, Universe, Created,

BHAVA’NII: prakrti, shakti, energy,



BHA’GYA: destiny. 

BHA’GYA VIDHA’TA’: controller of destiny. 

BHA’UNGA / BHAGNA: broken, to break,

BHA’T’A’: ebb, ebb tide, downstream, decline,

BHA’TI: luster, radiance, glow, progress and development.

BHA’L: forehead,

BHA’LO LA’GA’: to be to one’s liking, to appear good to one, to taste or sound or seem well,

BHA’VA: idea, thinking, affluence, thought wave, existence, purport, gist, substance, meaning, intention, sense-import, occurring, condition, manner, position, reality, sincerity, innate property, nature, feeling, idea, thought, emotion, resolution, mind, a being, meditation, conduct, gesture, ponder, wonder, 

BHA’VAJAD’ATA’: dogma, irrationally held belief,

BHA’VATANTRII: the string of feelings or ideation,

BHA’VA DHA’RA’: legacy,

BHA’VAPRAVAN’ATA’: (s) sentiment

BHA’VAVID: knower of thoughts,

BHA’VA SADHANA’: Cosmic Ideation,

BHA’VANA’: ideation, thought, introversial flow of our objective mind,

BHA’VA’TIITA: beyond thought or imagination,

BHA’VA’NUBHU’TI: (bha’va+ anubhu’ti) experience of feelings,

BHA’VA’RU’RHA: infused with feelings,

BHA’VADHA’RA: psychic base, mental body,

BHA’VOTTARAN’A; (bha’va+uttara’n’a) delivering or rescuing from thoughts, 

BHA’VOTTIRN’A: (bha’va+uttirn’a): rescued or delivered from thoughts, 

BHA’VOTSA’RA: (bha’va+utsa’r) expressing of feelings,

BHA’LO: good, auspicious, beneficial,


BHA’LGO: look at.

BHA’S’A’: language,

BHA’S’A’ VIJINA’NA: philology, the science of language,

BHA’SA’/ BHESE, floating, gliding, appear, drift, swim, occur, glow, radiance, tinge, shine, waft,

BHA’SVARA: luminous, radiant, bright, incandescent, effulgent,

BHA’SVARATA: luminosity, radiance, brightness, incandescence,


BHINNA: separated, parted, fractured, broken,


BHII: (u,h) also



BHIITI: fear,


BHUVAN, world, arena, house

BHUVAH: a crude arena of the cosmic mind,

BHUVARLOKA: crude mental world,


BHU’H: physical world,

BHU’TA: created object or entity, matter, past, fundamental factors,

BHU’TATATTVA: created rudimental factor or entity

BHU’TALA: land, planes,

BHU’DHAR: mountain,

BHU’PA/ BHU’PATI: King, owner of land,

BHU’MA’: Macrocosmic mind, Cosmos,

BHU’MI: land

BHU’RLOKA: arena of physical world,

BHU’L: error, mistake, forgetting,


BHR (s): root verb (word) meaning to feed, to fill,

BHRT (s): borne, supported, maintained, cherished, fostered, possessed, endowed, furnished with, full off, filled with, hired, paid,


BHEDA: to part, distinguish, to pierce, to separate,

BHERII: drum,

BHELA’: raft, float, boat, coracle,



BHAERAVII: prakrti, shakti, energy,


BHOGA: enjoyment of pain or pleasure, fruition, use, offering, 

BHOGYA: object of enjoyment,

BHOR: morning, dawn, daybreak; engrossed, stupefied, fuddled,


BHRAMA: falsehood, mistake, forget, avoid, delusion, error,

BHRA’NTA: false, mistaken, forgot, avoided, deluded,

BHRA’NTI: falsehood, mistake, forget, avoid, delusion,

BHRKUT’I: eyebrow, frown, bar, prohibition, inhibition,


BHRTI: fulfillment,


MA: Acoustic root of the propensity of annihilation,


MA: time, poison,

MAKAR: crocodile, sign of Capricorns,

MAKARANDA: pollen, honey or juice of flower, fragrance, nectar,


MAKHA: a sacrificial rite,


MAGADHA: an area in Biha’r, India, inhabitants of which did not accept a’ryan rituals,

MAUNGAL: auspicious, lucky,


MAJA': pleasure, joy,

MAJA'N: to drown, to cause to lose oneself, to be charmed, to be won over by, to be submerged in,

MAJIYA’: to be charmed, to be won over by, to be submerged in,

MAJJA’: bone marrow,

MAINJARII: new leaves or buds, shoot, sprout, spring, blossom,


MAINJIL: destination, palace, mansion,


MAINJIS’T’A’: a plant with yellow flower, madder, red dye from its root. a loving strong attachment,

MAINJIIR: anklet with small jingling bells,


MAINJU: beautiful, graceful, lovely, pleasant, lovely, sweet, pleasing, attractive, agreeable,

MAINJUL: beautiful, graceful, lovely, pleasant, charming, melodious,

MAINJU’S’A’: a box, chest, casket for jewels, letters etc.


MAN’I: gem, precious stone, jewel,

MAN'IKA': gem, precious jewel, its region,

MAN’IKA’R: jeweler,

MAN'IKOT’HA’: room of gems

MAN’IHA’R: garland of gems,

MAN’D’A: gruel, paste, pulp, starch,

MAN’D’AP: a temporary hall, tent or pavilion for a ceremony,

MAN’D’ALA: circular arena


MATA: opinion, similar, accordingly, deemed, regarded,

MATAN: like, in style of, as example,

MATTA: intoxicated, insane, drunk, overjoyed,


MATHAN: churning, stirring,

MATHITA: churned, stirred,


MADA: vanity, pride, wine, intoxication,

MADA MATTA: frenzied with pride, intoxicated, insane, drunk,

MADIR: intoxicating, indolent, frenzied, sluggish, slothful, lazy, dull, slow, besotting, infatuating, enchanting,

MADIRATA’: intoxication,


MADHU: sweet, honey, nectar, sweetness, delightful,

MADHUKAR: honeybee,

MADHUKHYA: wax, beewax,

MADHU CAMPAK: sweet campak flower,

MADHUP/ MADHPA: honeybee,

MADHUPARKA: oblation of honey or its syrup, clarified butter, milk curd and sugar mixed together,

MADHUMAYA: sweetened, filled with honey,

MADHUR: sweet

MADHURIMA’: sweetness,

MADHUVAN; pleasant grove, heavenly garden, sweet garden,

MADHUSYANDA: sweet fragrance,

MADHU MA’SA: spring,

MADHUR, sweet, delightful,

MADHUL/ MAHUL: a big tree with whitish egg shaped flowers of which wine is made,

MADHYA: middle, center,

MADHYAMA: sound of deer, middle,


MAN, mind, mind, life,

MANANA: exclusive contemplation on the Supreme Entity, inner suggestion, contemplation, deep thinking,

MANASIJA: created within mind,

MAN PAVAN: (dialect) secret inclinations and intentions, one’s mind, an imaginary oar for driving a boat as per desire.

MAN BHOLA’NO: captivating, charming, attractive, infatuating, cajole, intoxicating,

MAN MA’TA’NO: intoxicating, captivating, charming, attractive, infatuating, cajole,


MANIIS’A’, mind, intellect,


MANUS’YA: human being,

MANE: into mind

MANER: pertaining to mind,

MANER MA’NUS’: a person after one’s own heart, a favorite, a minion, a lover,


MANOHAR: enchanting, charming, engrossing,


MANOMAYA KOS’A: the layer of mind having the capacity of recollection and contemplation


MANOVIHA'RII: dweller of the mind,


MANTRA: (no proper English equivalent), incantatation, meditation, ideation, secret, a sound or collection of sounds with meaning, when meditated upon, leads to spiritual liberation, it is incantative, pulsative and ideative,

MANTRA MUGDHA: charmed, enchanted,

MANTHAN: churning, stirring, agitating, trampling,

MANTHAR: slow, slack, sluggish, slothful, inert,

MANDA: slow, dim, gentle, bad, evil, wicked, vile, inferior, adverse, unfavorable, ill, impaired, indisposed, indigent, poor, deteriorated, harsh, rude, scanty, small, dull, weak, ugly, harm, abusive, rude, obscene, disgraceful,

MANDIR: temple,



MANDRA: grave sonorous voice, low, deep, grave, hollow, rumbling, middle octave, roar,

MANDRITA: resonated, vibrated, swung, oscillated

MANDRIL: resonating, vibrating, swung, oscillating, rumbling, resonant with grave sonorous voice,


MAMATA’: mine-ness, love and attachment, affection, feeling of own ness,

MAMATVA: (s,b,h)mine-ness, love and attachment, affection, feeling of own ness, individuality, ownership, self-interest, selfishness,


MAYUKH: (s,b,h)ray, beam, luster, glow,

MAYUR, peacock


MAR: mortal,

MARAKATA: (s,b,h)emerald,

MARAN’A: (s,b,h)death,

MARAN’AKA’T’HI: wood related to death,

MARAM / MARMA: (s,b,h)inner most, core,


MARMARA: murmuring sound, rustle, rustling noise,

MARMII: sympathizer

MARTYA: (s,b,h) mortals, mortal world, the earth, the world, man, mankind, human being, the body,

MARTYABHU’MI: (s,b,h)mortal world

MARU: (s,b,h)sand, desert

MARUT: (s,b,h)aerial factor,


MALIN: (s,b,h)tarnished, soiled, dim, dull, gloomy, dirty, unclean, glum, sorrowful, dark, overcast, sad,

MASTAK: (s,b,h)head,


MASHA’L: torch,

MASI: (s,b,h)dark, darkness, black,



MAHAH: subtle layer of cosmic mind,

MAHARLOKA: supramental world,

MAHAT: great, stage of inculcating pure “I” feeling in Purus’a

MAHATTATTVA: stage of inculcating pure or existential “I” feeling in Purus’a

MAHADA’SHAYA: (mahat+ a’shay) great shelter, repository,

MAHADA’SHA’: (mahat+ a’sha’) great hope

MAHA’: great

MAHA’VARTA (s,b): (maha’=great, + a’varta= cycle, circle) great cycle of creation,

MAHA’ JAGAT: The Universe,

MAHA' DEVA: The greatest god or Divinity, Lord Shiva,

MAHA’ NIRVA’N’A: moks’a or complete emancipation

MAHA’NIIRADHI: great ocean,

MAHA’ PURUS’A: individual attaining Brahmatva, elevated beings,

MAHA’BHA’VA: Great-Ideation,

MAHA’MAHIMNA: high minded, noble minded, magnanimous, great, exalted,

MAHA’ SAMBODHI: Great intuition,

MAHA’N: great

MAHA’PRAYA’N’: voluntary journey to court one’s death, death,

MAHA’PRA’N’A: magnanimous, large hearted, aspirate,

MAHA’MA’YA’: great illusion,

MAHA’HAVA: (maha’+ a’hava) : great or tumultuous fight,

MAHODADHI: great ocean

MAHA’MA’NYA: highly venerable or honorable

MAHIMA’: exaltedness, greatness, glory, majesty, dignity, influence, charm,

MAHIRUHA: a big tree,

MAHUL: a big tree with whitish egg shaped flowers of which wine is made

MAHESHVARA: (maha’+ iishvara) = The greatest controlling god or Divinity, Lord Shiva,


MA’KHAN: butter,

MA’KHA’: absorbed, smeared, soaked,

MA’KHA’ MA’KHI: absorption,

MA’CHRA’UNGA’: kingfisher,

MA'JH: middle, center, inside, amidst,

MA’JHI: steer man, boatman, boatswain, headman,

MA’T’I: mud, earth,

MA’T’IR: made of mud or earth.

