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Maethili Song

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Krśńa and Devotees Songs

Mahabharata Song

Bábá Birthday Songs

New Year Songs

Year-end Song

Dipavali (Colour Festival) Day Songs

Shravanii Purnima Day Song

Victory Day Song

National Day Song (or Song of Love for one's Country)

Baby Naming Ceremony Song

Birthday Song

Marriage Ceremony Song

Passing Away Ceremony Song

House Warming Ceremony Song

Tree Planting Ceremony Song

Dharma Song


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Flag Ceremony Song

Marching Song

VSS Song

Gurukula Song

Ánanda Nagar Song

Guru Sakasha Song

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Autumn Songs (Hemante)

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Songs to Attract Rain / Draught Songs / Farmer's Songs

Children Songs

Songs based on the Fairy Tale "The Golden Lotus of the Blue Sea"

Songs based on the Folk Tale "Sat Bhai Chompa" (The Seven Magnolia Brothers)

Women Songs

Song for those approaching the end of their life

Songs in memory of one's family members

Song with sanyasii spirit

Sinners Song

Song in memory of Lord Buddha

Songs in memory of Rabindranath Tagore

Song in memory of Avtk. Ananda Bharati Ac.

Song in memory of the musician Suradas

Himalaya Songs

River Songs

Song for a Dust Particle

Song for a Dewdrop

Taj Mahal Song

End of Communism Song

Chinese-tune Song

Chinese-European blending-tune Song

Scandinavian-tune Song

Belgium-tune Song

Turkish-tune Song

Songs containing 'extinct' melodies

Songs composed in Baba's youth

Song with a very rare verse form

Classicalised kiirtan-style song