Akhanda Prabhat Samgiit by Ac. Tapeshvarananda Avt.

from the book 'Living With Baba' by Ac. Tapeshvarananda Avt. 

There was a time when Baba remained at Ranchi for several months. During that period there was a very strong flow of Prabhat Samgiit. Baba used to walk daily, sometimes just in front of His residence. The Margiis sang Prabhat Samgiit, while standing on both sides of the path where He walked. Sometimes, the Margii sisters presented a dance interpretation of Prabhat Samgiit. Many Margii families came in the morning, stayed the entire day and returned to their homes at night. A joyous and colorful festive atmosphere prevailed. 

During one of those days, Baba requested for Akhanda Prabhat Samgiit, which was the continuous singing of Prabhat Samgiit the whole night. We informed the Margiis about Baba's request, and they all came happily in droves. We joyfully sang Prabhat Samgiit throughout the entire night. Baba told us that no song should be repeated. 

We organized the program to the best of our ability. We carefully selected the songs and the singers. The Akhanda Prabhat Samgiit started in the evening and ended the next morning. At every hour Baba opened His door and said, "I am listening to the songs!" It was such a beautiful, magical function. Sometimes, we felt a little sleepy. But the moment we heard His sweet voice at His door, a surge of inspiration refreshed us and kept us in the flow of the music. What a divine atmosphere it was! 

It was not difficult to see that Baba is truly the supreme source of inspiration for Margiis. "Mantra Mulam Guru Vakyam." It means that every word of the Guru is verily a mantra and serves to guide sadhakas for all time to come. His words - written or spoken - are the glittering gems of His limitless grace. They should be read, thought about, and always remembered.