MA’T’H: field

MA’R’A’: tread (path), to trample or pound, thresh,

MA'N'IK: gem, red ruby,

MA’TAUNGA’: elephant,

MA’TA’: overwhelmed

MA’TA’NO/ MA’TIYA’, intoxicating, enchanting, ecstasy, frenzy, charm, fascinating, captivating, rapt, spellbound, absorbed, engrossed, gripped, enthralled, immersed,

MA’TA’L: intoxicated, saturated, drunk, ecstasy, frenzied,

MA’TRA: that much, only,

MA’TRA’: minutest quantity, measure, beat, meter,

MA’TRIKA’: mother, matrix,

MA’TSARYA: envy,


MA’THA’: head,


MA’DAKA: intoxicating,

MA’DAKATA’: intoxication,


MA’DHAVA: Krs’n’a, essence,

MA’DHAVII: candied sugar, a sweet drink made with honey, a spring creeper with fragrant flower, an evergreen creeper, the myrtle, basil,

MA’DHAVII KUNJA: the myrtle bower,


MA’DHURI: sweetness,


MA’NAVA: human being

MA’NAVATA’: humanity,

MA’NASA: mind

MA’NASA RAJ: king of mind

MA’NASA’BJA: (ma’nas+ abja) mental lotus,

MA’NASA’TIITA: beyond mind,

MA’NA: respect, dignity, honor, respect, reception, fame, dignity, pride, vanity,

MA’NA’: prohibition, forbidding,

MA’NI: (I ) accept,

MA’NIBO: (I ) will accept,

MA’NUS’A: human beings, man,

MA’YA’: illusion, physical or material world, phenomenal nature, delusion, infatuation, fascination, affection, fantasy, phantasm, image, dream, vision, fancy, apparition, specter, spirit, shadow, unreal, creative principle, mirage,

MA’YA’VII: charmer, enchanter, magician,

MA’YA’ LOKA: arena of illusion,

MA’RJANA: scrubbing, brushing, polishing, forgiving, pardon, 

MA’RAVA: desert, sandy,

MA’RMIK: inner most feeling of heart or mind or its core, inmost feelings,

MA’RMIKATA’: deep insight, well conversed with essence, beauty etc.

MA’LAINCA: flower garden

MA’LATII: a creeper kind of jasmine flower,

MA’LA’: wreath, garland, cluster, group, necklace, rosary,

MA’LINYA: dirt,

MA’LIK: owner, proprietor,

MA’LIKA’: wreath, garland, cluster, group, necklace, rosary,

MA’LII: florist, gardener, garland maker,

MA’SHUL: tax, duty, custom, fare, freight, charge, price, cost,


MICHA’: false, lie, imaginary, fanciful,

MICHE: false, lie, imaginary, fanciful,

MIT’ALE: end, destroy, eliminate

MIT’ILE: end, destroy, eliminate

MITA: measured, defined, moderate,

MITA’LII: friendship, boon, companionship, alliance,

MITHYA’: false, lie, imaginary, fanciful,

MILAN: meeting, joining

MILA’ MISHA’: social familiarity, intimate association or intercourse,




MISHE: mixing, merging,

MIS'T'I: sweet eatable,


MIHIR: sun during noon


MIIN: fish




MUKUR: mirror, looking glass, speculum,

MUKUL: bud, blossom,

MUKULITA: bloomed, budded,

MUKTA: emancipated, having attained salvation, free, liberated,

MUKTA JAT’A’: free or open lock of hair/tuft,

MUKTA’: pearl,

MUKTI: liberation, salvation


MUKHA: mouth, face,

MUKHI: inclined, towards,

MUKHYA: main, chief, most prominent, head, topmost,

MUKHAR/ MUKHARATA’/ MUKHARITA: reverberation, resound, noisy, eloquence,

MUGDHA: charmed, spell bound, stupefied, fainted, entranced,

MUCHA’: wipe, mop, swab, efface, obliterate, expunge, clean,

MUMURS’U: about to die, dying, moribund

MUMUKS’U: desirous of salvation,

MUSA’FIR: (u,h) traveler,


MUHABBAT: (u,h) love,


MU’KA: dumb,

MU’R’HA: fool,

MUDITA: encouragement,

MU’RCHANA’: psychic stupor, lack of common sense, a fainting fit, syncope, swoon, trance, stupefaction, stun with astonishment, (in music: gradual modulation or rise and fall of voice, a sweet tremor of voice: inflection or tone or cadence)

MU’RCHA’: psychic stupor, lack of common sense, a fainting fit, syncope, swoon, hypnotized,

MU’RTA: embodiment,

MU’LA: root, foundation, base, support,

MUS’AR’A’N: to become downhearted, or depressed or discouraged,


MRIGA: deer

MRCCHILA’: (mrt + shila’) earthen rock,

MRN’A’L: stalk of lotus or water lily

MRN’MAYA: earthen, mud-built, made of earth or clay,

MRT: earth, clay,

MRTA: dead

MRTYU: death,

MRDU: soft,

MRYAMA’N’ (s): about to die or perish or decease,




ME: to exchange or barter,

MEKHALA’: ornamental girdle, belt, series or zone, which surrounds, slope of mountain,

MEGHA, cloud,

MEDA: flesh,

MEDUR: pleasantly soft or smooth, glib, unctuous, verdant, green,

MEDHA’: memory, intellect, sacrifice,

MEDHA’TITHI: wise, learned, intelligent,

MERU: pole

MELA’: fair, numerous, expanse, extensive, assemblage, assembly, togetherness,

MELA’ MESHA’ / MILA’ MISHA’: social familiarity, intimate association or intercourse,

MELE: opening, spreading, unfolding,

MELIA’: opening, spreading

METECHI: intoxicated, enchanted,

MESHE: mixing, merging,


MO: my

MOCANA: releasing, freeing from, liberating, emancipating, unyoking, discharging, acquittance, deliverance,

MODER: (b)  my

MORE: (b) me

MOHA: infatuation, blind worldly attraction or attachment, sentiment, fascination, loss of sensibility or consciousness, swoon, fainting, delusion, confusion, perplexity, folly, ignorance, embarrassment, mistake, stupefaction, fascination, temptation, seduction,

MOHA’VARTA: covered with fascination,

MOHAN: enchanting, charming,

MOKS’A: non-qualified liberation, spiritual longing, permanent salvation


MAOTA: (h,u) death,

MAONA: silent, quiet,

MAONATA’ silence,

MAOCA’K: beehive, honeycomb,

MAOMA’CHI: (b)  honeybee, bee

MAOLI: head,

MLA’NA: tarnished, soiled, dim, dull, gloomy, dirty, unclean, glum, sorrowful, dark, overcast, sad,


YA: Acoustic root of the propensity of lack of confidence, also of aerial factor,

(YA appearing at the beginning of the word is to be pronounced as light JA or JA, close to ZA, hence marked as YA where pronunciation is more important, for example in text of Prabhata Sam’giita))


YAJINA: ritual sacrifice,

YATI: pause, stop, breach,

YATHECCHA’: (yatha’+ iccha’) according to the wish or desire, agreeably to one’s desire, as much as desired, as desired or wished for, at will, as much as needed,

YADI / ZADI, if, in case,

YADRCCHA’: self-will, acting as one likes, independent, accident, chance, coincident,

YANTRA: machine

YANTRAKA: controller,


YANTRAN’A’: torture,

YAMA: five principle or commandments to be followed,

YAMUNA’: a river in north India where Lord Krs’n’a was born and brought up.

YAVANIKA’: curtain

YASHA: fame, reputation.

YAH: (h,u) this, these,


YA’GA: ritual sacrifice,

YA’CAKA: beggar, volunteer, one who prays, requests, entreats or asks, petitioner, seeker,

YA’CANA’: to beg, to ask, to pray, to solicit, to request, to petition, to seek, to beseech, entreat, plead, implore,

YA’TANA’: torture,

YA’MINII: night,


YUKTI: reason, maneuver,

YUGA: period, era, age,

YUGAPAT: simultaneous,

YUGA’N: supply, adulate, humor,


YUGUPSA’: upbraiding, censure, abuse, blame, defamation, scorn, backbiting, hypocrisy,


YUJILE: joint, attached,?

YUJYA: worth uniting,

YUSAMA’NA: helping,



YU’THIKA’: jasmine,


YOGA: Supreme union of Purus’ottama and the unit mind.

