Writer, Composer and Poet by Ac. Vijayananda Avt.

from the book 'The Life and Teachings of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti' by Ac. Vijayananda Avt.

Prabhat Ranjan used to contribute articles for various publications in addition to his studies. He used to write for Juganter, Amrit Bazaar Patrika and other contemporary periodicals. His second brother, Himangshuranjan Sarkar has mentioned in his book Param Shraddheya Agraja - Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar (My Revered Elder Brother -Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar) that Ramananda Chattopadaya, the editor of Modern Review and Pravashii magazines, was his acquaintance.

Prabhat Ranjan's special habits and activities were well known. Some sources have told us that he used to teach dance at that time. Later, when composing Prabhat Samgiit, he spoke at length about songs, musical instruments and dance. He wrote a short book entitled Nrtya, Vadya, O Giit; Tine Mile Samgiit (Dance,Song and Instrumental Music). It was known that he often shared a substantial portion of his income, derived from different sources,with his poorer friends. From 1940 to 1946 he wrote stories and essays for Urdu and Bengali magazines. As he never kept any copies all his poems, stories, essays, and songs from this era are lost. Once some of us were taking an important dictation from Ma'rga Guru.

Suddenly, he paused and said, "You know, when I was between 20 and 21 years of age, I had composed about 150 poems in English." He continued reminiscing,

"One day I was sitting at Kiul station. The train from Patna was delayed. Suddenly an Urdu song came into my mind. I wrote it on a piece of paper. Then its melody also came to my mind. Later on, I lost that paper, but the lyrics of the song and its melody are still fresh in my memory." 

He sang that Urdu song and said, 

"I have now established Prabhat Samgiit gharana (a school of music named after a particular composer or musician). That's why I translated that Urdu song into Bengali, but I kept the melody in tact." 

Bengali and Urdu dailies from Dhaka in undivided Bengal also used to publish his articles. His articles in Urdu magazines were published under the pen name of Aftab Uddhin which is Persian for "Prabhat Ranjan". 

Although he wrote a great many articles, songs and poems, only two of the works written at that time have come into our hands. Both are children's literature. One is The Golden Lotus of the Blue Sea and the other Under the Fathomless Depths of the Blue Sea. These stories are so sweetly written that it is hard to believe that the writer was twenty-three at the time. The introduction, the description, the characterization, the dialogue, the style and the mastery of the language carry the author's distinct mark.