YOGII: spiritual practitioner, ascetic, saint,


RA: Acoustic root of the propensity of helplessness, also of agnitattva or pra’n’ashakti- vitality or energy,



RAKTIMA’BHA’YA: red effulgence

RAM’GA or RAUNGA, colour, hue,

RAUNGIIN/ RAM’GIIN: colored, colorful,

RAM’GIIN PARII, colorful fairy, symbol for Parama Purus’a or Ta’raka Brahma,

RACIYA’CHI: creating,

RAJAH: mutative principle, dust,

RAJATA: silver,

RAJATA’RN’AVA: silvery sea,

RAJOGUN’A: mutative principle prakrti developing doer “I” feeling,

RAINJAN: coloring,

RAN’A: war, battle, fight,

RAN’AN: sound, rumbling, tinkling, jingling, rattling,

RAN’IT: resonant, rumbling, tinkling, jingling, rattling,


RATA: engaged, busy, active,

RATAN / RATNA: gem, jewel,

RATNA’KAR; mine or quarry of gems, sea, ocean,

RATNA’VALII: range, series or line of gems,

RATNESHA: Owner or controller of gems,

RANDHRA, pore, hole,

RABHAS: strong upsurge of emotions, deep sorrow or grief, great delight, hilarity, amusement,

RAMATE: (u,h) remain engrossed,

RAYECHO / RAHECHO, stay, live, exist

RAVA: sound, noise,

RAVA’HU’TA: coming uninvited,


RASHMI: rays,

RASA: fluid, liquid, flavor, taste, flow, savory, relishing,

RASANA’: palate, tongue, taste,

RASA’BHA’SA: introduction of opposite flavor or defect characterized by semblance of flavors

RASA’L: (b) juicy, succulent, tasteful, sappy, humorous, witty, savory, mango,

RASA’TALA: hell,

RAHASYA: secret, mystery,

RAHITA: without, devoid of, deprived of,


RA’KA’: moonlight,

RA’KHA’: kept,

RA’KHA’L: (b) cowherd, herdsman, cowboy,

RA’GA (s,b): color, love, attachment, melody. hue, tinge, affection, inclination, passion, rage, anger, tune, dye, paint, mode of music,

RA’GINII (s,b): musical mode, thirty-six principal modes of main ragas of Indian Music, tune, song,

RA'JA': king,

RA’MADHANU: (b) rainbow,

RA’MA’YANA: an epic containing symbolic story of Rama

RA’T / RA’TRI: night,

RA’TUL: (b) red, crimson,

RA’SHI: collection, conglomeration,

RA’UNGTA’: (b)  tinsel, tinfoil,


RIKTA: empty, hollow,

RIKTHA: property, wealth, inheritance, bequest, gift,

RIKTATA: emptiness, shortages, hollowness,


RIPU: enemy



RIITI: method, system, custom, node, practice, usage, convention, rule, habit, style, manner, way, fashion,


RUKANA’: stopping,

RUKH: (Ba’ngla’ dialect) tree,

RUCI: nice,

RUDDHA: closed, obstructed,

RUDRA: The Lord that makes one cry or weep, Lord Shiva

RUNJHUN/ RUNJHUNU/ RUNUJHUN/ RUNUJHUNU: (b) sweet jingling sound as of the bells of a dancer’s anklets,

RUKS’A: rough,

RUKS’ATA’: roughness,


RU’PA: image, form, body, figure, shape, appearance, build, beauty, grace, mode, manner, fashion, style, type, kind, sort, complexion, color, hue, nature, habit, conjugation (in root verb), declension (in root word), concept,

RU’PA TANMA’TRA: inference of vision,

RU’PAKATHA’: folk-tale, legend, fairy tale, fable, myth,

RU’PAKA’R: molder, artist, dresser, creator,

RU’PA’/ RU’PO: (b) silver,

RU’PA’YAN’: (ru’pa+ ayan) embodiment, shaping, forming, dramatic impersonation, narration, depiction,

RU’PA’YATAN: embodiment, invested with a concrete shape,

RU’PASII: beautiful, beautiful lady,

RU’PA’LII: silvery, silvery white,

RU’PA’LOKE: (ru’pa+ a’loke) in the light of beauty or form,

RU’PO/ RU’PA’: (b) silver,

RU’POR: (b) silvery,

RU’HA’NII: (u) spiritual,



REKHA’: line,

REKHE: kept,

RECAKA: full exhalation of the breath,

REN’U: dust particle

RETA (bd): ?

RESHA: trace, after effect,

RES’A’RES’I / RIS’A’RIS’I: mutual envy or malice or grudge, rivalry,

RAEVATAKA: mountain,


RODA: (b) sunshine, sun, 

RODAN: (s,h,b) weeping, crying, wailing,

RONA’: (h) weeping, crying,

ROPAN: planting

ROMANTHAN: rumination, to chew the cud, to meditate or reflect, 



ROL: outcry, noise,

ROS’A: anger,


RAODRA: (s,b,h) sun, terrible, dreadful, frightening,




LA: Acoustic root of the propensity of cruelty, also of solid factor,


LAGNII: auspicious, appropriate, investment, usury,

LAJJA’: shyness,

LATA’: climber, creeper, madder,

LALA’T’: forehead,

LAVAN’A: salt, salty or saline, (1 of 6 tastes)

LAHAMA’: a moment, a minute fraction of time, a short while,

LAHARII: wave,

LAKS’AN’A: sign, mark, symptom,

LAKS’YA: target, aim, destination, goal, desideratum,

LAKS’YA VIHIN: aimless,


LA’CA’: (dial/col.) dance,

LA’J / LAJJA’: shyness, shame,

LA’INCHANA’: blame, disgrace, reproach, insult, humiliation,

LA’SYA: dance, gesture, posture,


LIKHAREKHA’: markings

LIPTA: (s,b,h) smeared, covered,


LIILA’: (s,b,h) eternal divine game

LIILAYIITA: illusioned, enchanted,


LUKA’Y: hiding,

LUT’A’N/ LOT’A’N: to roll on the ground, to welter, sprawl, wallow,

LUT’A’Y: loot, plunder, wallow, lose, plunge,

LUN’T’HITA: (s,b,h) wallowing, sprawling, rolling on the ground, looted, sacked, robbed, pillaged,


LU’TA’: (s,b,h) spider,

LU’TA’TANTU: (s,b,h) thread of a cobweb, fiber of spider-web, gossamer,

LUS’T’HITA: (s,b,h) smeared,


LEKHA’: written, recorded, engraved, documented,

LELIHA’NA: blazing, fluttering, repeatedly licking,

LEHAN: licking, lapping,


LOKA: (s,b,h) sphere, arena, levels, layers, domain, region, realm,

LOKA LA’JA: social shyness

LOKOTTARA: (s,b,h)  beyond the three arenas,

LOKA’YATA: (s,b,h) atheistical, secular, within the world,

LOT’A’N/ LUT’A’N: roll, welter, sprawl, wallow, reel,

LODHRA: (s,b,h)  a herbal tree, cosmetic powder made from the bark of the tree,

LOBHA: (s,b,h) greed, avarice, desire,

LOR: (b) tears

LOLATA’: avarice,


LAOKIK: (s,b,h) worldly,

LAOHA: (s,b,h) made of iron,



VA: Acoustic root of dharma, the psycho spiritual longing, and liquid factor, ensconced in one’s original stance, the innate propensity of human beings to move along the path towards subtlety,


VAKRA: (s,b,h) curved, crooked, indirect, curled, bent,

VAJRA: (s,b,h) thunder, lightning, very hard stone,

VACAN: (s,b,h) utterance, words, speech,

VACHAR: b year,

VAINCANA’: (s,b,h) deception, deceit, fraudulence, deprivation, trickery, delusion, beguile,

VAINCITA: (s,b,h) deprived, cheated, tricked, fooled,

VAT’II: (s,b,h) pill,

VATSAR: (s,b,h)  year,

VADA: (s) speaking, talking,

VADAN: (s,b,h) face, mouth, body, look, appearance,

VADHA: (s,b,h)  killing,

VADHU: (s,b,h)  bride, a young woman,

VANASPATI: (s,b,h)   tree, plant, shrub,

VANDANA’: (s,b,h)  reverence, worship,

VANDITA: (s,b,h)  revered, worshipped, saluted,

VANYA’: (s,b,h) flood,


VARA: (s,b,h)   best, boon, blessing, groom,

VARARUCI: (s,b,h)  celebrity,


VARAN'A: (s,b,h)  adoration, welcome, reception,

VARAN’IIYA: (s,b,h)  adorable, respectable,


VARA’N’A’M’: (s,b,h)  amongst most superiors,

VARA’BHAYA: (s,b,h)  gesture of boon and fearlessness.

VARIS’T’A: (s,b,h)  excellent, most distinguished,

VARUN’A: (s,b,h)  liquid factor, its deity,


VARGA: (s,b,h)  class, group, division,

VARJANA: (s,b,h)  to let out waste, 

VARJITA: (s,b,h)  devoid of, without,


VARN’A: (s,b,h)  letter, color, hue, caste, race,

VARN’ANA: (s,b,h)  description,

VARN’A’LII: spectrum,


VARTATE: (s) present

VARTAMA’NA: (s,b,h) present, existing,

VARDHANA: (s,b,h)  develop, increase,

VARS’AN’A: (s,b,h)   rain

VARS’A’: (s,b,h)   rain


VALAY: (s,b,h)   ring, circle, sphere, orbit, enclosure, belt, bangle, bracelet, annulus,

VALGA’: bridle, its mouthpiece, rein, bit,

VALMIIKA: (s,b,h)  anthill,

VALLABHA: (s,b,h)  beloved, dear, desired,

VAS’AT’: (s,b,h)  welfare in the subtler sphere,


VASHA: (s,b,h)  influenced,



VASATI: (s,b,h)  dwelling, residing, staying,

VASAN: (s,b,h)  dress, garment, cloth, covering, to live, to stay, to reside, to dwell,

VASANTA: (s,b,h)  spring season

VASA’: (s,b,h)  fat,

VASUDHA’(s,b,h) : earth,

VASUDHA’RA’: (s,b,h)  auspicious symbol,


VASTU: (s,b,h)  a thing, material, reality,

VASTRA: (s,b,h)  dress, cloth,

VAHAN: (s,b,h)  carrying, bearing, conveying, enduring, suffering,

VAHNI: (s,b,h)  fire,


VAKS’A: (s,b,h)  bosom, chest, heart,


VA’: (s) alternative conjunction meaning or, and, as well as, also, as, like, rather,


VA’K: (s) vocal cord, speech,

VA’UNGAMAYA: (s) consisting of words or speech,

VA’INCHITA: (s,b,h)  desired, wished,

VA’N’II: (s,b,h)  word, speech, message, maxim, apophthegm,

VA’TA’S: air,

VA’TULATA’: madness, insanity, craziness,

VA’TYA’: (s,b,h)  storm, hurricane,

VA’TSALYA: affection towards offspring,

VA’DA: exception,

VA’DYA: musical instrument,

VA’N, flood,

VA’MA: (s,b,h)  left side,

VA’RI: (s,b,h)  water

VA’RIDHI: (s,b,h)  sea, ocean,

VA’YU: (s,b,h)  aerial, ten important forces, air,

VA’YUBHU’TA/ VAYUTATTVA: aerial factor

VA’RAN’A: (s,b,h) warding off, resisting, opposing, restraining, obstructing, prohibition, prevention, striking, Elephant,

VA’RTA’: news, message,

VA’RTA’VAH; messenger,

VA’SAVA: controller of all, of gold, pertaining to ray of light,

VA’HITA: carried by,


VIKALA: deprived, devoid, destitute, weakened, dispirited, drooping, languid,

VIKALATA’: mental numbness due to fear,

VIKALPA: alternative, doubt, indecision, hesitation,

VIKALPA’TMAKA: imagination,

VIKA’R: deformation, impurity, deviation, perversion, aberration, derangement, aversion, morbidity, altered,

VIKA’L: evening, close of the day,

VIKA’SHA: manifestation, development, display, expansion,

VIKIRAN’A: scattering, dispersing, diffusing, radiating,

VIKRTA: altered, changed, modified, disfigured, distorted,

VIKRA’NTI: counter evolution,

VIGATA: past, bygone, beyond,

VIGHAT’ANA: breaking up, destruction, ruin,

VIGHNA: obstacle, interruption, impediment, hindrance, difficulty, trouble,

VICARAN’A: moving, roaming, rambling, wandering, loitering,

VICA’R: thoughts, considerations, reflection, deliberation, examination,

VICITRA: variegated, multicolored, strange, wonderful, amazing, queer,

VICITRATA’: variety, strangeness, queerness,

VICCHINNA: torn, rent, split, cloven, cut, detached, amputated,

VICCHEDA: cutting, separation, dissociation,

VIJAN: isolation, loneliness, alone,

VIJAR’ITA: fixed, glued, fastened, attached,

VIJINA’NA: science,

VIJINA’NAMAYA: subtle layer of cosmic mind


VIT’APA: branch, soot or twig of tree,

VIT’APII: tree,

VIR’AMBITA: troubled, harassed,

VITA'NA: shade, canopy, awning, tent, pavilion, stretch, tension, extension of garden,

VITARKA: argumentativeness, to the point of wild exaggeration,

VITTA: wealth,

VID: sam’skrta root verb meaning to know,                                                                                                                    

VIDARAN’: tearing apart,

VIDA’MA: salutation, reverence, offering of self,

VIDDHA: pricked,

VIDITA: known,

VIDIIRN’A: split, rent, cleft, pierced, burst,

VIDESHA: foreign land or country,

VIDESHII: foreigner, alien,

VIDESHE: in a foreign land or country,

VIDEHII: without body, bodiless,

VIDYA’: knowledge, skill, spiritual knowledge, intuitional science,

VIDYÁDHARA: receptacle of knowledge, a positive microvita, a kind of devayoni.

VIDYA’ MA’YA’: illusion of knowledge,

VIDHI: prescript, edict, prescription, rule, regulation, law, act, procedure, means, method, system, destiny, fate, God, Providence,

VIDRU’PA: persiflage, banter, taunt, sarcasm, irony,



VIDHU: moon,

VIDHUR: afflicted, frightened, bewildered, overwhelmed, redolent of, surcharged with, distressed, bereaved, confused, puzzled, dazed, taken aback, baffled, disoriented, devoid, deprived, destitute of,

VIDHURATA’: affliction, fright, bewilderment,

VIDHRITA: held, caught, grasped, seized, embalmed, preserved, 


VINATI: (s,b,h) prayer, request, entreating, begging, pleading, beseeching, imploring,


VINÁSHA: transformation through destruction, when an object is transformed and cannot be brought back to its original form, total destruction.


VIPATTI: adversity, danger, hazard, trouble, disaster, mishap, calamity, misfortune, catastrophe, accident, tragedy, ruin, blow, crisis,

VIPATHA: wrong path, improper path, astray,

VIPADA: adversity, danger, hazard, trouble, disaster, mishap, calamity, misfortune, catastrophe, accident, tragedy, ruin, blow, crisis,

VIPARIITA: opposite,

VIPALA: moment,

VIPA’KA: reaction or requital of actions,  fruition of sam’ska’ras, bad effect, trouble,

VIPULA: vast, extensive, huge, great in amount,

VIPRA: intellectual,

VIPLAVA: counter-revolution


VIBHAVA: wealth, property, might, power, greatness, dignity, magnanimity, absolution,


VIBHA’SA: an Indian musical mode,

VIBHA’SITA: lighted, illuminated, revealed,

VIBHIIS’IKA’: threat, fear, panic, frightful sight, dreadful,

VIBHU’TI: powers, wealth, ashes, prosperity, divinity,

VIBHOR: overwhelm, engrossed, blissful,


VIMA’N: vehicle moving in air, airplane, aircraft,

VIMISHRAN’A: mixture,

VIMUKHA: averse, apathetic, turning away, disinterested,

VIMU’RTA: embodiment, materialization,


VIMBA: shadow, reflection, image,

VIMBITA: reflected,


VIRAKTI: desistence, abstinence, cessation, termination,

VIRATI: desistence, abstinence, cessation, termination, pause, recess, interval,

VIRAL: sparse, thinly scattered, rare, seclusion, rare,

VIRAH: separated from the lover, devoid, destitute

VIRA’GA (s,b): (vi+ ra’ga) lack of attachment or interest, aversion, displeasure,

VIRASA: gloomy,

VIRA’T’A: Great,

VIRU’PA: adverse, unfavorable, displeased,


VILAMBA: delay,

VILA’N: to give away or distribute in charity, to scatter, to dissipate,

VILA’P: to lament, cry, weep, wail,

VILA’S: enjoyment, pleasure, luxury,


VIVARTANA: change, transformation, evolution, revolution, rotation,

VIVASHA: helpless,

VIVEKA: discrimination between good and evil, conscience,

VIVIKTA: separated, detached, disjoined, abstracted, lonely, solitary, singled, discriminated,


VISHES’A: attributed, special, peculiar, distinctive,

VISHIS’T’A: special, conspicuous, remarkable, important, distinguished, prominent, peculiar,

VISHIIRN’A: withered, decayed, dry, sere, thin, emaciated, shattered, rotten,


VISHVA: world, universe,

VISHVA VIBHU: controller of the universe,

VISHVA SRAS’T’A’: creator of the universe,

VISHVAMBHAR: maintainer of the world, all-sustaining,

VISHVA'DHIP: controller or owner of the universe,

VISHVADHU’PA: illuminator of the world,

VISHVA MAYA: all-sustaining, existing in all,

VISHVA’TIITA: heavenly, beyond the world,


VIS’A: repulsive expression, poison, 

VIS’AM: severe, terrible, undulating, uneven,

VIS’AYA: object of perception or enjoyment,

VIS’AN’A: long horn (of Shiva)

VIS’A’DA: melancholia, pain, sorrow, affliction, melancholy, low spirit, dejection, grief,


VISARJAN: farewell, revoke,

VISTA’R: expanse, spread,


VISMAYA: wonder, astonishment, amazement, surprise, marvel,

VISMITA: astonished, amazed, surprised, wondered,

VISMARAN’A: forgetting, loss of memory,

VISMRITA: forgotten, loss of memory,

VISRIS’T’I: special creation, the universe,


VIHAG: bird,

VIHANE: without, in absence of,

VIHARAN’A: sporting or frolicking, dalliance, promenading, enjoying,

VIHVAL: overwhelm, engrossed, blissful,

VIHVALATA’: anxiety, concern, engrossment,


VIKS’EP: throwing away, scattering, discarded, discharged, waving, shaking,

VIKS’UBDHA: aggrieved, agitated, offended, afflicted,


VIIN'A': (s,b,h) a stringed Indian musical instrument, lyre, fiddle, rote,

VIIN'A'R: pertaining to VIIN'A', a stringed Indian musical instrument, lyre,


VIITHI: avenue, path, vista, row, line, glade,

VIITHIKA’: avenue, path, vista, row, line, glade,


VIIRYA: semen, strength, power,


VRN’A: to eat, consume 

VRTTI: (s) mental propensity, mental attitude. way of expression of mind, faculty, profession, vocation, scholarship, occupation, inclination, tendency, taste,

VRN’TA’GRA: a stalk or nipple before maturity or consumption

VRTHA’: waste

VRNDÁVANA: a place located on the banks of the River Yamuna in north India, where Lord Krs’n’a spent his childhood,

VRS’T’I: (s,b,h) rain, shower,

VRKS’A: tree, plant,




VEN’U; flute

VEN’UKA’R: the player of flute, Krs’n’a,

VEN’UDHAR: holder of the flute, Krs’n’a,

VEN’II; chignon, braid, plait, tress, ponytail,

VEDA: knowledge (spiritual),

VEDANA’, pain, feeling, sensation,

VEDANIIYAM: feeling,


VEDII: altar, worshipping platform,

VESHA: dress,

VES’T’ITA: hemmed, surrounded, encompassed, cordoned, 


VAEKALYA: extreme eagerness, anxiety, impatience, worry, curiosity, and perplexity, agitated, inquisitiveness, disturbed.

VAECITRYAM’: diversity, colorfulness,

VAECITRYERA: of variety, strangeness, queerness,

VAEDIK: ancient language,

VAEDU’RYAMAN’I: the diamond worn by Lord Krs’n’a, later in recent times KOHINOOR, that was cut and used in Queen Victoria’s crown.

VAEDU’S’YA MAN’I: a precious gem, cat’s eye, chrysoberyl, lapis lazuli,

VAEDYUS’YA: wisdom, learning,

VAEDHII: formal, ritual, legal,

VAEBHAVA: divinity, godhead, glory, wealth, riches, opulence, magnificence,

VAERA’GYA: right use of a thing, detachment, austerity, recluse,

VAESHYA: financial activist or capitalist

VAESHVA’NARA: The Supreme Being, Consciousness, an epithet of fire or fire-god,


VAOS’AT’: expression of mundane knowledge


VYAKTI: expression, manifestation, person?

VYAUNGA: mockery, taunt, ridicule, irony, sarcasm, jeer,

VYAJAN: fanning, fan,

VYAINJAN / VYAINJANA’: consonant, making clear, indicating, disguise, suggestion, expression, spicy dish, characteristic sign, gesture, secondary meaning,

VYANJAK: expresser,

VYAS’T’I: individual, person, unit,

VYATIKRAMA: exception, exclusion, exclude

VYATHA’, pain, agony, affliction, anguish, suffering, distress, misery,

VYATHITA: afflicted, distressed, pained, troubled, agitated,

VYAVADHA’NA: obstruction, hindrance,

VYA’KUL: impatient, eager, anxious, disturbed, agitated

VYA’KULATA’: extreme eagerness, anxiety, impatience, worry, curiosity, and perplexity, agitated, inquisitiveness, disturbed.

VYA’KHYA’: explanation,


VYA’NA: one of internal va’yus regulating blood circulation and physical function of afferent and efferent nerves,

VYA'PTA: spread, pervaded, diffused,

VYA’PTI: expansion, extension, pervasion, diffusion, filling, covering, besetment,

VYA’SA’SAN: dais, elevated seat, stage, raised podium, pulpit, platform, throne,

VYA’HRITI: utterance, expressions,



VYOMA: ethereal factor, sky,

VRAN’A: boil, acne, sore, ulcer,


VRAJA (s): VRAJATI: to move while enjoying spiritual bliss, the land where Lord Krs’n’a’s early period passed,

VRATATII: creeper,




SHA: Acoustic root of the mutative principle, also of psychic longing,


SHAKAT’A: vehicle, carriage, cart,

SHAKAL: piece, part, portion, scale of fish,

SHAKTI: energy, power, strength, Prakrti, Cosmic Operative Principle, force,

SHAUNKA’: doubt, suspicion,



SHATA, hundred

SHATADRU: stream with hundreds of flows or current, river satalej in Panja’b of North India,

SHAT’HATA’: deceit, swindling, knavery, chicanery, false play, slyness, crookedness

SHATRU: enemy,

SHABDA: sound,

SHAMBHU: the vertex point from which creation starts.

SHAMBHU LIUNGA: the point from which creation starts,

SHAYAN: sleep, bed,

SHARA: arrow,

SHARAT: autumn, winter

SHARAD: winter, autumn,

SHARADHII: pointed intellect, quiver,


SHALA’KA’: stick,


SHASHIKAR: moonlight,

SHASHII: moon,

SHAS’PA: young grass,

SHASYA: corn, grain,

SHAHAD: (h,u) honey,


SHA’KHA’, branch

SHA’N’ITA: whetted, sharpened, piercing,

SHA’NTA: peaceful, quiet, tranquil, satisfied, appeased, pacified, calm, gentle, mild, gratified, temperate

SHA’NTA DHII: tranquil mind,

SHA’NTI: peace, tranquility, quietude,


SHA’YA’: (?)


SHA’RAT/ SHA’RAD (s): autumn, winter,


SHA’L: a large gregarious sa’l tree

SHA’LPRA’NSHU: as tall as a large gregarious sa’l tree

SHA’LUK: stalk of water lily,

SHA’LMALII: simul, silk cotton tree or flower,

SHA’SHVATA: eternal, everlasting, unending, perpetual, continual, timeless, imperishable, incessant, ceaseless, non-terminating, permanent,

SHA’SAN: control,

SHA’STRA: scripture, code,


SHIULI / SHEFA’LII: a white fragrant autumnal flower, night jasmine,

SHIKAL: shackle, chain, fetters, link,

SHIKHAR: peak,

SHIKHA’: flame, tip,

SHIKHA’N: to teach, to educate,

SHIKHI, peacock


SHINJITA: sound of dancer’s anklets


SHIMUL: silk-cotton flower or its tree,


SHIYARE: in the head,


SHIRA’: vein, nerve, artery, tendon,

SHIROPA’: (b,h) turban of honor, crown, princely garb,

SHIRSHIR: (b) expressing, tingling, thrilling, uncanny sensation, gentle touch,

SHIRIS’A: a tree producing small flower and wood,



SHILPANA: to work,

SHILA’: rock,


SHIVA: Purus’a, Pure Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness encircled by primordial Prakrti called Shiva’nii, auspicious, a great tantric guru of 5000 BC,

SHIVA’NII: primordial Prakrti encircling Pure Consciousness


SHISHIR: dew, frost,

SHISHU: infant, child, kid, baby,


SHIS’TA: righteous, decent, gentle, civil, courteous, mannerly, chaste, elegant, polite, refined, well-behaved, amiable, likable, pleasant, friendly

SHIS’YA: pupil, disciple, devoted follower,


SHIS: whistling sound, whistle, sweet short note (of a bird)


SHIHARAN’A: thrill, shiver, shudder, quiver,


SHIIKAR: fine droplets of rain, mist, spray,

SHIITA: winter,

SHIITAL: cold, cool,

SHIITALATA’: coldness,

SHIIRN’A: withered, decayed, dry, sere, thin, emaciated, shattered, rotten,

SHIILA: good conduct, behavior, manner, complex of culture,


SHRUNKHALA/ SHRUNKHALA’ (s): chain, iron-chain, fetter,

SHRN’ITO (s): (shr=to tear asunder, tear to pieces, to hurt, to injure, to kill, to destroy, to be shattered, to wither, to decay, waste away, )

SHRNVANTA (s): decaying, mortal, declining,



SHUKTI: shell forming pearl, ear shell, nacre, abalone, oyster,

SHUKRA: semen,

SHUKRA DHA’TU: seminal fluid


SHUKLA’: illuminated,

SHUCI: pure, clean, sanctified, holy,

SHUDDHA: nectar, sweet, pure,

SHUDHA’N: repay, ask, inquire,

SHUDHA’Y: repay, ask, inquire,

SHUDHU: only, exclusively,

SHUBHA: auspicious,

SHUBHUNKAR: doer of auspicious,

SHUBHRA: white, bright,

SHUBHRA’NSHU: (shubhra+ am’shu)= brilliantly shining,


SHU’N’YA: vacuum, zero, nothingness, vacant,

SHU’DRA: those living by manual work or service,


SHRNVANTA (s): mortal, decaying, withering, fading,



SHEKHA’N: SHIKHA’N: to teach, to educate,

SHES’A: end, close, concluding, completion, ruin, death, finish, last, snake


SHEFA’LII: a white fragrant autumnal flower, its tree, night jasmine,


SHAEYYA’: bed,

SHAELA: mountain or mountain related


SHOKA: bereaved, mourning, grief, worry, anxiety, sorrow, distress, lamentation, wailing, deep anguish,

SHODHARA’N: rectify, correct,

SHON’ITA: red, blood,

SHON’O: listen,

SHON’A’TE: listen,

SHONA’N: to inform, to cause to heed, sing, tell, speak, talk,

SHODHANA: refinement, purification,

SHOBHA’: decoration, beautification, ornamentation,

SHOBHA’INJAN: (s) drumstick tree, morunga,

SHOS’AN’A: sucking, exploitation,


SHAOCA: purity both of physical and mental bodies, mental purity is attained by benevolent deeds, charity, or other dutiful acts.


SHMASHA’N: cremation ground,


SHYA’M: deep green, verdant, fresh, simple,

SHYA'M RA'Y: Lord Krs’n’a,  

SHYA’MALIMA’: greenness,


SHRAVAN’A: hearing, listening,

SHRADDHA’: faith, devotion, movement towards Shrat or sat, the absolute entity,

SHRAVAN’A: listening to discourses on the Supreme Entity, hearing,

SHRA’VAN’A: rainy season, the month of continuous rains,

SHRA’VAN’II: pertaining to rainy season,

SHRA’NTI: fatigue, tiredness,

SHRII: power, control, authority, ability,

SHRES’T’A: superior, best, excellent,

SHRES’T’ATA’: superiority,

SHREYA: virtue, good, auspicious, benevolent, benign, favorable, lucky, promising,

SHRUTI: ear, a composition learned by hearing, a musical note,

SHRUTI GATA: entered into the ears,

SHROTA: flow, stream,

SLA’GHA’: praise, flattery,

SHLOKA: couplet, distich, verse, poem,

SHLES’A: irony, ridicule, insinuation, embrace, adhering, clinging, union, junction, contact, pun, double meaning,

SLIS’T’A: clung, adhered, leaning on, double interpretation, connected, joined, attached, related, embraced, containing a pun, equivocal,


SHVA’SA: breathing

SHVETA’SHVAR: mythological white horse ridden by sun-god

SHVA’PADA: frightening, ferocious, violent,



S’A: Acoustic root of static principle, also of all kinds of worldly desires, physical longings,


S’AD’A: six,

S’AD’A RIPU: six enemies- ka’ma’ (crude desire), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (blind worldly

attachment), mada (pride), ma’tsarya (envy),

S’AD’ARUHA: ridden on six?

S’AD’AJA: (s,b,h) sound of peacock,

S’AS’T’I: an imaginary goddess (engel) taking care of children,

S’OD’AS’OPCA’RA: (s,b,h) (s’od’as’a+upaca’ra) sixteen steps or style of worship,



SA: Acoustic root of salvation, unqualified liberation, also of sentient principle,

SA: He,


SAUNGAREJ: (u,h) co-traveler, companion,

SAUNGHARS’A: (s,b,h) clash,

SAM’KAT’A: dire difficulty or danger, distress, calamity,

SAM’KALPA: (s,b,h) determination, strong desire, vow,

SAM’KALPA’TMAKA: internal occupation of mind leading towards the Great,

SAM’KIIRN’A: (s,b,h) narrow,

SAM’KIIRN’ATA’: (s,b,h) narrowness,

SAM’KOCA: (s,b,h) hesitation, contraction,

SAM’KULA: (s,b,h) crowded with, full of, infested with,

SAM’KRA’NTI: (s,b,h)  transit


SAM’GA: (s,b,h) together, accompanying, just, reasonable, proper,

SAM’GOPAN: (s,b,h) secret,

SAM’GHA: (s,b,h) organization,

SAM’GHARS’A: clash,

SAM’PATTI: (s,b,h) prosperity, wealth, riches, fortune, treasure, property, glorious acquisition,

SAM’PAD: (s,b,h) prosperity, wealth, riches, fortune, treasure, property, glorious acquisition,

SAM’BAL: (s,b,h) resource,

SAM’BODHI: (s,b,h) intuition, insight, perfect knowledge of spiritual truth, consciousness,

SAM’BHAVA: (s,b,h)  possible,

SAM’YAK: (s,b,h) in all respect, entirely, wholly,


SAM’YOGA: union, combination, conjunction, unification, joining,

SAM’VEGA: (s,b,h) momentum,

SAM’VESHA: (s,b,h)  sleep, rest, dream, seat, copulation, 

SAM’VIT: (s,b,h) consciousness,

SAM’SHAYA: (s,b,h) doubt,

SAM’SA’R: (s,b,h) world, that moves,

SAM’SKA’R: (s,b,h)  mental reactive momenta, reaction in its potentiality,

SAM’SKRTA: (s,b,h) perfected, the perfected language,

SAM’STHITA: (s,b,h) staying, located,


SAKAL: (s,b,h)  entire, whole, total, everyone,

SAKA’TARE: distressfully, sorrowfully, plaintively,

SAKA’L: (s,b,h) morning, dawn, hurry, haste, early, soon, quickly,

SAKA’SHA: (s) nearness, proximity, presence, company, closeness, vicinity, under shelter, under the wings or umbrella,


SAKHA’: (s,b,h)  friend, companion, allies, confidante,

SAKHYA/ SAKHYATA’: (s,b,h) close friendship or companionship, alliance,



SAGUN’A: (s,b,h) attributed/qualified/ subjectivated consciousness,

SAGUN’A BRAHMA: (s,b,h) Subjectivated Transcendental Entity,


SAUNKAT’A: (s,b,h) difficulty, strait, risk, danger, peril, narrow, contracted, impervious, impassable, threat, hazard,


SACIVA: (s,b,h) secretary, minister,

SAINCARA: (s,b,h) extroversion from subtle to crude in the process of creation,

SAINCARA/ SAM’KRAMA: (s,b,h) (SAM’+CARA= proper movement) centrifugal activity of the macrocosmic nucleus, forward cyclic movement during creation

SAINCITA: (s,b,h) collected



SAT: (s,b,h) that which undergoes no change, unchangeable, Transcendental Entity, absolute entity, good,

SATATA: (s,b,h) always, ever, continuous, eternal,

SATASAD: (s,b,h) (sat+asat) good and bad,


SATTA’: (s,b,h) existence, entity,

SATYA: (s,b,h) That which undergoes no metamorphes, The unchangeable Eternal Supreme Entity, action of mind or use of words with the object of helping others in the real sense, ultimate reality,

SATYALOKA: (s,b,h) the highest arena of consciousness,


SATTVA: (s,b,h) essence, sentient,

SATTVAGUN’A: (s,b,h) aspect of prakrti influencing consciousness creating pure “I” feeling,

SADAN: home,

SADRSHA PARIN’A’MA: (s,b,h) sequence of similar curvatures

SADGURU: (s,b,h) The Perfect Master, The Great Preceptor,

SADVIPRA: (s,b,h) Those spiritual revolutionaries who work to achieve progressive changes for human elevation on a well-thought, pre-planned basis, by adhering to the principle of Yama and Niyama,


SADA’: (s,b,h) always, ever,


SANA’TANA: (s,b,h) coming from ages, eternal, everlasting, unending, perpetual, continual, timeless, imperishable, incessant, ceaseless, non-terminating, permanent,

SANE/SAUNGE: along with

SAUNGHA’TA: (s,b,h) impulse, force, hit, blow,

SANTAPTA: (s,b,h) heated, aggrieved, afflicted,

SANTAM: (s,b,h) all pervading universal darkness,

SANTARAN’A: (s,b,h) swimming, notation, 

SANTARPAN’A: (s,b,h) satisfying, satiating, gratifying, delighting, very cautiously, carefully, with circumspection,

SANTA’PA: (s,b,h) heat, burn, agony,

SANTOS’A: (s,b,h) contentment, accepting ungrudgingly and without a complaint the out-turn of the services rendered by one’s own physical or mental labor, happiness, satisfaction, gratification, pleasure, propitiation, contentment, happiness,

SANTULITA: (s,b,h) balanced,

SANTRA’S: (s,b,h) great fear or alarm, terror, panic, frighten,

SANDHA’N: (s,b,h) search, quest, pursuit, discovery, join, ferment, trace, detect, found, attainment,  

SANDHRITI/ SAM’DHRITI: (s,b,h) containment, fulfillment,

SANDHYA': (s,b,h) evening, junction point of two adjoining periods,


SAPTA: (s,b,h) seven,



SAMAY: (s,b,h) time, occasion,

SAMA’DHI: (s,b,h) merger of unit consciousness into Cosmic Consciousness,

SAMOLLA’S: (s,b,h) (sam+ulla’s) overwhelming joy,




SAMA: (s,b,h) equal,

SAMAS’T’I: (s,b,h) collectivity,

SAMATULA: equiponderate, comparable, equal, equitable, parallel, equipotent, equivalent, impartial,

SAMANVAYA: (s,b,h) cohesion,

SAMARPAN’A: (s,b,h) surrender,

SAMAVA’YA: (s,b,h) aggregate, combination,

SAMA’CA’R: (s,b,h) news

SAMA’J: (s,b,h) society,

SAMA’ROHA: (s,b,h) grandeur, pomp, éclat, grand assemblage, display, splendid

SAMA’HA’R: (s,b,h) collection, aggregate, combination, combination of words, conjunction of words or sentences,


SAM’KLRPTA: (vedic), saturated, drenched,


SAM’TRPTI: (s,b,h) satisfaction,

SAMPADA: property, excellence, belonging, acquisition, wealth,

SAMPA’T: (s,b,h) stroke, blow, powerful touch,

SAM’PU’RTI: (s,b,h) fulfillment, completion, supplementation,

SAMPE: offered

SAM’PRIKTA: (s,b,h) saturated, inlaid, united or joined (with), related or connected (with)


SAMBAL: (s,b,h) resource,

SAMBODHI: (s,b,h) intuition,

SAMBHA’R: (s,b,h) item, ingredient, exclusive collection or arrangement, heap

SAMMUKHA: (s,b,h) front, face to face,

SAM’YUKTA: (s,b,h) connected, attached,

SAM’YAK: (s,b,h) completely, thoroughly, distinctly, correctly, suitably, duly, properly, together with, accurately,

SAM’YAUNMA: (samyak+ ma)

SAM’YATA/ SANYATA: controlled, restrained,

SAM’RACANA: (s,b,h) constitution.

SAM’LA’P: (s,b,h) conversation, 

SAMVARTANA: (s,b,h) annihilation, dissolution, cataclysm, delude,

SAM’VA’D: (s,b,h) dialogue,


SAM’VIT: (s,b,h) Force of awakening; vidya'maya (positive or introversial energy), sudden awakening of consciousness,

SAM’VEGA: (s,b,h) momentum, impulse,

SAM’VEDANA’: (s,b,h) sensitivity, compassion, sympathy, concern, kindness,

SAM’VRITTI: (s,b,h) perfect attitude of mind,

SAM’VRIDDHI: (s,b,h) thorough growth, development or increase, felicitation, tribute, 

SAM’SHLES’AN’A: (s,b,h)  synthesis,

SAM’SKA’RA: (s,b,h) reactions in potential form, reactive momentum, potential reaction,


SAM’STHA’N: (s,b,h) the state of being placed, or laid in an orderly manner, established,

SAM’STHITA: (s,b,h) established,

SAM’STHITI: (s,b,h) the state of being placed, or laid in an orderly manner, established, exists with, finally substantiated,

SAM’SHAYA: (s,b,h) doubt,


SAM’HATA: (s,b,h) integrated


SAMA’KULA: (s,b,h) greatly worried or distressed, full of misgivings, replete with, full of,

SAMA’CCHANNA: (s,b,h)  well covered,

SAMA’JA: (s,b,h) society

SAMA’JA CAKRA: (s,b,h)  social cycle


SAMA’DHI: (s,b,h) (sama=same, equal) + (adhi= object, goal) transformation of mind into Atman, trance, absorption, oneness with the object, spiritual ambrosia,


SAMA’NA: (s,b,h) one of internal va’yus residing in navel sphere, equal to, like, resembling,

SAMA’ROHA: (s,b,h)  grand assemblage, grandeur, riding, mounting, ascending,

SAMA’VESHA: (s,b,h) inclusion, entry,

SAMA’HA’R: (s,b,h) collection, combination, summation, multitude, compounding,


SAMITA/ SAMIDHA’: (s,b,h) firewood or fuel for a sacrificial fire,

SAMIIKS’A’: (s,b,h)  analysis,

SAMIIR: (s,b,h) air, wind, breeze,

SAMIIRAN': (s,b,h) air, wind, breeze,


SAMUNDAR: (u,h) sea, ocean,


SAMUNNATA: (s,b,h) erect, upright, straight,



SAM’BHAVA: (s,b,h)  birth, production, creation, springing up, arising, existence, possible, cause, motive, combination, union, equivalence, acquaintance, loss, destruction,

SAM’BHA’R: (s,b,h) bringing together, collecting, preparation, provisions, requisites, necessaries, ingredient, constituents, multitudes, heap, quantities, fullness, affluence, support, 


SAYATAN: (s,b,h) careful, meticulous, diligent, cordial,



SARAN’II: (s,b,h) road, street,

SARABATA’Y: sweet juice,

SARAS: (s,b,h) juicy, succulent, tasteful, delicious, sappy, tasty, pleasing, dainty, fresh, sapid, wet, moist, lovely, agreeable,

SARASATA’: (s,b,h) succulence, juiciness, charm, freshness, loveliness, beauty, moisture, freshness,

SARASIJA: (s,b,h) lotus, water lily,

SARORUHA: (s,b,h) lotus,

SAROVAR: (s,b,h) lake, pond, reservoir,

SARJAN: (s,b,h) creation,

SARPA: (s,b,h)  snake,

SARPI: (s,b,h)  ghii, clarified butter,

SARPITA: (s,b,h) creeping, gliding,

SARPILA: (s,b,h) serpentine, winding, tortuous, zigzag, meandering, spiral, spiraling,

SARVA: (s,b,h) all, whole,

SARVADA’: (s,b,h) always, ever, all time,

SARVANA’SHA: (s,b,h) thought of sure annihilation, total destruction, utter ruin,

SARVA’NYUSU’TA: (s,b,h) transcendental,

SARVASRAOTI: heard by all,

SARVAHA’RA’: (s,b,h)  total loss of all belongings, devoid of all belongings.


SALA’J: (s,b,h) bashful, shy, blushing, coy, reserved,

SALIL: (s,b,h) water,

SALITA’: (s,b,h) slender wick,

SAVA’K: (s,b,h) with speech,

SAHAKA’R: mango tree,

SAHAKA’R SHA’KHA’: branch or twig or bough of a mango tree,


SAHAN: (s,b,h) to tolerate,

SAHASA': (s,b,h)  suddenly

SAHASRA: (s,b,h) thousand

SAHASRA’RA:  (s,b,h) the topmost psychic center symbolized as thousand-petal lotus,


SA’: she,

SA’KA’R: (s,b,h) to implement, to give rise a form, create, bodied, to embody, to materialize,

SA’GAR: (s,b,h) sea,

SA’J/ SA'JE/ SA’JIYE/ SA’JA’YE: decorate, dress, attire, adornment, arrangement, beautification,


SA’R’A’: (b) to respond, reply,


SA’THE, accompanying,

SA’DA’MA’D’HA’: simple, candid, plain, uncrooked, honest, dull

SA’DHA: desire, longing, fancy or choice, voluntary will, volition, pleasure, one’s own accord, option, ceremonial offering of food,

To propitiate, to render favorable, to appease, to atone,

SA’DHA’N: to make one try to improve by austerity, to cause to practice arduously or religiously, to rehearse,

SA’DHANA’: (s,b,h) endeavor to attain aim, intuitional practice,

SA’DHAKA: (s,b,h) intuitional or spiritual practitioner,

SA’DHE: of one’s own accord, willingly,

SA’DHER: obtainer’s, achievers,

SA’DHYA: (s,b,h)  within the capability, to be attained, attainability,

SA’NTA: (s,b,h) with end or limitation, finite,

SA’NTAR: having space at intervals, sparse, rare, porus,

SA’NTVANA’: (s,b,h) consolation,

SA’NDRA: (s,b,h) close, compact, dense, thick, gross, collected, strong, abundant, excessive, intense, oily, soft, smooth, pleasing, agreeable, condensed, viscous, concentrated,

SA’MANE: (h,u) ahead, in front,

SA’MARASYE: (s,b,h) (sa’m+ rasye) soothing, appeasing, comforting or calming flow

SA’MA’JIKA: (s,b,h) social,

SA’MA’NYA: (s,b,h) balanced

SA’MIPYA: (s,b,h) proximity,

SA’MYA: (s,b,h) balanced

SA’MYABHA’K: (s,b,h) proper brightness, well appeared,


SA’YAK: arrow,

SA’YAR / SA’GAR: (s,b,h)  sea, ocean

SA’R: (s,b,h)  essence, inner significance, substance, abstract, essential, spirit, vigor, worth,


SA’RA’: (b) tired, exhausted; whole, complete, finish

SA’RA’/ SA’RE: (u,h,b) whole, entire,

SA’RA’LE: completed, finished,

SA’RA’ KS’AN’: all the time


SA’RI: row, series, a boat-song, aligned,

SA’RIKA’: (s,b,h) female black bird,



SA’RTHAKA: (s,b,h)  meaningful, fruitful, purposeful,

SA’RTHAKATA’: purposefulness,

SA’L TA’MA’M (u) year end,

SA’S’T’AUNGA PRAN’A’MA: (s,b,h) prostration

SA’KS’A’TKA’R: (s,b,h) face to face,

SA’KS’II: (s,b,h) witness,


SIKTA: (s,b,h) wet, moist, moistened, absorbed, irrigated, watered, sprinkled. smeared,

SINCITA: (s,b,h) wet, moist, moistened, absorbed, irrigated, watered, sprinkled.

SITA: (s,b,h) white,

SIDDHA: (s,b,h) attained, perfected, expert, realized, accomplished, skilled, master, proven, cooked,

SIDDHI: (s,b,h) fulfillment, attainment of divine grace, accomplishment, success, self-realization. spiritual attainment, proof,

SINA’N: bath, bathe,

SINIR: (aungika’): people, inhabitant, populous, bosom, chest, heart,

SINDHU: (s,b,h) sea, ocean,

SINDHUR: belonging to sea, ocean,

SIRIS’A: a tree producing small flower and wood.


SIIMA’: (s,b,h)  border, limit, periphery,

SIIVANTII: milk-hedge plant,


SU: (s,b,h) good (laokik sam’skrta), own (sva =in vaedik sam’skrta)

SUGAM: (s,b,h) easy to learn or understand, easy to go over or traverse, easily accessible or obtainable, ,

SUGHA’NA: (s,b,h) nice smell, fragrance,

SUJAN: good or virtuous man, gentleman, well conducted person, benevolent man, good soul, nearest,

SUS’UPTI: (s,b,h) inertia, staticity, slumber, sleep,

SUTANU: (s,b,h) graceful, handsome, beautiful, well-shaped,


SU’TRA: (s,b,h) thread, aphorisms, dictums, sayings in condensed form,

SUDU’RE: much far,

SUDHA’: (s,b,h)  nectar

SUDHA’ KARA: (s,b,h) moon, creator of nectar,

SUDHA’RN’AVA: (s,b,h) ocean of nectar

SUDHA’SYANDA: (s,b,h) nectar-oozing,

SUDHII: (s,b,h) learned, erudite, wise, judicious,

SUNDAR: (s,b,h) pretty, nice, good-looking, elegant, fair, splendid, enticing, attractive, captivating, graceful, charming,

SUNDARATA': (s,b,h) beauty,

SUPAT’U: (s,b,h) highly skilled or expert,

SUPTA: (s,b,h) sleeping,

SUMITA: (s,b,h)  moderate, modest, sensible, restrained, calm,

SUMUKHE: in front, face to face,

SUR: (s,b,h) melody, tune,

SUR SAPTAK: (s,b,h) sestet,

SURAKA’R: composer of music,

SURABHI: (s,b,h) fragrance, aroma,

SURAMYA: (s,b,h) beautiful,

SURAINJANA: (su+ rainjana) beautifully colored.




SUVISTIIRN’A: (s,b,h) very vast,

SUSHOBHANA: (s,b,h) beautifully decorated,

SUSHIS’TA: (s,b,h) righteous, decent, gentle, civil, courteous, mannerly, chaste, elegant, polite, refined, well-behaved, amiable, likable, pleasant, friendly

SUSHLIS’T’A: (s,b,h) entertaining, pleasing, connected, joined, attached, related, embraced, containing a pun, pun-full


SUS’AMA: (s,b,h) balanced, proportional, beautiful, pleasing, lovely,

SUS’AMA’: (s,b,h)  beauty, pleasing quality, sweet grace,

SUS’UPTI: (s,b,h) staticity, sleepiness,

SUS’UM: warm,

SUS’UMNA’: (s,b,h) the central nerve canal,

SUSMITA: (s,b,h) smiling,

SUSMITA'NANE: (s,b,h) with smiling face,


SU’TIKA’ GRHA: (s,b,h)  birth room,


SUHRID: (s,b,h) friend,


SU’DAN: (s,b,h) destroyer

SU’RYA: (s,b,h) sun,

SU’RYA’M’SHU: (s,b,h) sunrays,


SU’RII: poet, wise or learned person,

SU’KS’MA: (s,b,h) subtle,


SONA’: sleeping,


SRN’ITO: goaded, hooked, pierced,

SRS’T’A: (s,b,h) created,

SRS’T’I: (s,b,h) creation, the universe, world,

SRS’T’I CAKRA: (s,b,h) the cycle of creation,

SRS’T’I DHA’RA’: (s,b,h) the flow of creation,


SE: he

SEKHANE: there,

SETU: (s,b,h) bridge,

SETHA’: there,

SENA’: (s,b,h) army, soldiers,

SEVA’: (s,b,h) service,

SEVAK: (s,b,h) server,


SAEKATA: (s,b,h) sand, sandy beach, shore,


SOCANA’: thinking, worrying,

SOJA’: straight

SOJA’ SUJI: straight and uncrooked,

SONA’: gold, sleep, valuable item,

SONA’JHARA’: gold radiating, gold spreading, gold drizzling,

SONA'R: golden

SOHA’G: affection, love, caress, fondling, amorour,

SAUDHA: (s,b,h)  mansion, edifice, large building,

SAORA: (s,b,h) solar,

SAOMYA: (s,b,h) calm, placid, balanced, beautiful, majestic, dignified, unruffled, impressive, noble, august,



STABAKA: (s,b,h) panegyric offering, folded pair of hands, bunch, cluster, bouquet, collection, stanza, chapter,

STABDHA: (s,b,h) standstill, motionless, stunned, stupefied, dazed, stopped, calmed, calm, stiffened,

STARA: (s,b,h)  layer,

STUTI/ STAVA: (s,b,h) lauding the qualities, praise, admiration, glorification, prayer, flattery, hymns,



STU’PA: (s,b,h) heap, pile, mound, low hill, collection,

STU’PIKRITA: (s,b,h) piled,

STOKA: false or insincere consolation or assurance or promise, a bit or a little,


STHALA: (s,b,h) land

STHAVIR: (s,b,h) fixed, firm, steady, old, ancient,

STHAVIRATA’: (s,b,h)  immobility, staticity,

STHA’N’U: (s,b,h) stationary, immobile, static,

STHA’VARA: (s,b,h) inanimate, immobile, stationary,

STHA’PANA: (s,b,h) establishing,

STHITA: (s,b,h) situated, located,

STHITAPRAJINA: (s,b,h) established in intuition,

STHITI: (s,b,h) situation, state, location,


STHIRA: (s,b,h) motionless,

STHU’LA: (s,b,h) crude, mundane,


SNAPAN: (s) sprinkling, washing, bathing, ablution,

SNIGDHA: (s,b,h) cool, smooth, glossy, pleasant, calmed, charming, delightful

SNIGDHATA’: (s,b,h) coolness, smoothness, glossiness, charm, pleasing, calmness,

SNEHA: (s,b,h)  cool, smooth, glossy, pleasant, calmed, charming, delightful, soft,


SPANDAN: (s,b,h) vibration, oscillation, shakings, throbling,

SPARDHA’: (s,b,h)  audacity or courage to emulate or defy, emulation, daring to take a difficult task, daring, audacity, vaunting arrogance, rant and bluster, vaunt, challenge, competition,

SPARSHA: (s,b,h)  touch, contact,

SPARSHANA: (s,b,h) to touch,

SPAS’T’A: (s,b,h) clear, evident, manifest, obvious, express, explicit, positive, plain, outspokenly, frank, categorical,


SPHAT’IK: (s,b,h) crystal,

SPHIITA: (s,b,h) swollen, bloated, inflated, expanded, augmented, flourished, puffed up,

SPHURAN’A: (s,b,h) glow, vibration, unfolding, quivering, trembling, shine, glitter, incitement, awakening, expression,

SPHURTI: (s,b,h) blooming, revelation, unfolding, manifestation, expression, utterance, merriment, hilarity, joviality, sprightliness, amusement, fun, cheerful enthusiasm or energy,

SPHOT’A: (s,b,h) bursting, explosion,


SMARAN’A: (s,b,h) recollection, remembering, memorizing,


SMITA: (s,b,h) smile

SMITA'BHA'SA: (s,b,h)  smiling appearance,

SMRITI: (s,b,h) remember, memory,


SYANDA: (s,b,h) emanating, oozing, exuding, going,


SROTA: (s,b,h) stream, current, origin,


SVA: (s,b,h) self,

SVA-SRIS’T’A: (s,b,h) self-created,


SVANTO: (s) sounded, alerted,


SVADHA’: (s,b,h) one’s own nature or determination, spontaneity, one’s own will or pleasure, oblations to deceased, ma’ya’ or worldly illusion,


SVANAN: (s,b,h) sound, ring, sonance, voice,




SVABHA’VA: (s,b,h) nature, characteristics, innate quality,

SAYAMVARA’: (s,b,h) one who chooses one’s bridegroom herself, embrace, adopt,

SVAYAMBHARA’: (s,b,h) self sufficient,

SVAYAM’: (s,b,h) self

SVAYAM’BHARA’: (s,b,h) full of self,


SVARA: (s,b,h) sound, voice, gamut or note of musical scale, tone, tune, vowel, accent, breath,



SVARALOKA: (s,b,h) a layer of mind consisting of “I” feeling,

SVARA’GHATA: (s,b,h) (svara+ a’gha’ta) blow of word, oppose, forbid, stoppage,

SVARA’T’: SVARA’T’A: (s,b,h) self pervading, grandeur,

SVARU’PA: (s,b,h) own form

SVARGA: (s,b,h) heaven,

SVARN’A: (s,b,h) gold,

SVARN’A BELA’: (s,b,h) golden seashore,

SVASTI: benediction


SVA’TI: (s,b,h) a constellation of stars, a particular period when the sun moves through that,

SVA’DHYAYA: (s,b,h) study of the scriptures or other books of learning and assimilating their spirit,

SVA’MII/ SOA’MII: (s,b,h) husband, master, lord, employer, overload, ruler, owner, title of saints

SVA’HA’: (s,b,h) performing noble actions, oblations, offering,

SVIIYA: (s,b,h) own, one’s own,

SVEDA: (s,b,h) sweat, perspiration,

SVEDA SIKTA: (s,b,h) moist or wet with sweat,


HA: Acoustic root of spiritual knowledge, also of ethereal factor,


HAR’AKA’: sudden flood,


HATAMA’N: (s,b,h) despaired, condemned, dishonored, humiliation,

HATA’SHA’: (s,b,h) frustration, disappointment, pessimism or cynicism, despondence, gloominess, dejection,

HADIIS: information, trace, clue, taste, glimpse, whereabouts, means, way,

HAMARA’HII: (u,h) co- traveler,


HARI: (s,b,h) The Lord, who steals away sins of the devotees.

HARINII:  (s,b,h) female deer,  

HARS’A: (s,b,h) happiness, joy

HARAS’A: happiness, joy

HALAKA’: sudden hot wave,

HALA’HAL: (s,b,h) poison,


HA’T’: market, fair,

HA'TA: hand,

HA'TA CHA'NITE: (b) by hand signaling to call, to beckon with hand, inviting gesture, indicate,

HA’NA’HA’NI: mutual fighting,

HA’NA’/ HA’NILE: to strike with, to shoot, to drive

HA’RA’N: defeat, lose, vanquish, miss,

HA’L: rudder, helm, steer, plough, hoop, tire, to till, condition, state, circumstances, symptom,

HA’SI: smile,

HA’HA’KA’R: loud lamentation or wailing, screaming,


HITA: (s,b,h) welfare, benevolence, all round development,

HITAES’AN’A’: (s,b,h) will of welfare or benevolence,

HINDOLITA: (s,b,h) swung, oscillated


HIMA: (s,b,h) cold condensing vapor, ice,

HIMANIDRA’: (s,b,h) hibernation,

HIMAVA’HA: (s,b,h) glacier,


HIMA’NII: (s,b,h) collection or mass of snow or hoarfrost,


HIMOTTA’PA: (s,b,h) (hima+ utta’pa) cold burn,

HIM’SA’: (s,b,h) injuring or killing,

HIM’SRA (s): injurious, hurting, harmful, noxious, savage beast, deadly, dangerous,

HIYA’: heart


HIRAN’YAGARBHA: (s,b,h) the liberated stage of Sagun’a Brahma

HILLOLA: (s,b,h) wave, swing, such motion,

HISA’B: calculation, account, counting, reckoning, estimate, consideration, explanation,

HISA’B NIKA’S: accounting, detailed reckoning, explanation, completion or finalization of accounts,


HIIRAK: (s,b,h) diamond,


HUTA’SHA: (s,b,h) expression of dejection, worry, dismay or fright, sadness, depression,

HUTA’SHAN: (s,b,h) sacrificial fire, fire-god, fire, flaming torch,

HUNKA’RA: (s,b,h) thunder, roar,


HETU: (s,b,h) for the purpose of,

HETHA'/ HETHA'Y: (b) here

HENO: like that, such,

HEMA: (s,b,h) gold,

HEMANTA: (s,b,h) post-autumn, pre-winter period,

HERA’: behold, see, watch,


HELA’: neglect, overlook, ignore, contempt, slight, disdain, ease, despise, carelessness,

HELA’/ HELA’N: (b) slanting, leaning, inclining, to cause to do so, to slant or lean or incline to, swinging sideways,


HESE: smilingly,


HOK: let

HOTE: from, via, through, since,

HONCAT’: stumble, injury, hurt, smite,

HONSH / HU’NSH: consciousness, sensibility, sensation, feeling, perception, sense,

HOYETO: possibly, perhaps, probably, perchance,


HAOA’: wind, air, breeze,

HUMMM: sound of arousing kulakun’d’alinii,

HRTA: (s,b,h) devoid of, deprived of, stolen,

HRTI: (s,b,h) deprivation,

HRD: (s,b,h) lake, heart,

HRDAYA/ HRIDAY/ HIYA’/HRDAYERI: (s,b,h)  heart, mind

HLA’DINI: (s,b,h) rejoicing, delighting


KS’A: Acoustic root of mundane knowledge and of material science,


KS’ATI: (s,b,h) loss, harm,

KS’ATRIYA: (s,b,h) those with physical strength and valor,

KS’AN’A: (s,b,h)  moment,                                                                                                                                              

KS’AN’A TARE: for a moment

KS’AN’IKERI: momentary

KS’AMA’: (s,b,h) pardon, excuse, forgive, condone,

KS’AMA’ SUNDAR: (s,b,h) favorable and charming,

KS’AYA: (s,b,h) waning, decay,

KS’ARAN’: (s,b,h) oozing, decaying,


KS’ITI: (s,b,h) solid factor,

KS’IIN’A: (s,b,h) thin, emaciated, waned, worn, diminished, miserable, poor,

KS’IIYAMA’N: (s,b,h) on verge of destroying or ruining or diminishing,

KS’IIRA: (s,b,h) milk, particularly condensed and sweetened,

KS’IIRA’BDI: (s,b,h) ocean of milk,


KS’UDRA: (s,b,h) small, meager, mean, tiny,

KS’UDRATVA: (s,b,h) smallness, meagerness, meanness,


KS’UDHA’: (s,b,h)  hunger

KS’ETRA: (s,b,h) field, arena, domain,


KS’OBHA: (s,b,h) perturbation, distraction, agitation, distress, offended state, huff, mortification, grief, sorrow, pain, complain,







AGATIR GATI: resort of helpless, way out,

AGASTA GIRI: the boundary of no return, named after saint August who crossed a mountain and did not return back.

APA’PA VIDDHA: pure, untouched by sin,

AVA’UNGA MANO GOCAR: beyond the reach of words mind and sense perception,

ASIR JHANATKA’R: clattering of sword,

ASTI, BHA’TI, A’NANDA: ? (aprox. Existence, glow and bliss), proper explanation given by BABA is to be written

A’NA’CE KA’NA’CE: in vicinity

A’NKHI TULE DHARO: Please look at me, Please lift your eyes,

A’PA’T KAT’HOR: initially appearing as hard,

A’BOL TA’BOL: incoherent talk, nonsense, delirium, nonsense rhymes, meaningless words,


IS’T’A DEVATA’: personal god or deity,

OHA AVOH/ UHA AVOHA: feeling, reasoning, hypothesis, guess, imagination, inference,

KAR’A’ KRA’NTI: minute account,

KAS’T’I SHILA’: testing stone

KA’NA’Y KA’NA’Y: to the brim,

KA’N PA’TA’: to give ear to, to pay heed to,

KUR’IYE PA’OA’: collected, swept, gathered,

KURIISH KA’LIMA’: the darkness like hard dried dung,

KON KHA’NE: where,

KOL A’NDHA’RE: embracing darkness,

GAN’A-CETANA’: community- consciousness,

GOLAK DHA’NDHA’: a labyrinth, maze, an intricate problem,

GHA’T PRATIGHA’T: blow and counter blow,

CA’RI DIKE: all (four) sides, everywhere, all over,

CETANA’BJA: the lotus of consciousness

CHANDA PATAN: break or defect in poetical meter,

CHINI MINI: squandering, to fritter away,

CHINI MINI KHELA’: play of ducks and drakes, reckless use or expenditure, to fritter away,

CHUT’A’ CHUT’I: act or spell of running about, bustle, activity,

JALA BHARA’: full of water

TANNA TANNA: crossing thorough, searching or combing all over,

TALIYE DEKHA’: to see or judge thoroughly, 

TOKE PARA’BO BALE: I shall garland you

THARE THARE: layer-by-layer,


DRUTA GA’MINII: fast moving,

DHVANI VINYA’S: intonation,

NITYA’NINTYA VIVEKA: (s,b,h) (nitya= eternal, + anitya= ephemeral) discrimination of eternal and ephemeral,

PADA VIKS’EPA: pace, step, stride,

PU'RVA ACALE: eastern horizon

PRA’N’A MA’TA’NO: intoxicating, captivating, charming, attractive, infatuating, cajole,

PRA’N’ER PURUS’A: a person after one’s own heart, a favorite, a minion, a lover,

PHAN'II MAN'IHA'RA': a gem lost serpent (symbolic),

PHALGU DHA'RA': under current or flow,

BA’RE BA’RE: again and again, time and again,

BA’NDHA BHA’UNGA’: unbroken, unobstructed, overflowing

BHA’GYA VIDHA’TA’: controller of destiny. 

BHA’LO LA’GA’: to be to one’s liking, to appear good to one, to taste or sound or seem well,

BHU’L BOJHA’: misunderstanding,

MAN PAVAN: (dialect) secret inclinations and intentions, one’s mind, an imaginary oar for driving a boat as per desire.

MAN BHOLA’NO: captivating, charming, attractive, infatuating, cajole, intoxicating,

MAN MA’TA’TO: to delight or please greatly,

MANE PRA’N’E: whole-heartedly,

MANER MA’NUS’: a person after one’s own heart, a favorite, a minion, a lover, beloved,

MICHA-MICHI: false, imaginary, untruth, pretension, hypocrisy, fanciful,

MELA’ MESHA’ / MILA’ MISHA’: social familiarity, intimate association or intercourse,

VISHVA BHA’S’A’: lingua franca, universal language,

VISHVA SRAS’T’A’: creator of the universe,

SHA’NTA DHII: tranquil mind,

SAPTA’SHVA RATH: seven-horsed chariot,

SAMA SAMA’J TATTVA: principle of social equality,

SAUNKLAPA VIKALPA: hesitation, desire and doubt certainty and uncertainty,

SUDHA’SYANDA: nectar-oozing,

SOJA’ SUJI: straight and uncrooked,

STHITODADHI (sthita+ udadhi): located in ocean

SVA-MAHIMA’YA: by virtue of greatness or glory of the self,

SVA-SRIS’T’A: self-created,

SVARN’A BELA’: golden seashore,

HEMAHA’R: golden necklace,

HERE JA’OA’: lost, defeated,

HELA’ PHELA’: neglect, despise,

HISA’B NIKA’S: completion or finalization of accounts